Ferguson Officials Preparing Public For No Indictment Through Leaked Documents

April V. Taylor

As Ferguson residents and people all over the country anxiously await the decision of the grand jury on whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted for the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown, it appears that officials are using leaked documents to prepare the public for an indictment not to be returned.  After a series of leaks through Twitter, the most recent leak of an autopsy report claims to corroborate Wilson’s story that a struggle took place at his vehicle prior to Brown being shot to death.

The document was obtained by the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  The paper is refusing to release the actual document, but is claiming that Dr. Michael Graham, a St. Louis medical examiner who is not involved with the case against Wilson, claims to have evaluated the documents and determined that the evidence “does support that there was a significant altercation at the car.”  Former St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch made a statement to KMOX regarding the fact that he believes federal investigators are allowing information to be leaked as a way of “letting people down slowly” due to the fact that an indictment against Wilson is “very unlikely.”

It appears as though officials are justifying Wilson killing Brown based on there being a struggle inside of his vehicle.  However, eyewitness accounts state that Wilson stopped Brown and his friend for jaywalking and approached them in an aggressive manner.  Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Brown, states that Wilson started the scuffle with Brown by grabbing him by the back of his neck from within his vehicle.  Eyewitness accounts also state that Brown was shot fatally in the head while in the act of surrendering, with his hands in the air.

As pointed out by CNN legal analyst Danny Cevallos, even if Wilson was justified in shooting Brown at the vehicle, “Ultimately, that officer will have to come up with justification not for firing his gun the first time, but for each and every bullet that came out of his firearm – whether at the car or away from the car.”  This may be much harder to do based on the Supreme Court ruling from the 1985 case of Tennessee v. Garner where it was ruled illegal for a police officer to shoot and kill a fleeing, unarmed suspect.  The current Missouri Revised Statute 563.046.1 which governs Missouri police officers use of force when making an arrest has not been updated to reflect that Supreme Court ruling which may present another issue.

Protesters and activists on the ground believe that officials are preparing them for the grand jury to not return an indictment based on the recent formation of the Ferguson Commission by Governor Jay Nixon and the observance of tactical teams performing drills in the area.  The grand jury has officially been given until January to come back with their decision.



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  1. I'm thoroughly disgusted with these so called laws!! Giving the Grand jury till January to indict in itself is telling everyone their true intentions regarding that Darrin Wilson person!! :*

  2. well the public ought to wise up ! and shut-down the State on the first leak lest they plug the hole.Tell the Gov't you're not going to be lied to even if the tiptoe their criminal and insulting behaviour.

  3. Every person of color knows that fact can be made to appear anyway the law wants them to appear, however, any sane person will all was know the truth. The facts and the truth are not always the same thing ,facts can always be distorted, but the truth will stand forever.

  4. It's not a preparation for anything, if it's not clear based off their own insinuation that the officer post himself as a threat in the very beginning, so anyone with sense is going to do what they can to get away. So, by their own admission officer Wilson didn't do his job properly, which resulted in a questionable death; which was clearly murder. So, the city just as well better be preparing to compensate the family eminently for the reckless homicide of an unharmed man. As a community we will have to do more to protect ourselves, and hopefully this case will force legislation on a federal level, that will require all cops to operate each stop with taped video. The grand jury can go ahead and play politics and attempt to protect this murderer of cop if they want, but this will only be the beginning to the end of law enforcement being look at as a peace maker. So, get prepared for the box you're going to open across the country. And, it's going to be unfortunate that someone innocent is going to pay for this evil man's action, life pays for everything. Good luck!

  5. I find it appalling that the justice system will again attempt to justify the unjustified killing of a black kid, this time by one of its own. A rogue cop, that is. But I am equally mortified when it appears we (black people) are not going to do anything about it. I am sickened that rather than be proactive, we will again allow ourselves to become numbed by the heinous murder of yet another of our young black men. We become numbed and powerless as if we have to accept this tragedy. This gross injustice. In Florida a year ago, a black man was shot by two white cops while he was getting cigarettes from his mother's car at 2:00 in the morning. Just a few weeks ago in South Carolina, another man was stopped, and told to get his license and registration. When he reached for the documents, the cops shot him. In New York, a man was killed when cops applied a lethal choke hold, which by the way had supposedly been banned by New York law enforcement. In Hearn Texas, cops killed a 93 year old, black woman who supposedly brandished a weapon. By the way, she herself was a retired police officer. These are just the cases we’ve heard about. This will not stop unless black people stop it. I was encouraged by what appeared to be a relentless protest on the part of the blacks in Ferguson but am now disappointed to hear we have paused our efforts. Did we really believe white folks were ever going to allow this cop to be convicted? They were just buying time. Tricking black people to cease and desist while they get their shit together. You see, this one required some fancy foot work, a little more creativity in crafting lies and deceit. For how in the hell do you justify shooting a black kid six times, once in the top of his head. Mind boggling. I rest my case. But just because law enforcement does not do their jobs, does that mean the job should not be done? Where are all the rough necks, the gangbangers, the Panthers, the black mafia? I supposed we’re waiting on Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. What a laugh. We've stopped protesting in Ferguson? Why? Because they said they were looking into the matter further and because the feds are supposedly involved? Why, because Eric Holder came to Ferguson and had a little talk with the local law enforcement? If I recall it, Holder has since tendered his resignation. I seriously doubt any of this was done for the benefit of black people or the Brown family. The idea behind this so called gesture was to get black people off of the streets, stop the looting, and prevent protests and demonstration. Mainly, it was to buy more time so they can figure out how to not convict Wilson. Now what?

  6. My sentiments exactly, thanks Glory, but where is the Justice Department with their investigation that was headlined with Brother Eric Holder? That report was not a leak but a planned approach to direct the mind-set of the protestors….:-(

  7. As I scanned over the post from several individuals commenting on the decision and details of the shooting, I was sicken by the racist response from white folks. I don’t even want to repeat these post but they reflect a sick and fearful sound from their inner being. Without question these are the voices are the descendants of former slave masters.

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