Dr Umar Johnson: Black feminism produces “man haters”

In the video below, Dr. Umar Johnson talks about black feminism.   The popular scholar says that many of the black feminists in America today are what he calls “man haters.”  He says that their dislike for men, especially black men, is derived from being hurt by men in the past, through some kinds of sexual abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse.

Johnson says that good men are led to pay the price for the feelings that these women have for the men who’ve hurt them, and it is to the detriment of the African American community.

He says that these women will “lash out on any man they can find.”  Johnson believes that this “dangerous” movement has hurt black men the most, leading them to feel abused by women who think that black men are nothing but worthless criminals who exist to hurt black women.

Johnson says that a lot of these women have daughters who’ve been raised to hate black men, and many of them have sons that are being raised to be just as bad as the men they despise.  Johnson says that the black feminists have been used as puppets of white feminists who had a war with white men.  He seems to feel that black women and families have been caught in the white feminist war and that the black family suffers the most.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.  Do black feminists help or hurt the black community?

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