A Dog Named Einstein Is Running For Mayor In Oakland, CA

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Reported by Nigel Boys

While some believe that many politicians are barking up the wrong tree, the latest candidate entering the mayoral race in Oakland, California apparently isn’t, although he is a member of the Canine family, otherwise known as a domestic dog.

Apparently members of the Occupy Oakland movement are fed up with the present Mayor Jean Quan, so they have decided to push for a doggie replacement named Einstein in the next elections. They have even set up an official website for his supporters in which Einstein the dog, or more correctly his owners, state that he can make it to the finish line because he likes to run, and he likes to run ‘A LOT,’ the site reads.

According to Michael Wilson, the dog’s political adviser, Einstein speaks out for the low-income or otherwise marginalized people of Oakland.

Although it will be impossible for the Catahoula hound to run for mayor of Oakland, since the requirements are that he must be a citizen and a registered voter, his supporters are still asking people to cast a ballot for him as a sign of distrust in the current administration.

Einstein’s website states that issues to get under his collar are things like the police never being prosecuted for beating and killing innocent people such as Alan Blueford, who was shot by OPD officer Miguel Masso on May 6th 2013.

The website also states “I have dogannally also been victim of Oakland Police brutality.” It continues, “While participating in peaceful rallies and marches, along with humans, I have been tear-gassed, and had a flash-bang grenade explode just a few paw-strides away from me.”

Einstein’s handlers presented his platform in front of City Hall last week and some of his ideas appeal to many residents of the city.

They include: A publicly owned and operated Bank of Oakland; Stronger weapon-control laws; Penalties for crimes apportioned according to wealth; A single-payer health care system; and Areas for short- and long-term urban camping.

However, since he is a canine, Einstein has also included issues that will benefit his friends, such as: The City shall assist humans who adopt animals in need of homes; Animal sanctuary/adoption facilities maintained and/or supervised by publicly appointed city officials, shall be the sole source for animal companions; and At least one day per year shall be set aside as a municipal holiday for animals.