Darrien Hunt Autopsy Proves Police Shot Him Four Times In Back

Darrien Hunt is yet another representation of the grim statistic that a person of color is killed every 28 hours by a police officer.  Hunt was fatally shot by officers in Utah because they claimed it was a sword; Hunt was unarmed and actually carrying a toy sword that was part of a Japanese anime costume he was wearing.  A Comic Con event where attendees dress up as comic book characters had recently been held in the area.  Similar to the case of John Crawford who was gunned down by police in a Beavercreek Wal-Mart, a bystander called police to report that Hunt was wielding a sword.

The official state autopsy report shows that Hunt had a total of six gunshot wounds, four of which entered from behind.  This corroborates the findings of an independent autopsy that concluded that officers shot Hunt in his back while he was running away from officers.  While police claim that Hunt had charged them and swung the sword at them, Robert Sykes, an attorney for Hunt’s family, says that there is a picture taken by a witness that shows Hunt smiling as he talked to two officers. Sykes believe the autopsy shows that police were pursuing Hunt, stating, “He was probably scared to death.”

Police also stated in their original report that Hunt, “apparently liked hallucinogens and had taken acid approximately three weeks,” prior to his death.  However, both the independent autopsy and the autopsy performed by the Utah State Medical Examiner’s Office found no drugs in his system.

An open investigation into whether or not officers were justified in shooting Hunt may be completed this week according to chief deputy at the Utah County Attorney’s Office Tim Taylor.  The shooting occurred September 10th near a strip mall in Saratoga Springs.  Police maintain that race was not a factor, but Hunts family feels that excessive force was used because Hunt was Black.



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  1. Considering the amount of crime we create, I m surprised at how low the death rate is!

    How is it we never have vis of these acts by the cops, I understand very soon all cops will have s collar cam on them, then the truth will come out!

  2. Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    Darn right it was because he was a Black American of African descent. According to the both autopsy reports (one was done independently and the other by the local medical examiner’s office), four (4) bullets were fired from behind. The family needs justice and like I've always stated, “do not become violet, but hit them where it hurts, in their pockets!” It really angers me that in this day and age, police brutality is at its finest! People, we need to stand together and demand justice and get rid of our local politicians who tolerate such deplorable inequality and vote legislation that are going to protect and defend our civil and human rights.
    Peace Out!

  3. We have to respond to white supremacy economically. There is a gorilla style war going on against the African people abroad and around the world. We have to go back to the time when the people of no color forced us to keep our money by not allowing us to go to their establishments, attend their schools and live in their communities, which still exist today but rather than begging for equality why not create equality within our own group. Examples of how this is done, study the people who already does this, Asians, Jews and Arabs. You control politicians and governments with money not begging. If we want an end to mass incarceration, police murdering of African men, women, and children in this society Michelle Alexander calls the New Jim Crow we have to respond with our money not our emotions. History shows that equality will not come trying to appeal by begging. Nothing is getting better for us. It may appear that way because we get compensation for being in sub-servant positions and our entire population are no longer in physical chains but our suffrage continues. The great Fredrick Douglas said if war between the whites freed us from slavery, what will peace among them bring us. My thoughts are The New Jim Crow.

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