Chicago Police Knock Over Woman On Dialysis, Place Man In Chokehold

LeRoy Hubbard III reports to WMAQ that he has video of Chicago police barging into his parents’ home and knocking over his mother, who was on a dialysis machine, before placing him in a chokehold.  According to NBC Chicago, the incident of alleged police misconduct took place after officers tried to stop Hubbard while he was simply walking outside of his parents home in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.  According to Hubbard, officers told him to “come here.”  When Hubbard proceeded to walk into his parents homes, officers recklessly barged in despite  screams and protests from his family members.

Hubbard’s 14-year-old niece Keeasia Hubbard captured the intrusion on video using her IPad.  The video shows officers trying to handcuff Hubbard as the teenagers grandfather tries to stop the officers.  The video also shows her grandmother being knocked to the ground during the chaos while she was still hooked up to her dialysis machine.  Hubbard was eventually charged with aggravated battery of a police officer, but he claims he did not assault anyone and stopped struggling with officers so they would “stop assaulting my whole family.”

Keeasia Hubbard reports that when she exited the residence, there were helicopters and multiple police cars, “just rushing in for one person.” Her grandfather reports that Hubbard III did not have a criminal record and that the incident was “clearly police misconduct.”  He also feels that officers responded the way they did because Englewood is considered a high crime area.  He states, “They do this all the time.  As far as the police, they do this all the time.  They will stop anybody on the street.  They want to get lucky, think they’re going to get lucky you know somebody’s probably got something.”

Police have declined to comment on the events.



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  1. Unrighteousness, where's the probable cause.

  2. I am not surprise at my city been living here for 34 years yes our cops can be real dirty to the max and less not forget to mention the male cops don't have a problem with man handling our females Gary,IN and crown point are also known.

  3. Again a good cop is a dead one. This is shameful. I see there is no such thing as respect and humanity from the PIG department.

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