Black Conservative Says Blacks Were Better Off With Massa Than Liberals

At least one black conservative believes blacks in America were better off during the days whenmassie they were bought and sold than under today’s liberal laws.

Mychal Massie says–given the rate of abοrtions, out of wedlock children, and incarceration rates–blacks were better off in Massa’s house than with affirmative action laws or the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act.

Massie expressed his longing for the antebellum era during an interview with the conspiracy website World Net Daily, where he expressed sympathy for whites who are being punished by blacks.

“Many blacks have ignorantly embraced race-based affirmative action as justified punishment of white people, whom they view as their oppressors. But what these same blacks are blind to is what race-based affirmative action has reduced them to,” Massie explained.

He continued: “Neo-Leninist liberals in their bigoted pomposity have orchestrated a pogrom of such magnitude as to destroy the sense of purpose and sense of true self-worth in the majority of blacks today. Neo-Leninists have successfully blinded many blacks to the importance of their embracing modernity.”

According to Massie, who is black, blacks can’t understand what’s best of them because of their low IQs.

“But don’t tell blacks that, because the majority are too blind, dumb and ignorant to understand this. There was a time blacks embraced being Americans and the virtues of same; but that mindset has ultimately taken a backseat to the shrill invidious voices of those who preach the vitriolic heterodoxies of Marxism.”

Massie also believes that blacks are anti-American and set on revenge.

“There was a time blacks embraced being Americans and the virtues of same; but that mindset has ultimately taken a backseat to the shrill invidious voices of those who preach the vitriolic heterodoxies of Marxism,” says Massie.


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  1. White folks will be kicking this shill’s a$$ way before they kick mine.

  2. "Steven", you been on the Candyland plantation too long! Wake up!!

  3. One sad black ignorant coon. Kkk missed your black ass

  4. I can think black man I don’t need the white man stuff

  5. How much did his “massa” pay him?

  6. It’s a sad day to see its slaves still around. All my family work got their own homes and in college

  7. Who in the hell are you to speak for all blacks?

  8. The only part of being better during slavery is that whenever you think about so many people being brought to America and having different religions and different languages and then being beaten, raped & murdered, if in fact none of that ever happened then maybe and only maybe would some people would have been satisfied in slavery.

    The people that brought us here do not realize that if they had treated some people better then maybe they would not have wanted to do better in life. When you think about some of the stuff that was done to Human Beings, it is beyond belief how those people could hate so much.

  9. If he wants to still be a slave he has every right to be one,Ignorence is bliss.

  10. ever notice Black conservaties only talk about Black people but never to Black people.. The message is always th esame " I,m not like those other **&^%^, I.m yo boy massa welcome to candyland".

  11. Who ever thinks like that isn’t black @ all ! They’re porch niggas with an ingratiating demeanor to impress the slave massa from the positions there in by societies standards now. No need to expatiate on the issue because that’s like giving energy to a snake or light to a devil.

  12. The sad part is that he feels he would get a pass since he's educated and talkn down on blacks, but the truth is they would hang his ass 1st for being the way he is. PUNK

  13. Now, now, folks, he has a right to his "opinion" sure he obviously doesn't know his own history(African) sure he hates himself and would do uncle ruckus proud, uh, what was my point again???

  14. Agree with everything you said; except him being "educated". Just because one can use three syllable words does not make one educated. Even a 4th grader might know something about slavery having being taught in school, would know we are better off now than when we were slaves. This guy is a "Dumb Ass Uncle Tom"!

  15. There would have to be at least one black guy with a right-wing rad-con red-neck mentality. How the right-wing imbeciles will love this guy.

  16. Where do white folks find these fools???

  17. U right we

  18. U right wesley i gave dat nigga too much credit.

  19. This is why people who are able to articulate and expound shouldn't use drugs

  20. What A Sad Individual. He Is Truly "Massa's Boy" Isn't He? SMDH. The Sad Thing About Him Is That Everything He Said Is Pointed Directly At Him & He's The One Who Isn't Aware. When & If It Goes Down He Will Be Left Out In The Cold Because They Don't Want Him & He Has Burned His Bridge With Us.

  21. In making his statement, "blacks were better off in Massa’s house," Mr. Massie fails to realize that he wouldn't be in "Massa's house." He would be out in the field, working under the lash, to pick more cotton than he picked yesterday. Americans who are descended from the enslaved Americans, have always wanted to embrace being "American," but Amrerica fails to embrace us. We have ALWAYYS been treated as 2nd class (or no class) citizens. The fact that our ancestors were tortured, terroized, treated inhumanely, etc., to make this country what it is today, has been dismissed or unrecognized.

    Our problem is that WE, the descendents of the enslaved, do not know our history and have been brainwashed to believe what whites believe: that tje enslaved were well treateted and happy and secure in being enslaved. BULLS#%T.!!!!!!

    We need to READ, STUDY, and DISCUSS the History of Africans in the UNITED STATES. We have been here since 1619!!!! Most of us are descended from people that were here before 1807-08, when the transatlantic slave trade was banned. BEFORE Jackie O's great-great-great-granddaddy came here. BEFORE JFK's Irish ancestor's fled the potato famine and BEFORE John Boehner's great-grandaddy came here…..YET THEY are considered MORE "AMERICAN" US. WTF???!!!!

    READ, READ, READ, DISCUSS, DISCUSSS, DISCUSS…don't fall for the "okeydoke."

  22. Notice how he sound just like the racist whites that would say the same about us all including him as well.Nothing irritate me more than an dumb ass sambo white wannabe negroe. We as black Americans never faired well under both Democratic and Republican leadership and unjust, racist laws that have done nothing but hinder us as a people and work tirelessly to destroy us all including this sambo looking MF.No matter what we do, say, or act there always going to be an Uncle Ruckus type bastard appeasing to their massa.This Oreo didn't even once make a single comment against the racist whites, cause he probably feel that the Caucasian can't do no wrong in which they are in a lot of things, which that's a different story.Its idiots like him, and there are many like this one that makes it impossible for any black unity to ever exist because they keep trying to bring us down and build the oppressors up.

  23. What make him think we need to under them in the first place.

  24. Yessir!

  25. They didn't miss him. He's right where they want him to be. Swaying the vote.

  26. No my dear. He would be right beside Sam Jackson in candy land.

  27. This fool is enough to make every true Black conservative regurgitate. Ever so often a “fool” like this falls out from under massa’s rock, that is if he’s able to untangle his nose from massa’s a** and say something stupid like this. I’m sure there must be still a few plantations available for this fool to go and hide himself on one of them and leave the rest of us alone who have and continue to enjoy the little so called freedom we now enjoy on a part-time basis until something stupid like this set us back another 100 years.

  28. There has always been spiritual wickedness in high places working against the dark race. It's too obvious! You can get as far as you want as an African American but we know who really controls things here in America and the world for that due to long-term planning and ongoing implementation for a very long time. Divide and conquer was always the first key! Once this happens then they will be left to squabble and point blame on each other and too divided to ever work on major solutions that will make a stronger impact. Furthermore, nobody is ever thinking about the true instigators until it's way too late and the damage is already done. The fact is, we are left to figure this issue out amongst each other and nowhere else. All other races know better to stick together. They do it daily unapologetically so why should we feel any other way. Wake up African Americans! I say "African Americans" because black is a color not a race and the N word is too degrading. We have to recognize and stop calling ourselves this first! This world has been built off the very backs of African and African Americans especially America. They hAve earned wealth and sit in high seats due to our blood and sweat while we are constantly being impoverished and called lazy daily, how ironic. They owe us a great debt. They tell us to move on or get over it but we must never forget or let them forget our history. Forgetting means they will continue to ignore this terrible wrong they did. We must continue to remind them they way they hypocritically continue to remind us of every wrong we do by flooding the media daily. This is,a slap in the face. You are wrong and you owe us for what our ancestors worked and died for so start paying us reporations!

  29. I find it historical ignorant of anyone that considers either party is worth the quality of loyalty by African in America. It statement is NOT about race but it is about sanity. The historic experience of “capture bound” or better known as “STOCKHOLME SYNDRONE” is apparent in every statement made by those that seek acceptance of a political interest that cares nothing for the humans that has been their historic servants. There is much to learn especially by one who find comfort in being a servant. Carter G. Woodson speaks very lowly of men as this “conservative”. He is America’s best sycophant ( suck ups). He does his job well. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and this gentleman are cut from the same fabric.

  30. As a conservative myself I'm disgusted that he talked like a psuedo-intellectual liberal. You don't convince people to consider your point of view or rethink their own political stance by calling them stupid and certainly not by sticking needles into the scar of slavery. He's correct to point out some of the problems he sees and and I agree that rich white elitist pig democrooks are to blame, but telling black people they're stupid for not collectively rejecting the democrook party immediately? That was stupid. Such a shift does seem to be slowing taking it's course and that makes me happy, but he's certainly not helping matters.

  31. The seriousness about what Black People like this is how many Black Peoples believe this. money, cars, gated communities, We now can understand what Malcolm X wrote when he said "when the revolution comes there would black people to move out of they way before we could get to the white racist. This would be one of the ;&$:!,/" that would be in the way Willie lynch I didn't want to believe that theory but I am now living and seeing how it worked.

  32. Will someone offer to buy him, and see how much he would fetch? See how much he would like when he learns how much he is worth.

  33. Some liberal blacks are the same way. Remember when Barack Obama won the first term Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and a few other people was supposed to have a meeting to hash out the Black Agenda. Not only did that never happen but Barack Obama has yet to address or talk to Black Men in the community directly. He got elected I guess he doesn't need us anymore.

  34. he sees the past with the eyes of the present… Black people are to blame for not having fought sufficiently as we should from the 60's on… people thought they had winned the battle

  35. Meet the elder Charles Barkley.

  36. Lord have mercy – this ignorant piece of shit!! Black folks like him need to be hung. Slimy skank!

  37. Kenney Gunn – u stupid and everything you have stated is categorically false. Just shut up. Dummy!

  38. People like this man only talk about the negative aspect of the black community, and never the postive, and only the positives aspects of the white community and never the negative. They talk about black-on-black crime?… Did you know that according to the latest FBI figures, 85% of all whites killed are killed by another white perso. Where is the discussion on White-on-white crime?

  39. A modern-day “uncle ruckus” .. Let him be under slavery… and see how he likes it..

  40. Wesley Wright , do not honor this idiot by calling him an Uncle Tom, because the "real" Uncle Tom led people out of Slavery, and helped to educate them. Personally, he should be called Uncle Clarence, aa Clarence Thomas, who if not for Affirmative Action would not be where he is and then voted against it. And although he considers himself Educated and above the fray, let's not forget the prominent Black Professor from Connecticut, who was treated liketrash a coupleof years ago, that President Obama brought to the White House, with his abuser, to have a talk. People lie this man, Herman Cain, Alan West, disgust me. They are Poster Boy sellouts.

  41. Another misguided person, talking some real idiotic nonsense. I now plenty of people of Color who are eceonomically doing quite well today, myself included. Of course if everything was equal we would not be having this type of conversation, but all in all, people in General could be doing better if the one percent weren't so damn greedy. That is the real issue.

  42. Clowns like this are one of the big reasons black people are on the back burner, damn tom.

  43. Westly is scary, because he puts himself in a different categorie he knows he is not white so he separate his mind from his skin color. It's apart of self hatred. To satisfy his mind he has to put himself above his own race. If he marries outside of his race it would be good, if not his family would catch hell with the put down.

  44. Let's hang this Sambo

  45. Give this guy the Unlce Ruckus Award. He deserves it. He can't be serious! SMH

  46. please ignore Massie taking him on makes him feel that he is important. His conservative friends do not give him the light of day. He thinks if he voice their belief they will embrace him as a friend.

  47. This is the type of man that would have run to tell his master that the slaves are planning a revolt.

  48. Kam Steele I'm so glad you know who the real uncle Tom was…so many people use his name in error. Including me until a short while ago.

  49. History would make no difference to a man like this. I doubt he believes his ancestors were treated well, it's more likely he is from the camp that believes that it's all in the past and that black people are to blame for their current troubles. It sounds to me as though he simply wants to fit in at any cost…maybe he'd say I've got a 'shrill invidious voice'.

  50. My family is from Jamaica and have been there before 1807-1808. But I am American born. And I trace my ancestry back to the Ashanti tribe on my mother's side. It is said that Jamaicans descended from the Ashtanti tribe. I agree that more of us need to know our history and where we came from.

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