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October 29, 2014

African Children Brutally Beaten, Bullied In NYC Over Ebola Virus

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Reported by Dr. Sinclair Grey III When news first broke of Ebola in the United States, many people began panicking. Why? Because they really didn’t know about Ebola, its symptoms, and how it’s contracted. In addition to this, the mere fact that Ebola is emanating from Liberia (West Africa), judgement and stereotypes of persons “looking African” have placed individuals in harms way. Case in point: two brothers were beaten so…

Truck Driver Cries Over 44,000 Pounds of Stolen Miller High Life

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A Florida truck driver began to cry while explaining to a reporter how his truck load of Miller High Life was stolen. Thieves stole his half full truckload of beer on last Monday at an Orange County truck stop. Van Thomas says he’s worked extraordinarily hard to build a successful life as a truck driver. He bought a semi-truck a few weeks ago so he could start his own business…

Inmates Die Of Constipation, Gangrene In Alabama Jail

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April V. Taylor Family members of three inmates at the Madison County jail in Alabama have filed a lawsuit against the county and Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH), the private company contracted to provide medical care to inmates.  The lawsuit alleges that the inmates suffered brutal mistreatment as staff denied them of necessary medical care for treatable, non-fatal conditions in order to save money. Nikki Listau died within two days of…

Chicago Police Knock Over Woman On Dialysis, Place Man In Chokehold

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LeRoy Hubbard III reports to WMAQ that he has video of Chicago police barging into his parents’ home and knocking over his mother, who was on a dialysis machine, before placing him in a chokehold.  According to NBC Chicago, the incident of alleged police misconduct took place after officers tried to stop Hubbard while he was simply walking outside of his parents home in the Englewood neighborhood on the South…

CNN Says Ferguson Police Chief To Resign, He Says Not True

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CNN published a report stating that Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson is set to resign in the future as part of the city’s effort to reform the police department.  CNN says the information came from government officials who are, “familiar with the ongoing discussions between local, state and federal officials.”  It is also being reported that the announcement of Jackson’s resignation could come as soon as next week.  Jackson’s resignation…