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October 17, 2014

GOP Ad Features Dem. Candidate Paired With Tattoo Faced Black Man

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A new ad paid for by the the National Republican Campaign Committee is already being called the Willie Horton ad of this election cycle. The ad appeared on Friday in a Nebraska race for the 2nd Congressional U.S. House seat. In the ad, Brad Ashford, Democratic challenger to incumbent Republican Lee Terry, is accused of supporting a law that let a convicted felon out after serving only half his prison…

Cellphone Vigilantes Necessary For Ending Police Brutality

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April V. Taylor As America continues to look like a hypocrite to the world for how fundamentally corrupt and flawed its worldview is when compared with the suffering caused by the racism and injustice of the country’s criminal justice systems, many Americans are realizing that the power to help end police brutality and killings is right in the palm of their hands.  As protests in Ferguson, Missouri have continued since…

Rev. Jim Wallis: White Christians Must Repent For Tolerating Racialized Policing

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April V. Taylor Rev. Jim Wallis, who is a Christian writer and political activist and also founded Sojourners, marched with fellow clergy during Ferguson October’s Moral Monday protest.  After being arrested alongside Dr. Cornel West, Carl Dix and more than forty others,  Wallis did an interview with HuffPost Live in which he discussed the role white Christians must play in helping to dismantle the “racialized police system” that exists in…

Chilling Ad: Vote Or Buy A Bullet Proof Vest For Your Sons

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April V. Taylor The Florida based social justice organization Dream Defenders has launched a satirical ad for The Dream Vest, which is being marketed to “provide safety for all children with high productions of melanin to protect them from unwarranted state violence on civilians.”  The initiative is using the hashtag #VestorVote and is meant to draw attention to the fact that people of color are disproportionately targets of police violence…