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October 3, 2014

Amazing: Reporter Finds Missing Child In His Own Relative’s Yard

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Reported by Kacie Whaley A news reporter covering the story of a missing 10-year-old boy never thought that he would be the means to the story’s end, but he became just that when he found the boy in his family’s front yard. ABC Action News reporter Cameron Polom arrived at the Tampa, Florida home of a family who had reported 10-year-old Paul Ezekiel Fagan as missing 14 hours earlier. Polom…

Singer Tank Arrested After Refusing To Show License To Police

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Reported by Kacie Whaley R&B crooner Tank has been taken into custody after being stopped by police for using his cell phone while driving. The TGT singer, whose real name is Durrell Babbs, was driving around in the Van Nuys side of Los Angeles, California when officers allegedly saw him talking on his cell phone, according to TMZ.  Since using a cell phone while operating a vehicle is prohibited in California,…

Colorado Board of Education Member Says U.S. “Voluntarily” Ended Slavery

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Slavery in America came to an end only after a bloοdy civil war that almost tore this country apart. There are surely people in this country who aren’t aware of that fact, but we wouldn’t expect one of those people to be on a Colorado’s Board of Education. Pam Mazanec, a Larkspur businesswoman who sits on Colorado’s Board of Education, expressed concern that Advanced Placement history test answers cast America…

Private Companies Making Millions In Profit Exploiting Inmates Families

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April V. Taylor JPay, Bank of American and J.P. Morgan Chase are three of the companies making millions in profit by exploiting the families of those who are in prison.  The Center for Public Integrity recently did an investigation into how these companies are profiting off of innocent people by shifting costs and charging exorbitant fees to inmates’ families. One of the people investigators met was 64-year-old Pat Taylor.  She…

Corporations Donate $1 Million to Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network

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Rev. Al Sharpton has friends in high places and those corporate connections have bailed out his non-profit, which was reportedly in financial trouble. During a swanky event at the Four Seasons on Wednesday, companies that donated were listed, and they included such big names as AT&T, while other companies, such as Wal-Mart and GE, purchased ads for the event. In a bit of humor, donations came in at different levels,…