Woman Beaten By CHP Settles For $1.5 Million, Officer Resigns

April V. Taylor

Merlene Pinnock, a 51-year-old grandmother who was repeatedly punched by a California Highway Patrol Officer, has decided to settle her case against the CHP for $1.5 million.  The settlement was confirmed to the Associated Press by CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow and Pinnock’s attorney.  Farrow stated, “When this incident occurred, I promised that I would look into it and vowed a swift resolution.  Today, we have worked constructively to reach a settlement agreement that is satisfactory to all parties involved.”  Farrow also stated that Officer Daniel Andrew, who was responsible for the beating, voluntarily resigned after being on paid administrative leave since the incident.

Pinnock’s attorney Caree Harper had the following to say about her client’s settlement, “One of the things we wanted to make sure of was that she was provided for in a manner that accommodated her unique situation in life, and that the officer was not going to be an officer anymore and we secured those things.”

The incident occurred on July 1st on the Santa Monica freeway and was captured on cell phone video by passing motorist David Diaz.  CHP originally tried to justify the officer’s actions by stating that he had pulled Pinnock from traffic and was trying to protect her from harm.  In a statement, Pinnock revealed that she believes Andrew was trying to kill her.  He can be seen on video of the incident hitting Pinnock multiple times with a closed fist.

Andrew could still be criminally charged for his actions.  Results of an investigation conducted by CHP have been sent to the Los Angeles County prosecutors office.  A record from CHP had stated that Pinnock was not injured and refused medical treatment, but according to medical records, Pinnock was hospitalized for a month for a traumatic brain injury following the incident.



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  1. I would of sued for tons more!!! Ur suing ur fellow tax payers

  2. This woman should have gotten more, but I hope this settlement includes future medical treatment. She probably has complications to her setting so soon. But, this officer should be prosecuted and given some jail time. This is why I'm strongly suggesting that these law enforcers are given yearly psychological evaluation and lie detector testing; because it's to much of a risk, for us as citizen to put our lives in the hands of unstable, and mentally deranged people like this. This government needs to wake up, to what's going on here in America. We have to many wealthy blacks on so many social levels for us to continuously accept this kind of treatment. But, most are conservative blacks who thinks parallelly ignorant and racist as some whites. So, it's like permission to do it; it's a damn shame.

  3. This is rediculous! And he got to resign from his position instead of being FIRED!!

  4. Let them show you a check for 1.5 million, I bet you'll take it. If you get greedy you wind up wit nothing or waiting for years. I'd want my money today not tomorrow. As for the cop he should have been fired and his last wages vacation pay & all give it to the victim. IMO

  5. NO…you are not suing your fellow tax payers…you are suing the Police Dept and THEY have a ton of INSURANCE for said lawsuits….And, I hope she puts that money to good use.

  6. That Pig should not have been allowed to resign and go some place else and get a job as an Officer. He should have been FIRED!

  7. Another BM victimized by racist white pig, what else is new. Until BM grow some balls and start greeting these demons with lead showers as they exit their front door do not expect anything to change.

  8. …when will those pigs stop?…still not enough.. #1.5joke

  9. Why should he have the opportunity to keep his pension by resigning instead of being fired? They keep winning even when they try to kill us

  10. Peanuts for a delibrate attrocity. These animals in uniform should be flushed out of the American society and create a body of human beings to do the policing for the society. They stink!

  11. Sure this racist cop has another job as we speak..or soon will have another in another state..that is why he resign..and was not fired… wake up PPL.. that’s how it works..these PPL take care of their own when the F-up big time..

    Its nothing for the brain damage she’ll suffer the remainder of her life..at best she may end up with 800 thousand when everyone is paid..

    Criminal charges against this cop is warranted..I doubt if anything will happen to him or be charged.. becuz he was paid still during all of this.. and he gets to keep his pension for nearly killing a unarmed victim who did nothing for him to beat her like the common thug in uniform that he is..

  12. Justice served and he still can be charged for a crime. This is a positive step in the right direction against police violence

  13. And for THAT she becomes a millionaire?! What filth! Since blacks don't like to work and earn their way in America…fits right in to the MO: provoke a white cop…and you could get RICH!

    Yeah, now she get to live in the white community..and pull her race card. No question in my mind she provoked the white officer. Blacks MUST hv a homeland in America…and be distantly separated from white people.

  14. Amanda Uzor Ya know this is what I keep saying. When a young person who is respectful, courteous, emotionally stable and likes to go out of their way to help people. If those young people express an interest in public work ie firemen, policemen, district attorney, paramedics…. encourage them! It is the only way we are not going to have generation after generation of these criminals in uniform. They are not really police, they are criminals in uniforms.

  15. It's a shame that charges haven't been filed yet

  16. Battle i agree with you. As long as these animals are not charged criminally the lynchings will continue. Im not taking a beating for any amount of money.

  17. Mr. Allen I hear ya! But unfortunately these are the occurring results! A beating or unsudden deaths compensated with monetary funds! Hopefully, whites will learn to avoid financial losses! If not, I guess they hv millions of $$ to distribute!

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