White Man Slaps Postal Worker And Calls Him a N*gger, Judge Says It’s Road Rage Not Hate Crime


Luke Schreiner was cleared of a hate crime after slapping Rene Isidore and calling him the n word www.blacklikemoi.com

Luke Schreiner (left), Rene Isidore (right)

Reported by Kacie Whaley

A Brooklyn firefighter has been cleared of charges claiming he executed a hate crime after he slapped a black postal worker and called him the n-word.

A decision was reached in court on Wednesday regarding a November 2013 incident in which Luke Schreiner, a 300-pound New York City firefighter, slapped and shouted racial slurs at 57-year-old mailman Rene Isidore.  During the two-day bench trial, Isidore described the incident before breaking down in tears, New York Daily News reported.  He said he was driving his mail truck and came up behind Schreiner’s pick-up truck that was parked in the middle of a one-way street.  Without honking, he drove around the truck.

“I don’t think it’s professional to be driving this government vehicle and constantly honking the horn,” said Isidore.

Isidore claimed that he then got out of his vehicle to deliver mail and suddenly saw Schreiner, 50, approaching him.  “He started yelling ‘Do you want to get smacked today?’ and he slapped me in the face,” Isidore said.

“He grabbed me by my jacket and he removed the sun shades from my face and said, ‘What the f— are you gonna do?’ He broke them in half and stuck the pieces in the hood of my jacket.”

Schreiner then shouted racially-charged insults at the mail carrier.  ‘”You’re nothing but a f—ing n—–!'” Isidore said Schreiner shouted. “‘That’s why you work for the postal service.'”

Schreiner also shouted racial insults at a black woman who passed by.

Although Schreiner admitted to Isidore’s claims; however, the judge handling the case ruled the incident as being fueled by road-rage due to getting ‘cut-off’ instead of racial hate.

“The court finds that this defendant’s remarks and racist diatribe were reprehensible, despicable, disgusting and demeaning,”  said Supreme Court Justice John Ingram.  “But this court finds that the ensuing language was most likely caused by road rage and is not sufficient to constitute a hate crime.”

Schreiner was convicted of criminal mischief and attempted assault.  If Schreiner would have been found guilty of a hate crime, which is a felony charge, he would have faced up to four years in prison.  Since he was convicted of misdemeanor charges, he faces up to one year in jail, which may be reduced to probation.

Schreiner’s sentencing is next month.

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  1. Damn shame!

  2. I have reached the age where you should understand stuff you see and read, But I am lost almost everyday on incidents that I'm reading.. God truly is trying to help us from dying and going to the penetentry.

  3. And must I please say this, look who he smack a 50 year old black postal man, honey I know so many so so many who could and wouldn't dared smack.

  4. Whats wrong with these niggas I find another eventually but I would of put my hands back on big boy win are loose.

  5. Lose his job??? How about his damn dignity!!! Itll be a cold fuckin day in hell fore I let some cave bitch insult me and get away with it!he shouldve beat his ass

  6. I am a postal worker of 22 years and the abuse our letter carriers endure while on the job is horrible. I personally have never experienced such blatant racism and disrespect on the job. Let me say this if that were me you can trust that would have been my last day as a postal employee and my first day as inmate # 12345 “cause Ida fucked his ass up”

  7. Attempted Assault? The man was assaulted via a smack. Any unwanted touching is an assault!!! what type of lawyer did this guy have?-Smh

  8. I agree with you, Elle V Elle. Crooked, racist Judge, & he should have been sentenced for a hate crime, & his past record should have been looked at by that Judge.

  9. I don't like the verdict but understand the decision. With that said, this shouldn't come to a criminal matter since the words are from a 300lb man anyway. This should come to a civil matter and that court has lower standards of proof. I'd sue the pants off that guy and get some money from this one. Assault plus destruction of personal property makes this one a win for the postal worker. As far as firing the guy, don't even bother. He's 300lbs and not over 6'2", he won't even make it 70. That blood pressure has to be bad and a stroke or heart attack is probably eminent. When people show me hate, I don't get mad. I just let life play out and watch the egg get on their face. When we die, we all have to answer for what we did and didn't do. I just don't want to make something like this apart of what I have to answer for.

    • You are totally wrong in your “logic”. The victim is a employee of the USPS and to lay a hand on him is a felony. If he had done that to me, it is on. My father taught me how to fight and he always said, you fight a man to the point you’ll have to kill him.

  10. Take care… your white sheet it showing…

  11. we see through different lenses obviously!

  12. I would have HIT HIS FUCKING ASS BACK! Oh no, we would have been fighting for real!

  13. because the victim is…BLACK.

  14. oh really? How about if you got your face broken while getting called a honkie cunt?

  15. Oh maybe if it was a woman he would have fought back.

  16. Elle V Elle If black men were never afraid of nothing and no one then the black community wouldn't be so vulnerable. White people have gotten more embolden with their racism because black people specifically too many of the men have not stood up and fought back plain and simple.

  17. Ronessia Bey Thank you for speaking sense here!

  18. What else is new

  19. Jus Moses You're a F'ing idiot. And your mom liked the revenge i put on her ass last night little biach! LMFAO! hahahahahaha

  20. I'd like to go to NY and pound that fat biach in his face! What!!!!

  21. How about all the old white dudes that all these little black thugs tried to knock out for a five dollar bet. Now crow about that, t you won't because it's a double standard, if your dumb ass knows what that means, hey I pack I hope a little piece of shit try's to rob or hit me , it will be another one bits the dust, Whahaha and go fucking good riddance !!!!!!

  22. Would the result be the same if the postal worker slapped him????? I thought hitting or slapping someone was assault …

  23. This was white protecting white; had the situation been reversed, all hell would have been brought down upon that Black man! The postal worker should still sue him in civil court and win or lose, make him go through something else. This was a hate crime and that firefighter is a racist for sure!

  24. They are not going to be satisfied until he seriously maims or kills someone, he is a loose cannon for sure and needs to be restained. The prior case may give the postal worker a good basis for suing in civil court! Good research on your part! He is another George Zimmerman type!

  25. I agree, Vernessia Ann Angrum-Morgan!

  26. This country is going straight to hell. This is disgraceful!

  27. Rachelle Ruffin I think it would be hard to get awarded much in damages for this assault–and even harder to collect. i don't anticipate a lawsuit.

  28. I thought assaulting a postal employee was a felony. I guess that law only applied to white postal employees.

  29. this is typical behavior of all judges dealing with so called "Black" plaintiffs.

  30. you are "old school". lol

  31. I certainly hope he keeps it up! He will meet the right person one day

  32. Exactly!!

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