White Construction Workers May Legitimize Eye Witness Accounts of Michael Brown Shooting

Those seeking to critique the narrative that has emerged about the events that led to the shooting death of black unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of white police officer Darren Wilson may finally have testimony from two white construction workers to lend legitimacy to the accounts that have been given by friends and neighbors of Brown.  As the Atlanta BlackStar points out, this latest development may, “finally see unacknowledged racism work in favor of justice for Brown.”

The importance of two white witnesses coming forward is relevant because the 12-member grand jury who is meeting to determine whether or not Wilson will be charged is 75 percent white.  There are multiple studies that support the fact that white jurors are more likely to empathize with other whites in a courtroom setting than with Black people.  The fact that the witnesses are men and six of the grand jury members are white men may also influence how the grand jury responds to the newly revealed eyewitness testimony.

In an anonymous statement to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, one of the construction workers reported that although he did not see what happened at the police car, he did witness Wilson chase Brown after hearing an initial gunshot.  He also reports that Wilson fired at least one additional shot at Brown while he was running away.  After that shot, the worker reports that Brown stopped, turned around, and raised his hands in the air after which Wilson fired several shots killing Brown.  This account corroborates the eyewitness accounts given by several other people who were in the area.

The construction worker also corroborated stories that said that Brown had become passionate about being a Christian.  Prior to Brown’s encounter with Wilson, Brown had a conversation with the worker after hearing him cuss out of frustration.  The worker reports that Brown told him, “he was feeling some bad vibes,” and that, “the Lord Jesus Christ would help me through that as long as I didn’t get all angry at what I was doing.”  This information comes on the heels of information being released that reveals that Brown did not have any serious criminal history as a juvenile.  The emergence of these facts may have a profound impact on the attempt to criminalize Brown as a thuggish possible gang member and thief who deserved to die.



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  1. The truth will come out, sooner than you think……..#peace

  2. Ferguson county’s law enforcement should just expedite their case and hand this officer over to Justice because you know this officer still has firearms and he is quite frankly a danger to himself and others. Dude’s a ticking time bomb and the longer this goes the worse Missouri looks. Enough already, lock this murderer up…

  3. It is sad, as well, that the history and racist environment of this young white officer led him to take the life of one whom the officer was taught was scum, an animal, and unworthy of life.

  4. 1 white witness > 6 black witnesses

    testimony of 6 black witnesses < story of killer cop

    lies of killer cop = truth to white grand jury

  5. Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    I agree with the analogy of Unk 110%. Let’s see if they will indict the Officer Darren Wilson for trial for the murder of Michael Brown. Even though the odds are stacked against the citizens of Ferguson since the majority of the Grand Jury is Caucasians. Ferguson, Missouri residents need to wake up and be more vigil about human justice and common decency for all mankind. This should be a teaching moment for the citizens of Ferguson. Keep the pressure on its government and public officials. Remember, general election is November and don’t re-elect the people (Governor, Mayor and other public officials) who have consistently and without fail demoralized and discouraged the citizens of having human, constitutional and civil rights being perpetuated.

  6. Niggas gotta stop being so god damn scary and get crackin. Oh wait, I forgot. The white man is god. Never mind…

  7. Voting is the best Power we have right now, show up and show out November 2014/16 elections, we have a voice in this country.

  8. To the person using the word “Niggas”, you’re an embarrassment. First, take your own advice and wake up. Stop using that insulting, slave given, demeaning word that White people and slave owners gave us. Since you think you’ve got something to say, be intelligent and use proper language instead of insulting your own people. This advice is for you James bo-pete Johnson

  9. In dealing with law enforcement, terrorist unnecessary excessive force, violence, whether in United States or in Missouri or Iraq, Afghan, Russia, Central America We have to keep in mind the mind set of the community, state or local government or the infrastructure of those in place to handle the task at hand, First to address
    The problems they had prior to the problems that are happening now then move
    Forward. then weeding out the unacceptable mindset of the 1950, 1960,1970, Then placing the proper authorities in place that will not compromise the task at hand. A change starts within if we continue on the path we are on we will have the mindset of a third world country.

    In reference to collateral damage if you do not isolate your self from a problem you
    Will more than likely be dealt with like a problem. It is very important when allowed
    To live in a free society to do as you please to properly inform those that you have left behind of the consequences of allowing the evil to continually
    Over take the good. It is your duty wherever you are from. if you did not you are just is guilty as the evil So before I start pointing fingers at anybody let me have a look at myself what have I done to make society a better place to live it is not about me so please understand we have a opportunity to get it right.

    Darrell E Freeman
    “Let GOD be Magnified”

  10. Just curious, did the Lord Jesus Christ tell Mike Brown to commit strong-arm robbery, tossing a store clerk around like meat, just prior to his encounter with Wilson? If Brown were an innocent kid, killed due to no fault of his own, it's one thing, but he man-handled a store owner, stole his things, then disobeyed an simple request to move to the side of the road, then attempted to obtain an officer's gun. And people are wondering why he found himself in a deadly situation??? Really? Does this mean he deserved to die? Probably not. But to defend this kid as if he were a saint is patently ludicrous and undermines the legitimacy of any movement to address the real issue of police brutality. Many police officers abuse their power and wrongfully intimidate and murder people every day. Black people, white people, Hispanic people…. But to defend Brown is foolish because he put himself in that situation by being a bully and a criminal. End. Of. Story. If we are going to address the issue of police brutality, we must get behind cases that have merit. The Brown case does not. Many others do. Brown does not.

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