Sherri Shepherd Ex Rejects Offer, Wants $10K In Monthly Child Support

There is yet another blow dealt in the divorce battle unfolding between Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband Lamar Sally.  Sally has rejected a deal offered by Shepherd for him to receive a one time payment of $100,000 as part of a divorce settlement in addition to $3,000 a month in child support for the surrogate child the two agreed to have.  The child has been a source of contention and was not even mentioned in Shepherd’s original divorce papers.  The child is biologically Sally’s but does not have any biological link to Shepherd.

The couple signed a prenuptial agreement during August 2011 that included a clause stating that in the event the couple divorced, Sally would receive a one-time spousal support payment of $60,000.  The portion of the agreement covering children has not been made public due to laws protecting the privacy of minors, however sources have reported that the agreement did not require Shepherd to pay child support.

Since the couple’s split, Sally has challenged the validity of the agreement, claiming that it was based on fraud. Sally is also apparently not happy with Shepherd offering more than what the pair had originally agreed for him to receive if they divorced.  Estimates place Shepherd’s net worth around $10 million.

Radar Online reports that Shepherd offered the lump sum payment in an attempt to move on with her life, but Sally is continuing to contest the prenuptial agreement.  It appears as though Sally is particularly contesting the portion of the agreement that waives his right to collect any spousal support from Shepherd.  Sally is also pursuing monthly child support in the amount of $10,000, more than double the $3,000 a month payment offered by Shepherd.

It appears from this most recent development that the former couple is unlikely to reach an agreement outside of court regarding the issue of spousal and child support.  Sources report to Radar Online that Shepherd is totally willing to take the divorce settlement and prenuptial agreement issue to trial.



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  1. Sally is low level. He is an embarrassment to real men.

  2. Sherry's being way too kind to this bum! He signed a prenup. Hold him to it.

  3. He signed a pre nup…get the $60,000 and you and your baby keep it moving….she doesn’t owe you anything else.

  4. Do you think this is a fair offer?

  5. Someone please ask Madea for the sweet potato pie recipe. He has to be the dumbest thing living . He went after her money from the beginning, this is a scam, he has been trying for a long time to get so called rich, now watch dummy get nothing but a little bit.

  6. I don't know what caused Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally to file for divorce, but, if Sally signed a prenuptial agreement, and the said agreement have not changed since the original said agreement have been signed, it's biding! And Sherri Shepherd needs to stick to the agreement! Don't give him anymore than what it stipulate in the prenuptial agreement! Sally is just an old school punk trying to get paid! He ain't no victim!! But, he is an old school, greedy punk!! GET A JOB, LOSER!! Girlfriend worked long and hard for that little piece of cardinal change! Why should she give you any of it to you if she doesn't want to?!!

  7. It doesn't matter whether it's fair or not! Sally signed a prenuptial agreement! And by law, that prenuptial agreement is binding!…Shepherd doesn't have to give him anymore than what's in that prenuptial agreement!…PEEP THAT!!…

  8. Go get a job..and let go she doesn’t wants no part’s of you or your child. .have several seats user..

  9. With all the money he used of Sherri's visiting the surrogate, he's probably the biological father by regular means, and I mean sleeping with her to conceive so why should she support this opportunist? He would only get the 60K and be responsible for all child support, if I were on the divorce jury.

  10. Hopefully the. BUM will accept the offer an run. I pray no judge or jury decides on more money if the case goes to court .

  11. Ladies & Gentlemen:
    The SCAM Artist are out there. They are alive and you really need to watch out. I know of a recent one where I was told of a SCAM in another state where this person spent 4 years until he got what he wanted and he took off for the next victim. The next victim thinks she has a GEM but, she is only being SCAMMED. I do not know Sally & Sherri’s entire situation but, judging from what is being placed out on the press it appears he is a SCAM ARTIST. He wanted something from the beginning and was even willing to marry to get it. Sherri’s is far from being a very wealthy woman…She does well..net worth 10 million. Sally would like to have some of that. He really went thru a lot to SCAM. Now Sherri has to pay him, and for what.
    The SCAM in the other state that I am familiar with, the new victim received 2 million from an inheritance and The SCAMMER told my source that he was going after some of that money. He is now with her and she thinks she has something….She only has a SCAM ARTIST..willing to do anything, but work to get what they want.

  12. While I agree Sally should get nothing except what was in the Prenup, however I wonder if all the comments from all the ladies would be different if it was a women challenging a prenup! I bet all your comments would be drastically different. I’m against spousal support period, however when I see all these women going after wealthy men for outrageous amounts for spousal AND child support, it seems the comments from females on these stories have a different tone to them.

  13. I said it once and I'll say it again. Sherri Shepherd, still with the agreement, you cs n see this man wants only money. Stay calm stay the course. Stop offering up your life work. You married a bum, there's no way you will negotiate with this bum.Take $60,000 and walk no more no less.This bum married you under false pretenses.

  14. Stop it just stop it. Stick with the original prenuptial agreement. Plain and simple. As soon as u start paying out you other bum of an economic husband will have his hands out. Close you pocketbook and just stop with the offers.

  15. Didn't know they were divorcing already; I remember she was so happy!!! But I also remember thinking at the time that he was too old for her; something about him just didn't sit right with me. Now I see why.

  16. I think it's fair because 1, he signed a prenup; 2, he did NOT work like a dog to make that money, 3, she has no obligation to pay child support for a child that is not biologically hers, and like Crufus Hunt said above, who knows if he had sex with the woman to conceive. Plain and simple facts, and asking if it's fair, etc. does not change them! Lots of "ifs" in this situation. I feel for her. Been watching her career since way back on "Everybody Loves Raymond" days, and know how hard she has had to work, especially being a Black woman, to get ahead in show biz!

  17. He had nothing when he came into the marriage and he should leave with nothing! He needs to get a set of balls and become a grown ass man! His kind are always looking for some woman to take care of him. Whatever the agreement he signed upon their marriage is the one he needs to agree to and nothing more or less!

  18. Joan Brown she realized all he wanted was her money. He talked her into having another baby (through a surrogate) after she found out they could conceive on there on. She saw how disinterested he was towards her own son and he cheated as well. At that point the baby was just about due. This was a con planned from day one. That's the problem with wealth. If you marry someone who has you're likely gonna have a Hollywood marriage. She tried to select a regular
    ( so she thought) " good guy.?!" It's hard. Most do not understand unless you walk in her shoes. She did NOT take advantage of this guy. She was really looking for love. He is a con artist. And she is human and a victim. But she will be victorious in the end!!! I believe that.

  19. Correction: could not conceive a baby together.

  20. Debbie DIniese, isn't it obvious what Sally is trying to do, as far as, Shepherd money is concern?! I know that baby Sally conceived with a surrogate mother is not Shepherd's biological child, and therefore, she is under no legal obligation to provide for that child financially. And although, I did not know all the details about Shepherd and Sally's marriage relationship, I peeped Sally's game about 'trying to get paid' at Shepherd's expense, which could very well be the norm in the Land of Holly-Weird, or anywhere else involving money!…

  21. I only replied because you wrote you did not know why they were divorcing? She acknowledged that only did he cheat with women the twist was the " surrogate was an old flame of his." She was preyed on. And unfortunately when she discovered the scam it was too late. And this ish happens everyday to regular people as well.

  22. I think he and the So-called Surrogate are in this scam together. Go get 'em Sherry!!!! they weren't married long enough for him to get accustomed to her lifestyle and the baby isn't even here yet, so looks like Dude over-played his hand!!!! It would be in his best interest for him to take the $100K and run before he gets a case. This has scam written all over it!!!

  23. Yes, it does happen to the best of us!…

  24. He doesn't even deserve 60K but that was the agreement. The only thing he deserves is a swift kick in the jewels. Sherrie if there is a next time, be sure he has as much as you and he potential to make more. Don't forget your ONLY obligation is to Jeffery and yourself. NO CHILD SUPPORT!!!!!!! He never wanted a child he wanted a meal ticket…let him starve.

  25. Nikki from The Bronx writes:
    Stay the course Sherri; unfortunately, you didn’t do your due diligence. Yes, I know that you thought that this guy was a good guy simply because he was a friend of a friend and one of your closest friends. However, your friend that introduced you to him doesn’t know what kind of a man he really is. People really don’t know people behind closed doors. Next time Sherri, if there’s a next time and it well should be because you’re an attractive funny lady and giving person. People will love and adore you because you have a warm, kind spirit. Keep your head held high, take care of Jeffrey and be true to yourself. Above all else, God will see you though this hurdle. Keep the faith girlfriend!

  26. Dorothy Johnson ………I think they are near in age…he just look OLD

  27. Okay…didn't know. Would have never guessed.

  28. Neicy Nash introduced them….I would get Neicy to help pay for this BILL.

  29. Sally who? Just leave and make a way as a man.

  30. The baby was born last month.

  31. Sally should not get anything other than what the pre-nup stipulates! Just Plain GREEDY!! Child support should not be paid for a child that is not biologically hers. Isnt that what tgey say in court everytime a man divorces a woman & doesnt want to pay for a child that he has been taking care of for the entire marriage even though said child is not linked biologically..Move on with your life Sheri. KICK ROCKS Mr. Sally!

  32. Just out of curiosity in searching for Lamar's net worth, it was so low it could not be reported. With that being said, he should take the $60k and be grateful. Should he not adhere to the pre-nuptual agreement so not to wind-up with nothing.

  33. He sign a pre-nup.. Stick to it Sherry. If he need more money which he would in the future, he should get a JOB like other people.

  34. It does pay to marry outside your league. What happened to pre nup???

  35. It a sad day when man? Wants a woman to take care of him. Sherri stay saved not silly you have given him enough.

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