Reporter explains why she cussed out her bosses and quit

Charlo Greene was a reporter at a remote Alaskan television station, but she is now known all over the country.  Greene made the news for her dramatic exit from her job, while also announcing that she is going to run her own Cannibis Club.

Greene’s exit was stunning.  During a media report on Cannibis, Greene simply said, “f*ck it, I quit,” and walked off the stage.  The look of her co-host was classic.  Her face appeared to be made of stone, as her brain slowly tried to process what just happened on the air.  It was a mess, and you can imagine the shock and dismay of all of Greene’s co-workers at the time.

Of course Greene is going to be blackballed from the industry, effectively ending her career as a news reporter. But she doesn’t seem to care and is boldly moving on to the next stage in her life.  In fact, she is receiving support and applause from all over the world, and her youtube video received several million views within the first 24 hours online.

Maybe she’s started some kind of a trend.



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  1. Good for her Vote yes on amendment 2 and vote no to make sure your not getting what Scott wants to let you have and make it more difficult to obtain !!!

  2. there will be 2 amendments I think but am not sure. Please check .

  3. Why curse? Just resign and leave!

  4. Chould she have done it better, Yes. Should she had done so, Yes. She only came across as “an angry black woman”, no more no less. Not impressed. 🙁 – 🙁 = 🙁

  5. Go big or go home!

  6. Trust me…There will be some station manager out there who will think her gutsy and want to hire her back

  7. Charlo Greene you have made a wise decision. We pray you thrive in your Universal Position and
    ascend in Life. Peace.

  8. No doubt she will be black ball. Why didn't she just resign and go home. You never burn your bridges because you never know who will and can help you to get to other places.

  9. What a role model…now she's a drug dealer…good lord! I guess marihuana is eating her brain cells up

  10. Drugs are chemicals manufactured by big pharmacy where once they enter our bodies and planet creates toxins, marijuana is a medicine herb where it naturally assimilates back into our environment without creating toxins.

  11. When I left my good paying job after nearly 14 years my doctor said I should have disrupted the office before I left. No, I tried to leave dignified. The reporter really did a good thing…she can go file for a medical leave now. BRAVO! These jobs are a trip.

  12. This is just what is expected from Blacks! When another is unable to get a job in the business we will be crying racism, it’s cause and effect! She caused the problem and it will effect the next Black trying to get a position as a reporter or as a qualified anchor! We just will never learn!

  13. She's self employed she doesn't need a referral.

  14. She did them both. Kudos!

  15. Good for her! You go girl. Stand up for principle. You did the right thing.

  16. It was unnecessary and immature. Sadly this culture applauds and rewards that behavior with attention.

  17. I love that attitude. Express yourself.

  18. Old silly grey-haired Negropean, haven't you ever heard of creating your own opportunities?? Of course not, you believe in being slave-minded!! Say what you feel why censor yourself all the time

  19. Fuckin right, create your own opportunities!!!!

  20. You do if you have no plans of ever crossing them again!

  21. I can guess you are the type of person who uses over the counter man-made poison and tells the pharmaceutical industry good job. I can bet you tell them good job after all of the class action law suits, due to the legal drugs killing so many.

  22. People, get use to the F word. It is healthy. I use it frequently when evil people rub me the wrong way and F with me. Then they back the F down.

  23. Charlotte Green as in Cell Green's twin sister. Lol

  24. She doesn't say why she did the cussing but I know why. She knew it would go viral and give her PR for her cause. She may be like Palin and run for governor of Alaska now that her name is out there. Now if she gives her life to God and gets out of the weed business she will need the Lord for another job.

  25. Typo. Charlo

  26. Idiot. Just quit like a grown up.

  27. Herman, you would much prefer the wimp way, but why not live and let live and all everyone to do what the fuck you want to do since only he or she suffers the consequences; it's not like innocent minds were being corrupted, no?

  28. She is gutsy.

  29. She may be your role model, but I'm sure few other folks would consider her one since most folks like to take the line of least resistance and just go along and take it.

  30. it's a beautiful thing when you can leave on your own terms

  31. Why curse at all?

  32. Gloria, why eat chocolate ice cream at all? Because, people like to do their own thing. Why, do you care about how other choose to communicated their meanings. Do you not realize that "That's it; I quit." And "Fuck it, I quite." have to different meanings?

  33. You go girl!

  34. I got no problem with what she did…

  35. I just don't think that was professional

  36. My God people act like she killed someone..Name one person that have`t curse one time in their life???Dang people stop the hateing and support the sister..But you will try and help some who have killed are sold drugs are did other things that are why.worst than crushing ..Yes he.shouldn't have did it..But some times when you are mad it just happens so big dealget over it!!!

  37. Some time il just happens…

  38. William can you say you never cursed before?????

  39. Yes it is D Gala Castillo but not ever one uses it for healing….

  40. Keith have you ever seen are smoked weed with this lady???If not then don`t go by what you hear People will say any thing .Only say what you know for sure…

  41. Vera`s Daughter people do a lot of things every day that is unnecessary every day..That's life she did`t hurt no one big deal…

  42. Ms Rhodes, yes, but most times, people say exactly what they mean.

  43. Would it been a good thing if kids were watching

  44. It really doesn’t matter how she exited if she doesn’t plan on working within the same industry. I see nothing wrong with her exit, I imagine her work environment was pure hell being that she was in Alaska with very few African Americans. Corporations have no loyalty to their employees, so why should she afford them the same respect. She plans on being self employed now, which is a great thing.

  45. Only Black people loyal to the KKKracKKKa establishment CAN & WILL pull such a stunt. Most of US do not consider the blackkk female boule society (the female SAMmanthaBO sororities) and how virtually ALL MODERATE-TO-HIGH-INCOME black females are “bleach-faced,” That bitch knows her way all around the KKKracKKKa ding-a-lings of the world for her money, and the Black man has DROPPED HIS BALLS…..

  46. I do not applaud this woman's actions. In fact, I think she was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to her employer and the viewing audience. Clearly her aim in acting this was is to gain reality show fame.. We live in a twisted society in which bad behavior is rewarded with positive noteriety and money. The internet is full of stories in which people do crazy things to pitch a reality show – the woman who surgically had a third boob added to her body – she's pitching a reality show; Octomom – the woman who had 8 kids to become a reality star but that backfired didn't it? She can't afford to take care of them; the girl who "accidentally" sent a nude selfie to her father – funny how cameras were there to capture the moment when he came to her house to confront her – another one getting the footage for her reality show. The author of this article states that before this incident, this woman was a reporter at a small TV station in Anchorage, Alaska but now the whole country knows who she is. No doubt she and her weave will be invited to various talk shows to tell her "story/her side" again and again. Unless her employer treated her very poorly there was no need to leave they way she did.

  47. Tracey Yvonne Smith, I agree with you 100%.

  48. Drug Dealer? I would leave that moniker to Pharmaceutical Representatives!

  49. Julian Longo , that's part of the problem. Most of us like to take the line of least resistance! Not always the best option or solution to the problem.

  50. Blacks are always being watch and has to take precaution on how we address, and speak up for us in white media. Mr Bill O'Reilly gets to be disrespectful without question, Mr John Amos get to be disrespectful and get a better position, and Ms Paula Deen same scenario and get more money. So what did she do wrong? But, tell a company she don't need them; but I get it now, it's the house followers who have the problem. Congrats to her!!!

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