New York Times Writer Charles Blow Comes Out as Bisεxual

In an upcoming memoir, New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow admits being Charles Blowattracted to both men and women, sources say.

The Maynard Institute revealed details from Blow’s soon to be released book Fire Shut Up in My Bones: A Memoir. Blow says coming to terms with his sεxuality almost cost him his future.

“In addition to being attracted to women, I could also be attracted to men. There it was, all of it. That possibility of male attraction was such a simple little harmless idea, the fight against which I had allowed to consume and almost ruin my life. The attraction and my futile attempts to ‘fix it’ had cost me my dreams. The anguish, combined with a lifetime of watching hotheads brandishing cold steel, had put me within minutes of killing a man. . . .”

Blow admits he still struggles with the label “bisεxual”:

“To me it seemed too narrowly drawn in the collective consciousness, suggesting an identity fixed precisely in the middle between straight and gay, giving equal weight to each, bearing no resemblance to what I felt. In me, the attraction to men would never be equal to the attraction to women — in men it was also closer to the pinch — but it would always be in flux . . .”

Blow, 44, is a single father of 3 children. He was outspoken during the Trayvon Martin case and the columnist makes regular media appearances to discuss the deαth of unarmed teen Michael Brown.




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  1. As a Bisexual black man who blogs about Chicago, I can honestly say That I commisurate with Mr Blow (No pun intended)

  2. Please repent are you will go to Hell.

  3. Okay why are people so concerned about sexual choices. Shouldn't this be between private partners?

  4. TRUE DL, but He is the 1 coming "out" with it!

  5. I knew he had a little suga in him.

  6. I gays who are in the closet set themselves FREE. I cannot imagine being caught betwixt and between. Gays who are in the closet are driving themselves, their families and significant others CRAZY. What I see is one of the problems is choosing what is important in life and that is job, family, what people or YOU! Is everyone and everything more important than YOU? What is so killing about it the answer is simple YOU are more important. I have a Christian friend who daughter was brought up in the church and is gay. Everyone knew she was a tomboy growing up. When the young girls would be in the church fashion show that was the only time we saw her dressed up like a DOLL and she always get a standing ovation. My friend was freaking out about how to handle the situation with the church folk. I told her this is YOUR daughter and you better love YOUR daughter and not worry about what people think. People need to operate with common sense gay or straight.

  7. No one care. I Coming out as Heterosexual anyone CARE ?Sick and tired of knowing about people private life.I don't care what you do behind close doors.

  8. The world don't give a shit..But let the baby momma's know you go both ways.See if she wants to go behind another man.

  9. If they wanted privacy, then why make their choices a public issue?…

  10. …And he wants everybody to know he likes going down south?!! How pathetic! That's another one to add to the list for 'the reasons why there's a shortage of African American males'….Because they SOLDOUT!…TO THE WRONG BOOTY!!

  11. I will embrace, Mr. Blow and, any other human being , who’s chooses to live their life openly, and honestly. That I can respect foremost from any man or woman. As I expect the same as it is my choice to be heterosexual. Peace and more Power to all our black brothers , and sisters whether they are gay or straight. Black 365

  12. ew

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