Lamar Sally says Sherri Shepherd Abandoned Their Baby

In the latest development in the Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally divorce drama, Sally spoke out to People magazine about the couple’s child, Lamar Sally Jr., who was born in July via surrogate.  Sally apparently wants Shepherd to take responsibility for the child, but Shepherd seems to want to move on considering the fact that the child is not biologically hers, and she feels as though Sally duped her into having the child via surrogate in order to scam her out of money through child support payments.

In a statement to People, Sally says, “I never thought in a million years she would turn her back on L.J..”  Sally reports that both he and Shepherd agreed to have the child using his sperm and a donor egg.  He also revealed that all the necessary forms were signed except for a birth order.  The birth order is meant to be an official statement of who the intended parents of a surrogate child are.  Regarding the document not being signed, Sally states, “I didn’t think twice about it.”  Sally also indicates that after Shepherd indicated she wanted a divorce that he advised her that he wanted to co-parent the child.

According to Sally, the child’s birth certificate currently lists the mother as unknown.  Shepherd did not attend the child’s birth, and Sally reports the she has removed the child from her insurance.  Sally has drafted papers attempting to keep Shepherd from leaving the marriage without being required to pay child support for the child they both agreed to have.  Shepherd previously made an offer of a one time payment for spousal and child support, but Sally refused to take it and instead wants to proceed with having the matter decided in court.  The couple currently has a pretrial hearing set for October 2nd.



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  1. He ain't nothing but a gold digger!

  2. This was a bad ideal from the beginning. I often wonder what would happen if the parents decide they didn't want to have anything to do with the child or the surrogate decide to keep the child and in both cases wants child support.

  3. Sherri did the right thing.

  4. Sherri doing the right thing. It’s his baby, he wants a paycheck without working for it. I am so glad she didn’t sign that birth form. Sherri had her eyes open and he didn’t know it!

  5. I hate it for the baby but when you have ill intentions the outcome is never good!

  6. Where does this clown feel he has any responsibilities as the biological father. I was raised believing the man was the bread winner who brought home the bacon, and not the gold digger. Sorry Ba****d……..:-(

  7. This joker is crazy!!! He needs to jump off a cliff. How dare he try to use this wonderful woman of God. Kiss her— Mercy!!!

  8. Lamar Sally is a low down dirty DOG, he married Sherie for her money , scum bag. I pray that God intervenes and he gets Nothing, leave the way you came in DIRT BAG SCUM.

  9. He had this whole plan in the works from the day he married her. He is a gold digging unemployed leach. I don't blame her. He also cheated, she owes him nothing

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