Ferguson Police Fire PR Expert For Criminal Past, Mayor Says They Knew About It

Devin James is a public relations expert behind the Ferguson tragedy but was fired after his criminal past reveals he killed a man in TN www.blacklikemoi.com

Devin James

Reported by Kacie Whaley

The public relations expert behind Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson’s apology to Michael Brown’s family has been fired after his employers discovered that he killed a man in 2006, according to Daily Mail.

Devin James was hired by Ferguson city officials to help reduce the growing tension and anger toward police after Brown was killed by an officer and left in the street for four hours.  His firm, The Devin James Company, arranged Jackson’s public apology to the slain teen’s family that included his acknowledgement that police should not have left Brown’s body in the street as long as they did.

But yesterday, news broke that James has been fired from his position.  The St. Louis Economic Development Partnership released a statement saying that James “failed to inform” them of a 2006 incident in which James was convicted of committing ‘reckless homicide’ for shooting a man in Tennessee.

“While we admire his personal growth from difficult circumstances and commend him for his high quality work in Ferguson, it was the lack of information about his background that prompted us to make this move,” the statement said.

Although James’ employers said they were clueless about his past, Mayor James Knowles told the Post Dispatch that Ferguson officials were aware of his conviction before James signed his contract.

James spoke with CNN about his recent termination and  said that he had “always been forthright” with his clients about his past conviction and background in gang activity.  “I started my company shortly afterwards and pretty much have been doing everything I could to get my life on the right track and to get going in a different direction,” he said.

James also said that the shooting was in self-defense.

James’ termination had come one day after a protest in Ferguson took place urging Ferguson’s police chief to resign.



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