Denver Students Walkout To Protest Whitewashing of American History

April V. Taylor

Hundreds of students walked out of their classrooms in suburban Denver last week.  The walkout was to protest a new curriculum that whitewashes American history in order to promote patriotism and downplay civil disobedience.  The walkout involved six high schools in Jefferson County, which is the state’s second-largest school district.  The walkout came on the heels of a sick-out by teachers that shut down two of the district’s high schools.

Students report that they organized the action through social media and word of mouth.  Ashlyn Maher, a senior at Chatfield High School, helped organize the protest.  Maher stated to the Denver Post, “It was kind of just spur of the moment.  I heard one teacher was so moved by people leaving that she started to cry.”

The proposal at the center of the controversy was proposed by Julie Williams who is a member of the school board and part of the board’s conservative majority.  The board is made up of five people, three of whom are conservative and  who were elected and took office in November.  The proposal specifically called for schools to use, “instructional materials that present positive aspects of the nation and its heritage.”  It also established a committee that would regularly review texts and course plans to ensure that they, “promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free-market system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights, and don’t “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.”

There are ties to prominent conservatives funding the proposal, including the Koch brothers group Americans for Prosperity.  The students were not disciplined beyond receiving an unexcused absence.  Public school superintendent Dan McMinimee has held meetings with some of the students and plans to continue having discussions.  He states, “I respect the right of our students to express their opinions in a peaceful manner.  I do, however, prefer that our students stay in class.”  Students all over the country, including in Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas, have been pushing back against conservative and discriminatory education policies.



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  1. People are waking up, there is a consciousness that has come alive like no other time in history. I am proud of the young people of today!

  2. Wow..still "erasing" history like specific things did not happen… I would have walked out too…smh….

  3. It’s the teachers union! The superintendent of schools stated not a single change is being made. Professionals are guiding the students. The teachers new contract says they will be paid based upon performance and the teachers are hating this.

  4. Power to those outstanding students.Keep up the struggle…

  5. This is how change is made. Standing up against the nonsense, especially this blantant form of brainwashing is needed. I just wish more adults would do the same.

  6. They did the right thing. And I hope the youth keep protesting to make some shit change. Adults should back them up!!!!



  9. Awesome!! That's what I'm talking about! It's about time we started to fight for truth instead of remaining content with lies!

  10. I like this and now we see if have enough patriots under the red white blue to combat there goals so now time to take care of your legacy and respect the one's who paved the way history wrote off the pages because of people like them in the school board trying to modernize Jim Crow

  11. I'm so glad to see youth not allowing the educational system to lull them to sleep. We want the truth because then and only then can you make a change.

  12. The educated youth of today will turn this country around! They are smart enough to know and ask the question, “how can we change the bad things of history, if we don’t know the truth.” The key word here is “educated” youth! Kudos to the young people of today, stand up and be heard!

  13. If you look at this country’s history, most changes are started by the youth in their teens and early 20’s; not in their 30s or older. When I was in high school, I tried to make changes with a small group of friends, but we didn’t have the backing of any of our parents or adults or the media that kids are privy to now. We need to support the youth of today when they stand up for what is right. It’s truly the only way things will change. The book of Isaiah does state that a child will lead them. I am proud of these future leaders.

  14. I think it is great that students want to learn, and they want to learn the truth. How can they be teaching patriotism if they are not teaching the whole truth? Throw out those old books and write about all people of America. I know they cannot teach absolutely everything, the books would be huge. But, teaching white history is not american history, it is just that white history. It is not fair or right for any student.

  15. Seriously?! Don't act like y'all don't remember this shít! I can still see that racist white b1tch as$ whore (mrs. taylor @ Lord Baltimore in MD) who taught my 8th Grade US (BS) History class smiling as she said, "…and that's why it was so important to keep slaves because they were good at remedial work and field work; and they still are today." Circa 1985 – I remember her having a healthy sense of animosity towards Lincoln for signing the Emancipation Act. Doing homework w/ my 15 y.o. – I see NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Fück you mrs. taylor!

  16. Thanks to social media, which brings instant action and this is good for this nation’s next generation..

    so STILL.. ofay is still doing what they do best..trying to erase their EVIL deeds/ways and counter acting this by putting their EVIL history BACK on US to be erase..

    .. the Koch brothers group Americans for Prosperity .. are very powerful and own the FOX cable network.. they are one of this nation’s biggest lobbyist for the tea party-red neck-kkk politicians.. and they also own red neck radio stations in America and they are still trying to purchase any and everything to become this nation’s next Hitlers.. and we know how Hitler rolled.. and if you don’t know.. ask any jewish person..

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