Black Cop Shoots And Kills 14-Year-Old Black Teen

Fourteen year old Cameron Tillman was killed by a Black cop in Louisiana www.blacklikemoi.com


Reported by Nigel Boys

Fourteen-year-old Cameron Tillman was allegedly enjoying time with friends in a house that had been unoccupied for at least a year in Houma, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana when he heard a knock on the door and thought it was someone playing around.

However, when he opened the door, he was faced with an African-American deputy from the Parish who must have thought Tillman was armed and dangerous because he shot him to death.

The unfortunate incident happened in the early evening of September 23 at the abandoned house, which is located about 57 miles southwest of New Orleans, after someone had apparently seen a group of teenagers entering the house and called 911. The caller had allegedly told police that he suspected the kids were there to burglarize the house and at least one of them was carrying a gun.

According to Andre Tillman, the older brother of the deceased high school freshman, who was also present in the house at the time of the shooting, it was impossible that they would burglarize the place because it had stood empty for so long and nothing was inside. He added that when his little brother went to see who was at the door he didn’t have anything in his hands, but the deputy shot him anyway.

Louisiana State Police spokesman Evan Harrell said that the deputy was responding to a 911 emergency call that armed individuals had entered the house in Terrebonne Parish when he encountered Tillman. He added that a weapon had been found “in close proximity” to the body of the deceased 14-year-old and further investigations were underway by the Sheriff’s Office.

Harrell went on to say that three persons had been arrested during the incident and a fifth was being sought by police after he fled the home. The two juveniles that had been detained, along with another 18-year-old, could face possible charges for criminal trespass, he added.

However, Tillman’s relatives are wondering why the deputy chose to shoot the boy dead because they say that he was a very timid young man. They added that he would have been terrified to confront a police officer, especially if he had been holding a gun, which he hadn’t.



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  1. Breaking into an unoccupied house is still “Breaking an entry” since their not residents of the occupancy & what of the weapon found near him “why skim pass & minimize that”. We had young men in this same age group shoot at another teen here in Chicago, killing a 13 year old girl laying in her bed in her home so I have some skepticisms on his parents characterization of him

    • Al we are talking about kids and a abandon home something the officer should have known. For some reason we don’t want to hold our elected professional accountable for making fatal judgmental calls. They were hire on the pretense that they were cabable of handling and dealing with situations outside of the normal capacity of the regular civilian. So to state breaking in and abandon home, as well as not clearly assessing the situation before you arrive on the scene shows inexperience or a lack of compassion for life. Let’ pray that your family ever have to face the lost of a child because a police officer failed to make the right decision. And yes, this could have went differently and maybe it’s the police officer getting shot. But that’s a part of the hazard one takes on when you become a police offier. No different than a solider going off to war.

  2. It does not matter that the office was black, he is still quilty of murder!!! A child has been killed for opening the door of an abandoned house, why?

  3. First, my thoughts go out the parents and family of the young man who was slain.

    While i am no great fan of the police, having grown up in Detroit, one of the most segregated and racist cities in america, How can someone rush to judge and say the officer is guilty of murder based on this short, incomplete article? Or how can one state conclusively that he was only doing his job, for that matter?

    I do take issue with how the article opens by trying to minimize the actions of the youth. it almost seems to be trying to push and incite us to the position of innocent young kids having fun brutalized by heavy handed police. While this may be the case, we just have enough information to state it conclusively. what we DO know is:

    1. that there were youth illegally trespassing on private property. (not worthy of a death sentence)
    2. a 911 call of armed intruders (was the ‘armed’ aspect added by the neighbor to ensure a prompt police response?)
    3. an officer riding alone w/o backup entering into a potentially life threatening situation.

    That being said, it does sound odd that an armed intruder (burglar) with a gun would answer a knock at a door of a house they didn’t own. It also seems that if the teen would feel comfortable answering the door of this house that it was more than likely frequented often by youth as a hangout spot. So why the 911 call? To say that the house had been vacant for more than a year and therefore have nothing of value seems misleading as well.
    Bottom line, we know that, in general, the lives of black youths aren’t as valuable to this racist society as the lives of white youth. We know this. So why don’t we use an ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure? I’d rather be the overbearing, overprotecting parent of a live black man (and I am) than the grieving parent of a dead black boy.

    While the cop may be completely at fault, if the youth weren’t in the house the boy would still be alive. We have to do a better job of teaching our children about the reality they live in, fair or not.

  4. #BlackLivesMatter

  5. Ooooh, is this called “black on black crime”? …and wtf is “breaking an entry”? ISTG you people are so ignorant.

  6. I agree with you Cynthia.

  7. The so-called black cops are just as bad as the cracker cops. I was told by a cop that they don't see color on the force. All they know is blue, the uniform they wear. The boys in blue. The NYPD, the new KKK.

  8. They should not be hiring combat veterans to police civilian communities until they have been properly desensitized to function from war as peace officers. This is personal!! I know, because I'm a Vietnam vet that took almost thirty three years for me to return to society as a productive citizen, in combat all are the enemy, children, old women, etc. There are no exceptions; so in the mind of the police officer in this case, all persons in this situation are drug dealers setting up some deal, so they are armed

  9. I’m From The Location Of The Boy’s Murder. And Truth Be Told It Wasn’t A Black Cop That Shot And Killed Him, It Was A White Cop. They’re Lying Saying A Black Cop To Try And Keep Down Media Confusion. Also The Weapon That Was Found In Close Proximity Of The Body Was A BB Gun That Wasn’t Even Near The Body. The BB Gun Was Located In The Backyard And They Placed It Near The Body. The Door Was Answered By The Young Boy, And The Cop Immediately Opened Fire Shooting Twice. A Friend Closed The Door, The Cop Then Shot Through The Door Hitting The Teen Again. He Then Kicked The Door Open And Shot Again. The Cops Are In The Wrong And It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before Justice Is Served.

  10. You don't shoot an out-of-control black youth..he gonna shoot you! blacks continue – over the last 50 years straight – to be the most criminal breed on the planet.

  11. Only when you recruiting for one your gangs. All blacks live in homes built by white people. Blacks get $$$ every friggin time..they DUMP themselves into a white community. Sick and tired of seeing this crap.

  12. They need to be tested before there carry a GUN.

  13. That so called police officer went there with murderous intent! I rational thinking real police officer, would have called for backup and secured the area before just killing someone for opening a door! And what dumb ass cop would knock on the door of a house that was known to him/her via police radio,etc. As a possible burglary in progress by several unknown persons?

  14. Why aren't we marching and protesting about this unwarranted killing?

  15. Policeing was never meant as an occupation for the timid and cowardly.

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