BET Hip-Hop Awards artist makes the most ignorant Michael Brown statement ever

The BET Hip-Hop Awards show is going to feature many artists, old and young.  Some of them are enlightened about their community, and many of them are not.  One person who seems to be in the “not” category is the rapper Young Thug.

The show was taped on September 20th and is set to air in October.  One of the things buzzing from the show is just how ignorantly unaware Young Thug is about the state of the black community.

The rapper was asked at the awards show about the way black men are policed in America and how these problems can be solved.  He completely screwed up the answer, basically going back to the same ignorant nonsense that Clear Channel loves to sell black people.

Rather than addressing the issue at hand, Young Thug talked about getting ice and money, which is basically all that some rappers are taught to care about.

Leave that up with the critics and the laws and all that other s—. We having fun, we iced out, we having money…that’s how we doing it.

When he was asked if artists should speak out on social issues, his answer was a simple, “no.”