Arkansas Police Face Lawsuit After Fαtally Shoοting 107 Year Old Man

An Arkansas police chief and an officer are accused of viοlating the civil rights of the 107 year old man monroe isadorethey gunned down last year.

As BreakingBrown reported in September of last year, police were called after Monroe Isadore pointed a gun at two people.

Isadore, who had hearing problems, reportedly opened fire on police in Pine Bluff, AR.

Officers who arrived said at the time that they tried negotiating with the elderly man and using gas before shοoting him. SWAT team members stormed the elderly man after he fired shοts in response to the gas canisters.

Officer Brad Vilches fired the shοt that kιlled Isadore.

A federal lawsuit filed last week claims that officers violated Isadore’s civil rights.

Pine Bluff Police Chief Jeff Hubanks defended Officer Vilches’ use of force. Both men are listed in the lawsuit.

“We have options and, you know, we could go for days if need be, but I’m only willing to do that if somebody is sitting quietly and just perhaps being obstinate,” Hubanks said. “Mr. Isadore was firing rounds and our mandate is to protect the public above all else. That’s what government does. That’s what the police do. We protect the public and had I stood down and allowed him to, hopefully, run out of bullets or fall asleep or whatever anyone else wants to suggest as an outcome, I’m not protecting the public at that point. He’s still a clear and present danger.”

Isadore’s family says police should’ve continued trying to communicate with the elderly man since they knew of his hearing issues.

“Saying that he wouldn’t do anything different, that’s what’s so hυrtful to the family,” said Paula Aguilar, the deceased man’s daughter. “That he doesn’t, it’s like he’s not remorseful for what happened. He just doesn’t care. For them to not even come back and even talk to us — to this day they still haven’t talked to the family.”


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  2. It doesn't matter in this day and age…….#peace

  3. Old dude had a gun and shot at the cops and they shot back you can’t shoot at on cops they will shoot back and kill you.

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