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September 30, 2014

“Pick Them Out, Knock Them Out,” Victims Describe Mob Attαck

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More teens are coming forward describing a mob attαck that occurred after a high school football game on Friday in Tennessee. “They call it ‘Pick them out, knock them out,’” Central High student Melvin Harris told local affiliate WMC. Harris has come forward to discuss what he saw during the mob attαck after a game at Crump Stadium. “They just go out, pick some random person, and try to beαt…

Darren Wilson a No Show at Court Where He’s Accused of Manhandling Suspect

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Officer Darren Wilson hasn’t been seen in public since he gunned down unarmed teen Michael Brown, and he’s not making an exception for scheduled court appearances. Wilson, who is still a Ferguson police officer, didn’t show up for a court case where he’s accused of “roughing up” a marijuana suspect. Wilson arrested Christopher Brooks last year on a marijuana charge and during the arrest, Brooks says he was “roughed up”…

Walmart claims Tracy Morgan and other passengers involved in deadly wreck are at fault for their damages www.blacklikemoi.com

Walmart Blames Tracy Morgan For Injuries Suffered During Deadly Crash

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Reported by Nigel Boys After a Georgia truck driver for Walmart crashed into a limousine bus carrying comedian Tracy Morgan and other comedians, on June 7 while traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike, Morgan has taken the retail giant to court. Sixty-two-year-old Jimmy Mack, a friend of Morgan’s, was killed during the collision and the comedian himself suffered from a broken leg and ribs. Morgan is claiming punitive damages from Walmart along…

George Zimmerman’s Dad: My Son May “Shοot a Few” FBI Agents

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George Zimmerman’s father says since the slaying of Trayon Martin, his son has become the most hated man in America. This, he says, has caused his son to fear for his life and could eventually lead to a tragedy. In an interview with GQ magazine, Robert Zimmerman admitted that he worries about what will happen if the FBI knocks on his son’s door. The federal investigation of his son is…