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September 25, 2014

Medical Examiner Told To Change Autopsy Findings To Match Police Officers’ Story

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April V. Taylor In a shocking and bizarre turn of events, the medical examiner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has changed the findings of an autopsy report that ruled the death of 22-year-old Mark Salazar a homicide to match the version of events given by the police officers who killed him.  The medical examiner originally wrote a report that stated that Salazar was running away from officers and was shot in…

Sharpton Says Ferguson Police Chief’s Apology “Too Little, Too Late”

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Ferguson’s Police Chief apologized to Michael Brown’s family and to Ferguson protesters on Thursday, but Rev. Al Sharpton quickly dismissed the apology as “too little, too late.” “I’m truly sorry for the loss of your son. I’m also sorry that it took so long to remove Michael from the street,” Chief Jackson said during his video statement. There is increased pressure on Jackson since protests have continued after Michael Brown…

Thieves Want Your Medical Records More Than Credit Card Info

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April V. Taylor Data and reports compiled by the FBI have revealed that stealing a person’s medical information is worth 10 times more to thieves and hackers than a credit card number is on the black market.  Just as recently as last month, the FBI warned healthcare providers about guarding themselves against cyber attackers after Community Health Systems Inc.,  one of the country’s largest hospital operators, was broken into by…

Eric Holder to Resign as Attorney General

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Attorney General Eric Holder will announce his plans to resign on Thursday, sources say. Mr. Holder will reportedly relieve himself of duty once a suitable replacement is found. Holder, the first African-American AG, will probably be most remembered for his lawsuits against states that sought to undermine voting rights. Part of his legacy will also include his contentious battles with Republicans on Capitol Hill. One back and forth between Holder…

Pregnant Woman Slammed On Her Belly By NYPD For Trying To Protect Son From Cops

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April V. Taylor The NYPD is back in the headlines for being overly aggressive.  This time it is for throwing Sandra Amezquita to the ground despite her being five months pregnant.  Amezquita was trying to protect her teenage son from aggressive officers.  In a video of the incident, an officer can be seen riding her to the ground belly first and then placing handcuffs on her despite the fact that…

Woman Beaten By CHP Settles For $1.5 Million, Officer Resigns

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April V. Taylor Merlene Pinnock, a 51-year-old grandmother who was repeatedly punched by a California Highway Patrol Officer, has decided to settle her case against the CHP for $1.5 million.  The settlement was confirmed to the Associated Press by CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow and Pinnock’s attorney.  Farrow stated, “When this incident occurred, I promised that I would look into it and vowed a swift resolution.  Today, we have worked constructively…