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September 18, 2014

Many Lighter Skinned Minorities More Likely to Support Republicans

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The Republican Party is increasingly thought of as the Party of old white men, while the majority of African-Americans are Democrats. Things, however, aren’t always what they seem. To begin with, race in America can’t simply be boiled down to black and white. Latinos and Asians are also part of the American racial patchwork, and for some of them, skin color impacts partisanship. According to the 2012 American National Election…

Teenager In Coma After Being Tased And Stomped By Cop

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A 17-year old teenager from Missouri is in a medically induced coma after an encounter with police that left him brain damaged. Bryce Masters was pulled over by police while on the way to a friends house to play video games because the car he was driving was associated with a woman who had an outstanding warrant. Police are claiming that Masters refused to open his window and refused to…

Don Lemon Asks Whether Slavery is to Blame for Spankings in Black Community

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As controversy surrounding accusations of child abυse against NFL running back Adrian Peterson continues, some observers, like Charles Barkley, are defending Peterson, while others say Peterson went too far in spanking his four year old son. CNN’s Don Lemon added his voice to the debate on Wednesday, observing that slavery may be partly to blame for spanking among blacks. “For me as an African-American, the question is where did you…

Rapper Waka Flocka is Looking to Hire Someone to Roll His Blunts

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Rappers go broke in a myriad of ways. Sometimes the culprit is record labels, who get rappers tied into long term, one sided contracts, but many rappers who go broke overspend what money they earn. This may be why Waka Flocka Flame’s idea of hiring someone to roll his blunts has so many people shaking their heads in confusion. Rapper Waka Flocka posted a notice that he’s paying someone $50,000…

Only the Black Guy Gets Arrested at Open Carry March

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The group Hεll’s Saints are notorious for their open carry marches, where they walk through neighborhoods as a celebration of their freedoms. Normally, the events are peaceful and nobody gets arrested, but during a march in Michigan the only black member of the gun rights group was forced to the ground and taken into custody. During marches, Hεll’s Saints members are friendly as they speak to residents about gun laws…

Lamar Sally says Sherri Shepherd Abandoned Their Baby

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In the latest development in the Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally divorce drama, Sally spoke out to People magazine about the couple’s child, Lamar Sally Jr., who was born in July via surrogate.  Sally apparently wants Shepherd to take responsibility for the child, but Shepherd seems to want to move on considering the fact that the child is not biologically hers, and she feels as though Sally duped her into…

For Profit College Preys On Vulnerable, Turns American Dream Into Financial Nightmare

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The Huffington Post is reporting that the giant Corinthian Colleges has had a lawsuit filed against them by the Consumer Finance Protection Board (CFPB).  Many may not recognize the name Corinthian, but most people who watch television have seen commercials for the infamous Everest College.  Corinthian also runs Heald College and WyoTech schools.  The lawsuit stems from the for-profit college swindling students into taking on huge student loan debts by…

Lancaster New Era newspaper published offensive cartoon of a slave ship being the inspiration behind airline seats www.blacklikemoi.com

Pennsylvania Newspaper Pokes Fun at Slavery, Then Apologizes

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Lancaster New Era, a Pennsylvanian newspaper, has gone on Twitter to apologize for a tasteless cartoon that compared modern-day air travel to the horrible conditions slaves had to endure while being transported in the holds of slave ships. The cartoon that was printed in the paper’s Saturday edition and circulated last week, was not drawn by any of its employees but readers still thought that the…