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September 16, 2014

5 Life Skills All Black Boys Must Learn

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April V. Taylor While a myriad of studies clearly show that education is one of the most useful tools in eliminating racialized social and economic disparities, the marginalization and mistreatment experienced by black men is not capable of being completely eliminated by educational achievement.  Michael Brown was a college bound recent high school graduate, Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a Harvard University professor, and Eric Holder is the U.S. Attorney…

5 Groups Who Make Racism Worse

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April V. Taylor This year has been filled with events that have brought race and racism to the forefront of American consciousness.  From Donald Sterling to Eric Garner, the way racism permeates every facet of American life has been on full display.  There are those who help resolve issues of race and racism, and inevitably, there are those who make it worse.  A recent Huffington Post blog by award winning…

Connecticut: 77% of Contraband Found on White Drivers, Blacks Twice as Likely to be Stopped

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“Post-racial” America continues to disappoint. The most recent data, which highlights how blacks are targeted by police, comes out of Connecticut, where blacks are twice as likely to have their cars searched as their white counterparts. Even though contraband is more likely to be found in vehicles belonging to white drivers, black drivers are more likely to be stopped by police. A study conducted by Central Connecticut State University found…

Grand Jury Ruling Delayed Until Next Year In Michael Brown Killing

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April V. Taylor In what many are calling a possible delay of justice, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting that the grand jury charged with determining whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will be charged criminally for the death of Michael Brown now has until January 7th to make their decision. Brown was killed by Wilson on August 9th.  Numerous eyewitnesses report that Brown was fatally shots while his hands…

Blacks Are “Animals” With “Backward Culture”, Says Florida GOP Lawmaker

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A local Florida politician is under pressure to resign after making racist remarks about African-Americans. Lakeland city commissioners are calling on utility board member Steve Wade to resign after calling blacks “animals” with “backward culture.” During a September 4 board meeting, Wade described what he views as the problems with the black community. “Here in Lakeland we’re seeing everything,” Wade said. “Our black community in the northwest section — not…