100 Gun Shots Fired Into New Teen Club In Miami, Several Children Injured

An 11 year old was shot at a Miami club www.blacklikemoi.com

Image of the crime scene

Reported by Kacie Whaley

Fifteen children and young adults have been shot early Sunday morning at a new Miami, Florida club, including an 11-year-old.

At around 1AM on Sunday, shots rang out at The Spot, a club that just opened within the past few weeks in Miami.  About “100 shots” were fired by at least “4 different guns,” according to an unidentified witness interviewed by CBS Miami.

When police arrived on the scene, both teenagers and adults were running in panic, with injured victims both inside and outside the club.  “People were screaming, people were saying they were shot,” Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Carrol told Associated Press.

Several of the victims, whose ages range from 11-25, were taken via ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital.  At least seven of the fifteen victims were minors, five were boys, two were girls, according to CBS Miami.  One of the injured teens is in critical condition.

“It’s very early in the investigation,” the Miami Police Department’s Frederica Burden told CBC Miami.  “Detectives are out there, they’re questioning everybody.”

Law enforcement are still trying to figure out why so many young children were at a club so late at night where alcohol was present.  “What we’re thinking at this point is it may have been a private party,” explained Burden.

Some of the victim’s family and friends were familiar with the club and couldn’t believe that someone would target the building, knowing that children were there.

“What was you thinking man? It’s a kids’ club, what was you thinking shooting it up?” said 20-year-old Shay, a friend of one of the victims.  “It’s just sad, man.  Real sad, because it could have been me that was there just trying to get away.”

One woman whose nephew was shot told reporters that she wants the shooters to be located.  “I just want justice for Travon and I want justice for the rest of those kids and their families who had to go sit at trauma last night for their kids being injured,” she told CBS Miami.

Police have not yet made any arrests.

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