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September 10, 2014

Black Student Awarded $75,000 After Racist Bullying

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The Franklin Township Board of Education in New Jersey has agreed to pay an African-American student $75,000 stemming from the racist bullying she reportedly experienced while attending an elementary school in the district. Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman and the Division on Civil Rights confirmed the settlement on Tuesday and added that a $2,500 fund was also being created to combat bullying. The student, whose name has not been…

“No Justice! No Profit!” Blacks Across Country Speak Out With Their Dollar

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April V. Taylor In the wake of the viral ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, many Americans have looked for causes to support that are more relevant to their lives, and Americans all over the country are participating in the Black Business Challenge and Blackout Monday as a way to harness the $1 trillion dollars in annual spending power black people have to build community, speak out about injustice and economic inequality….

Is Ta-Nehisi Coates The Most Influential Black Person of 2014?

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Every year, the Root puts together a list of the Top 100 Influential African-Americans under the age of 45, and this year, Ta-Nehisi Coates tops the list largely because of his Atlantic cover story, “The Case for Reparations.”  The article reignited the national debate about reparations in a way never seen before.  Many feel as though Coates’ article was one of the first modern, clearly laid out, bulletproof arguments to…

Maryland Student Punished for Flying Confederate Flag

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School officials in Howard County, Md. have disciplined a student who proudly flew a Confederate flag at a football game. Even though school spokesperson Rebecca Amani-Dove confirmed that the Glenelg student had been punished, she would not elaborate. “Carrying a Confederate flag is not illegal, but anything that causes disruption is actionable from an administrative perspective,” Amani-Dove said. “Administrative action was taken in alignment with our student code of conduct.”…

What Can All Americans Do To End Police Abuse And Killing?

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April V. Taylor As America continues to look like a hypocrite to the world for how fundamentally corrupt and flawed its worldview is when compared with the suffering caused by the racism and injustice of the country’s criminal justice systems, most Americans do not realize that the power to help end police brutality and killings is right in the palm of their hands.  The ability of any bystander or victim…

Ga. Lawmaker Complains About Making Voting Too Easy for Blacks

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First Lady Michelle Obama was in Georgia campaigning for Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn on Monday, which rankled some local Republican lawmakers. One state senator was so put off by the visit that he lashed out at a decision to allow one of Georgia’s largest black counties to have early voting on Sunday at a shopping mall. Frustrated that expanded early voting will increase African-American turnout, State Senator Fran Millar…