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September 9, 2014

White Construction Workers May Legitimize Eye Witness Accounts of Michael Brown Shooting

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Those seeking to critique the narrative that has emerged about the events that led to the shooting death of black unarmed teenager Michael Brown at the hands of white police officer Darren Wilson may finally have testimony from two white construction workers to lend legitimacy to the accounts that have been given by friends and neighbors of Brown.  As the Atlanta BlackStar points out, this latest development may, “finally see…

Are White Teachers To Blame For the Racial Educational Achievement Gap?

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Could black teachers teaching black students be the answer to closing the racial educational achievement gap?  A recent article by the Root explores the fact that black students still fall behind white students on every maker of school quality and academic criterion.  Black students are also more likely to be suspended, expelled and arrested.  While school funding, testing and parental involvement are the factors most discussed when it comes to…

Lamar Sally Accused of Selling Nude Photos of Sherri Shepherd

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The drama between Sherri Shepherd and ex-husband Lamar Sally continues to become more bitter and nasty with each blow the two exchange in their fight to bring the marriage to an end. The most recent drama involves a report that Sally tried to cash in on nude photos of Shepherd by selling them. The Daily Mail is reporting that Sally addressed the rumors in a statement to TMZ stating, “If…

Fake Cell Phone Towers Are Spying On Americans

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Many Americans are not aware of the fact that there are at least seventeen fake cell phone towers operating in the United States that are intercepting their calls and text messages, violating their privacy without their knowledge or consent. Popular Science recently reported the fact that Les Goldsmith, the CEO of leading American defense and law enforcement technology provider ESD, uncovered the fake cell phone towers existence using the company’s…