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September 8, 2014

Arkansas Police Face Lawsuit After Fαtally Shoοting 107 Year Old Man

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An Arkansas police chief and an officer are accused of viοlating the civil rights of the 107 year old man they gunned down last year. As BreakingBrown reported in September of last year, police were called after Monroe Isadore pointed a gun at two people. Isadore, who had hearing problems, reportedly opened fire on police in Pine Bluff, AR. Officers who arrived said at the time that they tried negotiating…

NYPD Allegedly Beαt Man for No Reason After Noise Complaint

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A Bronx man claims several NYPD cops beαt him for no reason and cell phone video backs up his story. Twenty three year old Santiago Hernandez claims that he was standing outside a home when police responded to a noise complaint. Hernandez says an officer frisked him and after the frisk, he asked the officer why he’d been searched, a question that was met with overt hostility. He says at…