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September 1, 2014

After Raising $433,000, Darren Wilson Fundraisers Shut Down Page

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After raising a little over $433,000 for a Ferguson officer who gunned down an unarmed teen, two fundraisers have mysteriously ended. Nationwide outrage erupted after unarmed teen Michael Brown, 18,  was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson. Residents in Ferguson, MO protested in the streets over not only the teen’s slαying, but also the police reaction. Ferguson police ran over a makeshift memorial for the teen and met non-viοlent protesters…

Oakland Workers Find Noose Hanging in Back of City Truck

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Some Oakland city workers say they were shocked to find a noose in the back of their work vehicle. Several carpenters tell KTVU that they’d returned from working overtime when they spotted the noose hanging in the city vehicle. The noose had been attached to a ladder on the truck. Employees at the center say racial tensions have been simmering for quite awhile and now they’ve reached a boiling point….

Suspect Escapes Police Custody and Visits Kids

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A parent accused of  mυrder is not usually thought of as parent of the year, but one man who escaped from police custody made sure his kids were atop his priorities list once free. Dequon Mykel Blackmon of South Carolina escaped from police custody on Friday and was last seen running into the woods. He later posted on Facebook that he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit his kids…