Yvette Carnell and Dr. Boyce Watkins Discuss Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Ghetto Pity Parties”

In the following video, BreakingBrown founder & Your Black World contributor Yvette Carnell discusses Rev. Al Sharpton’s eulogy for Michael Brown with Dr. Boyce Watkins.

If you missed the eulogy, Sharpton said black folks are “sitting around having ghetto pity parties rather than organizing and strategizing.”

“Blackness was never about being a gangster or thug,” he said. “Blackness was about how no matter how low we was pushed down, we rose up anyhow. Blackness was never surrendering our pursuit of excellence. When it was against the law to go to some schools, we built black colleges and learned anyhow, when we couldn’t go downtown to church, we built our own AME church and our own Church of God in Christ. We never surrendered, we never gave up.

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  1. Al is appeasing whites with this rant …. Al's organization makes a living off of white racism …WTF

  2. I personally don't like seeing this visual movement of hands up to surrender. We are not criminals! The only reason to put your hands up it to praise the Creator. They look weak to me. I feel like Sharpton on this point.. We should stop with showing all the abuse to our people. The fear or victim process or tactic is mentally abusive in itself. We need to advertize the positive of our people, As Sharpton said build our own institutions support black businesses. I also think when Brothers and Sisters learn to respect each other we will progress. Brother's tragic situations unify in groups to combact being killed. Look how they disrespect sisters and mothers. Stop beating women, using them as sexual objects selling them of like soft porn. Stop calling them out there name and curing at mothers. Until a Man respects their woman, how in the hell do you think the world will respect you. Once he or she does respect one another others will respect you more. A black male from Brazil said they don't allow a man to disrespect a woman its against the law. Its not like they get away with it here. Here it runs rapid and I am suppose to take your pitty party seriously. It all needs to stop! Unity and respect for one another is a must! Peace! God bless the souls of the people who died under police brutality and prejudice!

  3. Most people are to afraid to speak up when they see injustice and stupidity around them. I applaud anyone that stands up & speak out when it's uncomfortable. Get in the game. Be part of the solution not the problem or shut up, we got this.

  4. Many minorities had better be glad that they have a warrior like Rev Al. Without him and Rev. Jackson the cops would have a field day killing minorities. I hope they continue to show up and speak out about injustices every time they occur and they occur far too often. Without these two civil rights leaders bringing the press to the crime scent there would be just another killing of a minority or minority youth and there would be no media coverage. Stop looking at the white media who hates any civil rights leader who confront their bias reporting and their hate such as you see on FOX Noise.

    • So true. They do serve a purpose as we all do. I don’t see many others out there speaking up and marching for the injustices that black people face. Where are the voices of these pro football and basketball players, rappers and other black people making millions of dollars? Yet when they are affected by prejudice and injustices, they know just who to call. I do feel that these black poor communities need to do something to better themselves too. First black men need to pull up their pants, stop walking in the streets with your shirts off hair standing on your head, looking like you haven’t taken a bath or brushed your teeth. Women stop having babies out of wedlock, you are creating poverty and big problems for yourself. Stop allowing your children to hang out on the outside of your houses drinking and drugging, and apartment buildings, you aren’t missing anything, go and do something to raise money to open a Rim store instead of spending thousands at someone else’s white or Spanish business, open a used car lot and gradually move up. Have fundraisers and let the bank handle the money til you have enough to invest in a business, one store at a time. There is so much we can still do even if they won’t loan us money!!

  5. I dont believe that Rev Al was referring to Micheal Browns funeral as a “Ghetto Pity Party”. But The thing he was saying Is Very Much True… Maybe Ms. Carnell was just on the Rag that day,

  6. Sharpton raises an important point that we haven't figured out how to get our needs met now that we're living in an 'integrated' 'post racial' society. Working with the man who seems to be ignorant of any one and any thing outside of himself takes too long. Integration seemed to assume that we all wanted to be just like white people. Not true. They're no role model, nothing to be admired. Integration never prepared us to stand up for our own. There was no venue or forum for us to correct the system. Now we're in crisis…

  7. Unless and until we come to recognize who we are, where we came from and why we are catching Hell in America, we are going nowhere. Sounds harsh and unfeeling, but this is truth, which often seems harsh and unfeeling. Truth often creates internal dissonance, which can be interpreted as “pain”. African Americans seem to have an aversion to pain, which is not surprising, given our experience in the strange land. However, this aversion also prevents our pursuing our true identity.

    The Hebrew Israelites are on the right track and are trying to make us aware of our true identity, despite the pain and turmoil this true identity causes us. Once we know who we are, the rest of this madness is understandable. Thus, unless and until we gain this knowledge and understanding, we are doomed to continue catching Hell in America. Shalom, family.

  8. I watched the video with Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell in its entirety. I was very impressed with Ms. Carnell; her point of view was truly straightforward, straight-forward and with a lot of significance. I had never thought of her perspective in the way that she has described. Her position is the bigger picture which is to address unemployment and the economy. While Dr. Watkins’ opinion is always the hip hop culture and environment. While Dr. Watkins’ point is well-taken and I hold it with a great deal of respect (I’m not an advocate of the hip hop culture either), and it’s a valid opinion and definitely is problematic, however, Ms. Carnell brings a different perspective to the discussion which I totally agree. The country as a whole needs to address the unemployment rate of not only young African Americans who have completed their education (college and beyond) and who is not able to find work, but to all African Americans who are doing the right thing in life for this country and not being recognized as a human being and being disrespected as one. Case in point, we have all heard, read and blogged about the young man, Michael Brown who in turn was the topic of this discussion whereas Al Sharpton was addressing the eulogy of Michael Brown and his belief is that the Blacks needs to stop having a pity party, ugh!

  9. I have my ideas of what Al meant (which is different from the others) but I think he needs to explain that

  10. Well we won't go to the polls and vote on election day, so I guess that's all we can do is march and have pity parties. A town with a 67% black majority shouldn't have an all white police force, an all white school board, a white mayor and only one black on city council. It's that way because the black people are not voting. It's a shame that all of the people who died trying to exercise their right to vote and we sit at home on election day. And please don't tell me things like "Black people just don't realize", Black people need to learn", Black people just don't understand" , Black people haven't been taught" Hell, we've been in this country for 500 years and you mean we still need to learn, we still don't understand, we still don't know? Really? the same people who are always talking about what a great and smart people we are, the descendants of kings and queens? I've heard many black people say, " I'm tired of watching all of these old slave movies, well we need to watch them because apparently we haven't learned anything from them. Like they say if you don't know your history you're doomed to repeat it and we've been repeating it over and over again. If your vote didn't count then why do they work tirelessly to make sure you don't exercise that right. There wasn't anything wrong with the Voting Rights Act until America elected a Black President, then all of a sudden everything was wrong with it. And with the help of Clarence Thomas they dismantled the Voting Rights Act and here we are fighting that same battle all over again. People who are great and smart progress as time goes on, not regress and king and queens have their own. So let's take time to educate ourselves on the candidates running this November and let's turn out in big numbers for the mid- term elections. Also if you don't always like who's running, then put your own candidate up for election, you can be the pioneer. We spend billions of dollars each year making other communities richer, isn't it time we started helping ourselves, isn't it time we started advancing our communities forward?

  11. WORD is all I have. Love your post and will read it again. Thank you!! You spoke the truth.

  12. I guess since I was taught by my Father that I'm just as good as anyone else, I felt that it wasn't a big deal to integrate, however, I still feel that some of us were forced on a group who didn't want us in their space. Honestly, I didn't want them in mine either. That's why, at 18, I registered to vote and researched who I was voting for. It's a pitiful shame that in a town with that many Black folk, there is really no representation and I don't blame it all on the white man. Vote, people!!

    • You are absolutely right, these Aldermen, Committeemen and others who hold office locally should be taking men and women to these meetings because many don’t know they can go and voice their opinion. VOTE those out who don’t help the community! Stop allowing or supporting other races who open businesses in our neighborhood and won’t hire us. Do they think other races will allow you in their communities? Wake Up Black people.

  13. All these two is judging what they don't like but i have never seen them go down to that state and made any noise for this shooting all talk no action.

  14. no sadikisha, the only reason for you to put your hands up is for your creator. everyone dosen't believe in fairy tales.

  15. Sadikisha….well said! We have got to respect ourselves FIRST…..In order to get and gain respect from others.

  16. hey sadikisha, i agree with everything that you posted except the creater part.

  17. I just finished watching this pathetic rant by Yvette Carnell. This woman is so clueless about what is really going on in America and especially Black America. She wants to call herself a journalist but she’s nothing more than a black skin conservative Fox News wannabe. Outspoken Black Conservatives are truly pathetic people because they hate who they are (being black). She’s attacking Rev. Sharpton and the President which is the only thing she does best and does a horrific job at that because her attacks are unfounded, ignorant and flat out wrong. The pitiful thing is that she pretends to care about black people when in reality deep down she resents them, much like some white people who pretend to care about black people when they really feel sorry and pity for them. If you notice that every time someone (anyone) criticizes black people as a race she is very quick to defend them. You have to be brain dead or totally out of touch to think that everything negative said about black people is wrong. The same goes for the President. I’ve always found it interesting how people who have no clue about what’s really going on in the “ghetto”, the “hood”, and the general Black Community seem to be authorities on it.

  18. Y'all Betta now down to the white man or else

  19. Al makes a noteworthy point- I watched Iyanla’s visit to Ferguson and she was trying to organize the town into standing for something positive instead of affirming THUG life and the police’s management of it. DO BETTER and stop giving a reason for police to profile!! Start giving the men in your family positive life messages instead of reacting to the police. I watched the town and they seemed to be 17th century slaves ‘waiting for ‘the white man’ to give us some rights’. BE the good you want to see in the world!!

  20. I say hell yes to everything you asked isn't time we do those things, But how do we do it ?

  21. Yeah, we're going to work on that.

  22. Boyce, I believe you should continue your role as a voice against the music you talk about. However you should not attempt to discuss the matter with a person who has such strong views as Yvette! My take of her position is that the music may be bad but it pales in comparison to the problems she sees!
    Yvette one of the problems I have is the discussion of national politics. You and many others say there is theft on Wall Street that people are crooked or crooks however I have never actually read any article that explained just what the problem is or was. You stated that some type of action was taken against Blacks, I believe in housing. Could you articulate just what the action taken was and how it differed from all of the other individuals that suffered do to the housing problems?
    I will look forward for your full explanation or you referring me to anyone who has not generalized the subject.
    If you are referring to the loss of funds due to the failure of the stock market, could you explain how anyone lost their money, unfairly when they were advised constantly that they were investing in a risky market? No one was required to sale their stocks when the bottom fell out of the market, many did not and their stock values are returning. A reminder to you, the stock market has been going up and down since it was first started. Fortune have been made and loss.
    The thought that somehow individuals are going to make enough money to retire without the assistance of the government is folly. No charity will ever be large enough to be of any real value for the masses.
    If you are saying that the President was responsible for the lack of education of individuals and he is responsible for the charter schools, you are either very naive or you are trying to fool someone. Charter schools are a result of both White and Black flight from the failing public school system, which was caused by an idealistic attempt to educate every individual equally. This is a separate subject and cannot be given suitable time in this response to justify or outline the failures. You would need to gather some educators who represent both sides of this matter and have a discussion about the merit of keeping individuals in a controlled environment long after they have no personal interest and are gaining nothing by being there!
    Only 21 states have more than 10 % of Blacks, 18 states have less than 5 % Blacks. If the federal government employees were removed from some states they probably would not be any Blacks. So when a person takes into account “States Right” we are left with a dilemma. The 23 states that failed to accept the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Funds are the states that contain the majority of Blacks. The same states have some of the worse prison systems.
    Now, “did Rev Sharpton have a right to say”? The question is was Rev Sharpton invited to speak at the funeral of Mr. Brown? The person who invited Rev Sharpton was aware of the positions that he takes therefore what Rev Sharpton expressed was acceptable. Your question was or should be is what Rev Sharpton correct. I did not hear his speech, however I believe firmly in the freedom of speech, therefore anyone who does not agree with him should get a “Bully Pulpit” of their own!
    In spite of the fact that Mr. Brown’s funeral was broadcast nationally and over four thousand people attended, it was still a private affair. What was said there should not be considered public fodder!
    Those that don’t agree with Rev Sharpton should explain why what he said was wrong, not just that he was wrong. Come up with facts that dispute his position.
    Do what you two are doing – Debate the issues honestly!
    Please, encourage your readers to resist calling others liars, traitors, Uncle Toms and any other derogative terms. It is not helpful and changes nothing!
    In the end all Blacks are going to move forward or be impacted equally by the actions of other!
    Blacks really are not the same as crabs in an open barrel! Where none will escape!

  23. @Tariq Williams: I'm just one person and I don't have the answer to fix what's wrong with the black community, as a whole, but here’s a list of common sense solutions we can all put into practice right now to bring about some positive changes in our community. For those who are already doing them, keep on keeping on, for those who aren’t, it time to be the pioneer. It's just a matter of getting up and doing these things. I mean what's stopping you from going to the polls, what's stopping you from going to your child's school?, what's stopping you from teaching your child to be respectful to others, what's stopping you from supporting black businesses?

    1. Stop looking for other people to provide solutions, you can be the pioneer in your community, shine the light on issues in your area and get others involved.

    2. Support your neighborhood schools- Don’t just go to the school when your child is sick or in trouble, go to the PTA meeting on a regular basis, hold fund raisers to help the school out.

    3. Support Black owned businesses-We spend billions of dollars each year in other communities making them richer, why can’t we support our own community.

    4. Black owned businesses, support your neighborhood

    5. Black businesses treat your customers with respect, if it wasn’t for them, you wouldn’t have a business.

    6. Black customers, stop going to black businesses looking to get “hooked up” because you’re both black. A business has to be able to afford to give a discount or to donate their goods and services and you can’t do that operating in the red.

    7. Enroll in one of the HBC’s that Bill Cosby gives millions of dollars to each year. Did you know there were more black people in college under segregation than there are today when we can attend any school we want?

    8. Black Alumni don’t just come back for the Homecoming Game, support the black college or university you graduated from with financial contributions from time to time.

    9. Black Churches get involved in your community. The Black Church used to be a tremendous source of strength for the community.

    10. Stop stealing from your mama and your grand mamma to pay the drug dealer.

    11. Stop robbing the black business owner to pay the drug dealer.

    12. Don’t buy that iphone or those Air Jordons or those rims you know you can’t afford,

    13. Start a bank account with the money you saved by buying a phone and sneakers that you can afford.

    14. Teach your kid to respect themselves and other people especially those who are their elders.

    15. Stop trying to be your child’s friend and be their parent.

    16. Young girls, if you can’t afford to support yourself and a child on your own: keep your legs closed.

    17. Young boys, if you can’t afford to support yourself, your baby’s mother and a child: keep it in your pants.

    18. Black Men, realize that if you’re capable of running an illegitimate business you’re also capable of running a legitimate business.

    19. Realize that if one thing doesn’t work out, all is not lost; you change your dream and make it doing something else.

    20. Stop buying your hair weave from the Asians- See Solution #3

    21. Realize that just because someone says something negative about you doesn’t make it true.

    22. Make voting a priority

    23. Hold your local, state and federal representatives accountable, you put them there, they work for you.

    24. Realize that you can’t just sit back and say “I’m gonna pray over it” and then do nothing to help bring it into being, action is required on your part.

  24. Bravo and hats off to you Ira J. Excellently stated!! I work tirelessly any hour of the night and day that I get the chance to post and educate and bring awareness to people by Facbook, on the ground, phone when and however an opening allows me to get in a word or a poster etc. So refreshing to hear another voice standing strong and informed and talking about doing for us what we need done… we can' t expect no one or even 40 people to carry us to where we need to go…WE all have to take a piece of the puzzle and get to moving and work it until it works!! Not just get excited for the 10 or 20 mins you finish reading or hearing something that got you pumped for all of 30 mins. or less….it's got to be commitment even if you just commit to do something 15 mins 3 or 4 times a week… there has to be a starting point and then a progression and on and on…. Again Great Ira and thank you for steppin and speaking up and out here. I pray you got some more of us ready to get out there and push that Blue Vote for Nov!! We need a Majority House & Hold the Senate in order for these next two years to be Action packed and beneficial to our needs!

    On To Al Sharpton:
    I don't know why people continue to put down others like Al Sharpton,,, if you don't like the way he does his thing …then go do yours and improve or better yet enhance on what he is doing.. I don't care what we may think of Sharpton… he is still doing what he was doing back since 14 yrs old…not many of us can say we started activism at 14 and still doing it or will still be at his age… Experience counts and no matter what you don't like about him he gets the attention on to the people , issue or subject that he is called and ask to bring attention to… He knows how to get Media , Washington and Community Organizers to respond, react etc… So don't put him down because he don't speak the way that makes you feel like you think he should speak…he get's the job done.. and he stays the course and his knowledge is from the ground up…He not running to be a politician so he is not even on our taxes payroll like congress…and yet he's doing more for our issues and causes than the regular Representatives who work for us in our states and city and Gov levels.. Again you don't go bashing someone like Al Sharpton who has paid some hard dues…boots on the ground from a young kid up. Nobody's perfect but he knows the ropes and he is not trying to take anybody for a ride believe i or not. It's one thing to disagree with someone like that but to disrespect like I hear a lot lately about him…And he was never under my fav list but when your stop and look at his results…. his credentials, knowledge experience you got to give the man his respect! If you are being fair. In my female opinion.

  25. I'm not a great fan of Mr Sharpton normally , however i fervently applaud his comments, especially when he highlights, the good old days when black people didn't let things get in their way. We either WENT AROUND, the problem or WENT THROUGH it. Our major fault was listening to Liberals. We bought into their poor you claptrap!. He is telling it like it is. Black people need a proverbial slap upside the head. Marcus Garvey was scathing of black people to shake us all up. This needs to start again. If you like a FOR REAL speaker try Dr Claud Anderson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE3GN9xJgaA – come on black people we're better than this!

  26. Amen Ira.

  27. There you go again low down the black man Al Sharpton. Al just can't win. When he states the truth you say he is appleasing white people you are still afraid or care about what white people think about us. Al is not teaching hate of white people. Al is teaching the black man to take hold of the racism and use it to get pass it. Use that history to make jobs. I can't worry about him getting an income from racism. He is also working to wipe racism out. Well there goes that job. We black folks will work to get him another job. Glad to because someone is going to get paid while whipping out racism might as well be Al SHAPTON.

  28. There you go clueless about my nature of my post about Al he is wrong to tell folks to
    Not care and do not complain about racism … It makes no sense to ignore reality and surrender to racism …. Wake up Woman!!

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