Rev. Jesse Jackson Blasts Fox News for All White Ferguson Panel

Given the racial tensions in Ferguson, MO following the kιlling of unarmed teen Michael jesse jackson 3Brown, one would think that news networks would reach out to African-Americans when discussing the topic. For most networks, this has been the case, but Fox News put together a segment on Ferguson that included no African-Americans and Rev. Jesse Jackson called out the network for the obvious exclusion, while appearing on Fox.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ben Carson, who was also a guest on the show, said anger issues were a bigger problem than racism.

During a Fox News Sunday segment on Brown’s deαth, Carson and Jackson debated what led to Brown’s deαth as well as the remedies for the protests in the city.

Fox News Host Chris Wallace asked Rev. Jackson why he called Brown’s deαth a “state execution.”

“I do know that he was shot unarmed, shot six times, and it’s a pattern,” Jackson explained. “Whether it was the kιlling of Trayvon Martin, the kιller walked away free. The killing of [Amadou Diallo] in New York, shοt 41 times, I believe, still walked away free. The Oscar Grant case in Oakland, the case of Rodney King in L.A.”

“At some point we need to have a sense of justice,” Jackson added. “All we do know about Mike Brown, he was shοt unarmed six times… Police act as judge, jury and executioner.”

Jackson also pointed out that there was a previous Fox panel which included no African-American points of view.

“I wish Dr. Carson and I were part of the white panel you just had,” Jackson shot back. “Carson and I, we come out of a body of experience different from your previous guests. Number two, it seems to be that when blacks kιll whites, which is rare, it’s swift justice. When whites kιll blacks, it’s rebellion. When it’s black on black, there’s a shrug of the shoulders.”

Dr. Ben Carson said many young men have no respect for authority, which leads to these sorts of incidents.

“You know, anger issues get in the way,” Carson argued. “And if you take race out of the issue altogether, and you take a group of young men, and you raise them with no respect for authority, not learning to take on personal responsibility, having easy access to drugs and alcohol, they’re very likely to end up as victim’s of viοlence and incarceration. It has nothing to do with race.”



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  1. My good pianist told me that when she travels t o the South, there are black members in her family that watch Fox News and they shock her at how repetitive they shout and believe that crap . We live in a racist country with news media keeping us hypnotized to be like drug drinking partying sports players, musical winners, drama actors and all. It was purposely done to put drugs in communities so they could try the lousy dream of partying and sex all over the place in how you look and dress based on all the rich honored as gods in the news. Perhaps some blacks who watch Fox News can wake up except those who think whites are superior to them and they follow hypnotized like zombies.

  2. Ben Carson, I'm SMDH in disbelief of your phony a$$ reality. "Access to drugs and alcohol" and "no respect for authority"? White youth have all of these accesses and they use them, they are not getting shot dead by police. What planet do you live on? So intelligent you are, but so ignorant and self absorbed you appear. All you need is some bleach.

  3. it's amazing to me that an educated man like Dr. Carson can also be such a clueless idiot.

  4. Is this Carson for real? No respect for authority, access to drugs and alcohol……interesting. So my question would be….in a country where it claims to be a democracy where there is equal rights and justice for all, where the right to bear arms is a constitutional given, but not for Blacks, where drugs are allowed in this country from countries that allow those to enter illegally and receive the benefits as if they are citizens; where politicians who are suppose to be "civil servants" are given corporate salaries, health benefits and pensions, or when there is a blatant disregard by a congress to work with a Black President for the benefit of all and yet, disrespect him publicly……how then you suppose there won't be any repercussions or anger? Why should there even be a classifications system according to the level of melanin in the pigmentation of one's skin and call themselves a Christian country? America can't go on the way it is…..thinking it as the overseer of the world and the best system in the world and yet, every crime or evil conceivable to mankind's imagination is committed here? Just a matter of time………….it has to fall!!!

  5. dr. carson, PLEASE do not come back to Berean. YOU DISGUST ME! Oh how quickly you forget ben. Before you got all high and mighty, you almost killed someone didn't you.

  6. ben carson needs to have a Black experience. You are doing the will of your father as is spoken of in John 8:44 dr. carson. In case you don't know what I'm referring to, John:844 is in the BIBLE. You know, when Christ calls the devil a murderer and the father of lies and how his children do his will. Read it ben, read it. Its amazing how some of these NEGROES get all high and mighty and turn their back on their own people. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THE COLD BLOODED MURDER OF MIKE BROWN! PERIOD!

  7. I did a segment on this guy Dr Ben Carson. And, he truly demonstrates that education can and will detach you from your sense of culture and you're responsibilities to it. His views are very conservative, his goal is to run for office in 2016 on the Republican or independent ticket for President for the U.S. Without sounding condescending, he has a point but it's the wrong time to view them under the circumstances. The poison in America is; as long as you're hateful views are about blacks and against their progress then you'll the product for the American dream. This country has purposely omitted our history to be taught on the elementary and high school level to ensure that poverty will play it's part on our thinking as a black intellectual or as a product of the penitentiaries. This agenda is to demoralized the black family, by keeping the black man of family structure, and now we see more destructive children walking around like landmine on society. As this is happening in all cultures in America; it's a CIVIL WAR.

  8. Remember the plantationomics at work these days. Every Black lynching by whites has to be questioned in the media to rule our existence "3/5ths." The goal is to drive our young and vulnerable into Mentacide and suicide. See if a European or Semitic death is ever criticized, or second-guessed like Blacks are.

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