Missouri State Senator was Tear Gassed in Ferguson, MO

The chaos surrounding the recent police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri just got a little bit stranger.   The police department in the town has refused to answer to the public regarding why they felt the need to shoot down the 18-year old, who was on his way to college.  His body was left dead in the middle of the street, as officers have set up barricades, no fly zones and other obstructions to keep “outsiders” from knowing what’s going on in their city.

Most recently, Buzzfeed and other outlets are reporting that the police have gotten bold enough to even shoot tear gas at a Missouri state senator.  Maria Chappelle-Nadal confronted the police chief after she says that she was one of the many protestors who was tear gassed during recent standoffs with the police.

Originally, it had been reported that the senator was taken into custody, but these reports proved to be false.  Senator Chapelle-Nadal did ask Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson if she was going to be tear gassed again. Initially, Jackson blew off her question.  But he later responded after finding out that she was a state senator.

“I hope not,” he finally said in response to her question after realizing that this was a question he could not ignore.

The police have released little information about what happened on the day that Brown was killed.   The chief finally told the public that the officer involved in the incident was injured, but refused to release his name.   The chief is asking protestors to only gather during the day, due to the dangers of large crowds coming together at night.

The clashes between protesters and the police have also resulted in journalists being arrested for reporting on the story.

The department is claiming that before the shooting, Brown was fighting with the officer.  But a witness who was with Brown at the time of the shooting says that he put his hands up and wasn’t struggling with the officer at all.  There has also been outrage over the fact that almost none of the witnesses to the shooting were interviewed by police at all.

In the interview below, former police officer Ken Williams speaks with Dr Boyce Watkins about the Michael Brown shooting. Williams explains what the officers did wrong and why there should certainly be a thorough investigation. A prosecution may also need to follow as well. Tell us what you think?

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  3. Messing with state senators and journalists is NOT a good way the that town’s cops to get anyone to think of them as anything but thugs in a uniform. STUPID. They need to cull out the thugs and get some real cops in there who care about people’s lives rather than just shooting them. I’m not at all impressed with that police department.

  4. Amen. I don't know if anyone knows this, but that organization does have a strong presence in that area too.

  5. Honestly. But I'm blad Pres. Obama is still with us and working for us. I voted for him. He's doing a good job. I'll be really glad when the bigots shut up and quit calling him a bunch of things he is not. That police department in Ferguson is definitely bad news and I hope the Department of Justice gets in there and gets them to clean up their act. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if they don't find a Klan Klavern there somewhere too! (A Klavern is what they call a local chapter). The Klavern needs to be cleaned out too … WAY out.

  6. It is certainly evident that, for whatever reason, every effort is being made to try and make the police look as if he was just doing his job. If the situation was not so serious, it would be laughable. It is going to be interesting to hear what the officer has to say if and when he does make a statement.

  7. I was not there and I don't know what happened

  8. Give them a few days and it will be a justified killing. Every black person killed in this country by the police is going to be listed as justified because “it will be reported” they were struggling with the police. Even if there is a video. The big picture is why are police officers throughout this country thinking it’s ok to take the lives of black men and boys? Is it because they know there will be no consequences for their actions? The department and powers that be will stand behind them no matter what? Not releasing the officers name, but always trying to find the least infraction committed by the victims to hold up to say that person was a law breaker so they deserved to die. We as a people have been singing ” we shall overcome” for nearly 100yrs. When will it happen? I know this is not the life our God has for us.

  9. You would know what happen if the victim was white. Interesting how white people always pull "I wasn't there" remark when the victim is black but are expert witnesses when the victim is a white person experiencing brutality from the police.

  10. I'm glad the Justice Dept is looking into this matter. Michael Brown should NOT have died by that police officer. The public wants the officers name. I'm sure some of the spectators saw the officers name on his shirt, turn him in to to JUSTICE Dept or the Attorney for the case of Michael Brown. Blessing to the family of Michael and for alll the people in Ferguson, Missouri.

  11. Good to know.

  12. Ferguson isn't far from where I live. I use to work in the Ferguson-Florissant school district and I was always pulled over by policemen in this area. It was for silly reasons and the cops were always aggressive. My friend still works in this district and she was pulled over two weeks ago for going 5 miles over the speed limit. The stories you hear from black people in this area are not a figment of their imagination. You can't make up these stories and the ugly realities behind them. I don't have much faith in the FBI at all. I feel their involvement is to simply appease the residents and "put on a show" for the media.

  13. Lynn Magnuson …. actually he is only doing a good job at putting up with all of the congress' bullshit. He is unable to do his job as president, because his administration has been sabotaged 90% of his time there. Republicans even vote against their own bills to keep Obama from accomplishing anything. It seems the GOP and a lot of the Democrats have yet to leave the childish things behind. *smh..

  14. Just imagine what happened since you are a black man! Please use your authentic imagination…

  15. I'm not surprised too !! I support Firing the Ferguson police Chief and leadership NOW!!!!

  16. wow so much weapons?, scary.

  17. Well these folks want MARTIAL LAW. What do you expect? Why is she out there in the first place? She can rally during day hours and not night hours where the rioters/looters are there. I would not be out there. Sometimes common sense is not common even for our elected officials. If they tried that mess in other parts of St. Louis County, MO they would get shot and then questions would be asked after. Not very smart.

  18. People of Ferguson Need to ask the chief why did he tell 3 different Lies on channel 2 on Sunday when he was interviewed, first he said that the young man Micheal Brownpushed the policeman back into the car,then he said there was a struggle, and that micheal was trying to reach for the officers gun? which is it?also why didn't he mention that the officer was injured( OH REALLY!!) Could someone please tell me why he he didn't just wound him? he Meant to KILL HIM and why did they leave him in the street for so LONG! I believe that they were PLANNING to put a GUN on him and say that he had a GUN then they would have been able to COVER it UP

  19. When are we going to realize the power of voting in all election and knowing who we are voting For?

  20. Check out The BlackMan (State of Emergency) on Youtube and get some answers. Peace!

  21. Ha ha Obama doing a good job, you bunch of idiots. (O. B. A. M. A).. One Big Ass Mistake America.. Wake up and smell the tyranny. And I say this not because he's black, I say this because he sucks as a U.S. President.

  22. Mark Campbell say it again.

  23. Lynn Magnuson — Are you nuts? Obama isn't working for anyone by the ultra-rich cronies. Name me one thing he has done that actually helps the middle class and the working poor. He cares more about gays and illegal aliens than he does about black people. For that matter, he cares more about gays and illegal aliens than he does about white people. He's doing everything he knows to do to weaken America from the inside. He's fired tens of thousands of top brass in the military, which makes it more difficult for us to defend ourselves. He's literally stationed the BORDER patrol 50 miles away from the border (and you wonder why we have an illegal alien problem?). We have a lower percentage of working-age people working than we did 10 years ago. And if you only count people who have a FULL time job, its downright horrible. Obama pals around with "rich white CEO's" as they move their factories to China, and officailly relocate their headquarters to Ireland (to avoid paying US taxes); sure, he goes on TV and says how bad a thing that is, but he still takes their money and appoints them to exclusive positions on government boards. Obamacare is just another handout; all it did was provide insurance for maybe one million people, at a humongous cost to our economy, millions of people got their hours cut back at work, and those who had insurance before are now dealing with higher premiums and a shorter list of providers they can go to. Remember when he sold us Obamacare? And how the average family that currently had insurance would see their premius go down $2,500 a year? I'm single, and my premium has gone UP $2,500 a year. $186/month before Obamacre, $368/month after Obamacare (same policy, same company). Just think about race relations — its actually worse now that it was when George Bush was in office; the reason is that every time the Republicans complain about something he does, Obama plays the race card. I agree that sometimes it is about race, but let's be honest here; Republicans and democrats have been arguing with each other since the 1856 (when the Republican Party formed), and while racial issues actually were part of it back then (the dems supported slavery, the Republicans sought to ban it), virtually none of today's political arguments in Washington DC are about race. Anyway, Obama has been a horrid President, and for you to say "Obama is still with us and working for us," that is just pure ignorance.

  24. How about we just fire all of the police, and make Ferguson a "police free" zone. Would that help? Would that shut you up? We have a case of one bad cop, who will be tried and perhaps hung after he is convicted. Yet, the collective reaction of the "black community" is (1) to condemn all cops and then (2) riot, assault people, steal, and destroy property, all in protest to their claims that white people have stereotyped black people as being a bunch of criminals. Do you really think that white people would be rioting in the streets if a black cop murdered a white teenager? You know the answer already.

  25. The woman is an agitator in her own right. She was inciting a riot, while herself acting all high and mighty and not actually participating in the assaults and property destruction/theft that was occurring. We all know the loud-mouth woman (almost always a "thick" woman) that stirs up things and gets everyone all hot and bothered; every community/town has one.

  26. if these crackers dont have any respect for the President I dont see Y she was surprised they tear gas Her ass…WTF

  27. Heya i

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