LAPD kills another black man during “investigative stop”

April V. Taylor

The Huffington Post is reporting that yet another black man has died at the hands of police officers; this time it involves the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) killing a black man during what is being referred to as an ‘investigative stop.’  While police have not officially identified the victim, his mother called local news station KTLA and identified him as 25-year-old Ezell Ford.

Officers report that the incident occured in the Florence neighborhood of South Los Angeles around 8:20 pm Tuesday.  A news release from the LAPD states that, “During the stop a struggle ensued, which resulted in an officer-involved-shooting.  It is unknown if the suspect has any gang affiliations.  The suspect was transported to a local hospital and after lifesaving efforts he succumbed to his injuries.”

While the news release does not provide much information other than to allege that the victim may have had gang affiliations, the account given by the man’s family paints a very different portrait.  Ford’s mother, Tritobia Ford stated to KTLA that her son was lying on the ground in compliance with officers’ requests at which point he was fatally shot three times.

Ford’s cousin states, “They laid him out and for whatever reason, they shot him in the back, knowing mentally, he has complications.  Every officer in this area, from the Newton Division, knows that – that this child has mental problems.  The excessive force…there was no purpose for it.  The multiple shootings in the back while he’s laying down? No.  Then when the mom comes, they don’t try to console her…they pull the billy clubs out.”

Tritobia Ford also reports that officers refused to provide her with information about what hospital her son was taken to following the incident.  LAPD is denying that any information was withheld.  Initial eyewitness reports indicate that Ford’s shooting death at the hands of officers is similar to the killing of Michael Brown in that they both were surrendering and complying when fatal shots were fired at them.



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  1. These tragic encounters won't stop until ppl start retaliating in kind!! :*

  2. This is so damn sad and avoidable!!

  3. I'm so sick of this shit Patricia! The tear gas thrown around tonight in MO is out of control. Doesn't it seem like we're fighting the civil rights issue all over again just like in the 50's and 60's? Because it was finally fought out in the open? Now AGAIN???

  4. O' Let Us Not Die Like Hogs…(Clude McKay) we must appeal to the world court and ask for help to stop this Genocide of black amerlcans. we have given our all, we can't go on without respect for our people. we must seek help from those that believe IN JUSTICE WE HAVE LOST MEANING AND HOPE IN FAIRNESS IN AMERICA. WE ARE DYING ALL OVER THE WORLD TRYING TO PROTECT A COUNTRY THAT REFUSE TO RECOGNIZE BLACK AMERICANS AS FIRST CLASS CITIZENS. WE REFUSE TO BE ANYTHING ELSE.


  6. Really? So you mean say the Hell with it, take up arms and shoot back? With no plan or infrastructure, no real weaponry or organization.. Just fight back even though you're out gunned and out numbered? Wake up. That is not a reality anyone is ready to face.


  8. Tony R. Gill We better get ready to face, because like it or not, the day is fast coming.

  9. Tony R. Gill when will we get a plan and get organized, instead of being the scared rabbits of the universe. We are already facing the death reality, but evidently we'd rather watch sports and do other bullshit. Cowards.

  10. Tony R. Gill …. she just made a statement without laying out the whole plan of attack. You can't assume she meant to just go out and shoot back 'without' a plan. Calm down. Why would she go into detail on the internet anyway? That's something you do offline.

  11. Cops literally use our photos for target practice. When wil the killing of our Black Men stop? We all know this stems from: cointellpro, drugs the CIA put in our community and they planned a mass Genocide for us….NYC, Ohio, now LA…people we need to exercise our power in the voting booth…that is the real power.

  12. Mark Campbell Her statement spoke for itself when she said "retaliate in kind". Now what does that mean in this situation/scenario? What do you mean calm down? You think I'm excited? I replied to her comment just as you replied to mines.

  13. Voting will not fix this.

  14. Tony R. Gill I guess you only get excited for the Jets.

  15. It seems that the only recourse we have is to open hunting season on the U.S. police departments. Maybe then they will stop killing us. They need to remember they are really SITTING DUCKS>

  16. Tony R. Gill Tony you know that to fully organize will get all of us that are in the organization killed because some of us will try to gain favor with the ones killing us by snitching on the organization.. It must be random and spontaneous, BUT, real.

  17. Tony R. Gill … Maybe you weren't excited.. my bad. But organizing is hard to do with uncle toms in the midst as Gene Showers noted. We still have to try. Believe… they are preparing for something. Guns sales are at an all time high since Obama was elected. The only thing they really have is the element of surprise. One thing we surely need to start doing is recording everything …every time a policeman has stopped one of our own. Stop and witness and document this crap, so that we have our own proof for whatever investigation is being conducted. That's a start. We who frequent this site should come together or start a grass roots effort to begin preparations to defend and uplift 'we the people of black america', because we won't get justice in white amerikkka.

  18. My condolences to the family. I'd like to step up and make a point here that is being missed. This isn't just a black / white issue. Police in every State are being militarized. We live in a policed State with the objective to control the masses as a whole. Something really bad is coming to our country and I'd dare to call it Communism. When we think about the police we all know cops have stepped up deadly use of force, from beating protesters to illegal search. We can see the Government making a huge effort to remove the 2nd amendment from the Constitution. (Our right to own a firearm) We have both white and black officers on our police force nationwide. There's still good cops out there. We never hear about them because bad news always takes the front page. My point is that this goes much deeper than a race issue. This country has been moving in a bad direction for a long time. I can't over express the importance of knowing ALL your Constitutional rights. Video EVERY encounter with police. It is 100% legal to video in public. We have to do these things before we declare war on the Police. Don't get me wrong it may very well come to the point that we take up arms against the policed State. If that happens it will NOT be a black against white war. It would be all of us pissed off Patriots shoulder to shoulder fighting for our freedom. I'm white! I am sick of police brutality and their constant killing of unarmed citizens.

  19. Tony R. Gill This the mental state of mind that they are hoping we hold onto. It appears to me that you would rather die on your knees, than say I'm a man i am coming for you when you are not expecting me to. Go get some target practice, or find a hole to crawl into.

  20. The group Anonymous sends message to Ferguson police department & residents


  21. Unfortuantely, behavior is not modified unless and until their are severe consequences. Shalom.

  22. Jeanan Gerber Sister, the problem with "rights" is those who grant them, can also take them away. We must come to grips that unless and until we stand up for and demand our rights, there are none. Shalom.

  23. Tony R. Gill Behavior can be modified when there are severe consequences.

  24. The World Court is set up and controlled by the ruling elite to settle issues between the ruling elite, not the masses. Witness the carnage in Israel. Those white counterfeit "Jews" have never provided any proof that they are entitled to that land, yet the white European elites have agreed to sponsor and support the elimination of the Palestinian people. This is not news. This has been going on for centuries. Shalom.

  25. Ive never see the good cops you refer to!! They are all criminals!!

  26. I responded to an errant statement pointing out the obvious and look at the responses! This is exactly why we cannot organize and do anything. I have one person concerned about me being a Jets fan, another person assuming I would rather die on my knees, At least Mark Campbell apologized for jumping the gun. But as usual in these conversations emotions trump common sense. But I digress I expected nothing different.

  27. It's unfortunate that the state of the black man in America hasn't changed in over 400 years. Whites look on us as a cancer in America in spite of our strides and accomplishments. Problem is so do some blacks. Does this change the conversation when we are gunned down in the streets by white law enforcement officers in what appears to be racially charged incidents over and over? Yes it does as long as we don't bring up the fact that we gun one another down more so that our white counterparts. So it would appear as though we are at a quagmire of sorts. However let's stick to the story at hand right. We will discuss our own discretion's after this blows over. For now lets focus on killing the perpetrator of our people.

  28. It is not Communism; it is oligarchy. And there has never been anything in the USA that goes deeper than the race issue. Think I'm exaggerating? Ask the remnant of Native Americans. The police and the federal government have declared war on us and the 2nd Amendment has very little to do with it; in fact, as much as folk like to rant and rave about the government's supposed attack on the 2nd, there has been little serious federal or state effort to pass meaningful gun legislation. Perhaps you are unaware that the guns you so vehemently defend are merely another excuse for murder. Has it evaded your attention that while many are shouting about "open carry" and conjuring ridiculous lawsuits and rumors of impeachment, the government has extended the Patriot Act to include the murder of Americans in the interest of national security or that it is illegal to gather on federal land for purposes not specifically authorized by the federal government? Still, it is very much a race issue; a bunch of old white men who know via the reality of demographics that their traditional grip on power is slipping away are actively creating an environment of fear, distrust and violence that they intend will erupt in civil war. And they don't give a da*n whether or not the south rises again; they only care that enough of the masses are dead and enough infrastructure destroyed to ensure that the new class of person aka major corporate interests are securely in power.

    The police as well as multitudes of fear (Fox News) infected whites have clearly declared war on us. So, what is a good cop? The one who doesn't contrive an excuse to murder you this time? And are you suggesting that we wait until all the first born males of African America are either dead or incarcerated to say enough is enough?

    I want to remind everyone that when the Black Panther Party for Self Defense armed itself with legal guns and law books, there was an immediate policy shift in this country. America is in no way post racial; race is still America's number 1 excuse for murder. In the first eight years of this century, 89 Americans were killed by police; in the six years since Mr. Obama took office 1,341 Americans have been killed by police ~ 5 that I know of in the last as many days. It is well past time for African Americans to uphold the law of the land and STAND OUR GROUND!

  29. All I can say is that prior to Timothy McVeigh, Janet Reno was having herself a good old time murdering Americans whose views and lifestyles were deemed unacceptable. Don't know what it was about the federal building bombing in Oklahoma City that suddenly made the unacceptable acceptable; only know that Clinton's attack dog didn't murder not another soul. Perhaps fair trade = experiential knowledge and more rational thought? No Justice; No Peace.

  30. Michelle Diane , you obviously are educated about the laws that have been passed. Yes the Unpatriotic Act needs to be repealed. This is where the conversation could turn in to a Republican Democrat thing when in all reality both those party's have overtly been trashing the Constitution for years now. Fox News is just as distorted as MSNBC. You might be shocked to know that there is a huge white community that refuses to watch For or MSNBC because we are sick of being fed miss-information. You have made a major misjudgement when you group all whites in to any group. It's just as big of a mistake to do that for any race. We as Americans have a huge problem with Government over reach and control. We as the American people need to ban together, not separate apart. The strength is in numbers and it's time for all of us to come together as Americans. The policed state is an issue that effects all Americans. The 2nd amendment is our protection against the policed state and a tyrannical Government. My very white Brother was murdered by none other than a cop. He was unarmed and shot in his sleep. I know what murder is and your remark about the 2nd amendment is an excuse for murder make zero sense. This isn't (their side, your side and my side) This is an out of control Government on the State and Federal level that is militarizing every branch. This is their side and OUR side.

  31. Scott Benton I did not group all whites. I specifically said old white men, and the Fox fueled reactionaries. And I agree the MSNBC sheeple are just as deluded. Looks like we largely agree, but let me explain what I said about the 2nd.

    The 2nd is being used as a focal point when in fact, it's a moot point. The government has no interest in taking guns. Why would they? The 2nd is simply a distraction – at least right now – the law says the government can murder you in your front yard with a long distance drone against which your gun can not defend you. And when you are dead, the same government can and most likely will justify your demise with the information that you owned guns and held views which were contrary to the government's. I'm not implying that whites have not been and will not continue to be murdered by the police state; however, again at least for now, whites are far safer than blacks. But in the end, I don't think it matters what color your skin is; every American with a conscience should be standing on No Justice; No Peace.

  32. Wesley Barnard You are so right on! They are not Jews but most people have bought their Ashkkenazi Lies.

  33. When criminals are being armed with automatic riffles police have to be a step up

  34. Are u saying no one deserved a death penalty that bombing?

  35. Keith Kysel No I'm saying that it seems that the only thing the purveyors of violence understand is reciprocal violence. And I'm asking how long we let this mass murder continue?

  36. Remember it was Ralph Bunche a black diplomate in the Truman administration

  37. There is a human body shop from America to Europe, and they want young black male body parts, black folk do your research

  38. We don

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