“I’ll Put a Round in Your @ss So Quick,” Says Cop to Car Full of People

U.S. courts have traditionally upheld the right of citizens to record police, but that hasn’t stoppedBoyton cop police from abυsing and harassing people who record police interactions with the public.

A Florida officer who threαtened to shoοt a car full of people after someone began recording the incident is being defended by his police chief.

In a YouTube video recorded in 2013, two black boys are dragged from their vehicle by white cops.

One cop can be heard asking the driver and passengers where they live, then the driver asks the cop why he is being asked to present ID.

“You’re driving the car – that’s why I need your ID,” says the officer. “I need everybody’s ID.”

Another person in the vehicle announces that he is going to start recording the traffic stop, at which time the officer becomes agitated.

“Turn that phone off right now,” says the cop.

“No, I have rights. I’m not intimidated, I have right, sir. I’m recording your ass…b****, you’re on camera,” says the annoyed passenger.

Then another person asks the officer for his badge number and when he doesn’t respond, the passenger pulls out a camera and attempts to take a photo of the officer’s badge.

The cop then slaps the phone out of the man’s hand, yanks him out of the car, and throws him in the grass face down. The partner of that cop then runs toward the vehicle with his gun drawn.

The officer points his weapon at the car and says, “I’ll put a round in your a** so quick.”

Boynton Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Katz noted during a video that no one has made a formal complaint regarding the incident and said the driver was stopped because he was within a two mile perimeter set up after a home invasion. He went on to say that the actions of both officers was justified due to the behavior of those inside the vehicle.

“The persons within the vehicle were – as you can see on the video – less than cooperative and, in some cases antagonistic toward the officers,” Katz said.

He continued: “When I watch this video, I don’t see a car full of young men who are behaving in a manner consistent with fear of the police.”

Katz said by not fearing police, the young men escalated the incident.

Watch the video below:



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  1. I wasn't aware we were supposed to fear this police. Rather than being respected the LEADER me there cops want Black Men to be fearful. His words. That shines a light on why we are murdered go the streets. Apparently Black male citizens are not submissive enough.

  2. Exactly, Mr. Love!

  3. I have been saying this since 2000, white cops want black people to FEAR them, like they feared slave masters in the EVIL days of the United Staes of AmeriKKA. The most darkest period for thi country was when black people feared the mere existense of white people and police want to go back to that period.

  4. I have been saying this since 2000, white cops want black people to FEAR them, like they feared slave masters in the EVIL days of the United States of AmeriKKA. The most darkest period for this country, was when black people feared, the mere existence of white people and police want to go back to that period.

  5. Power corrupts

  6. Cops are looking for reasons to get a notch on their gun and they know they can get away with murder if the victim is a minority. With some cops this is a badge of honor and proves they have combat experience.

  7. Police are the biggest bitches. Those brothers treated them exactly how i treat them. Ill never cower in front of those pigs.

  8. The kids mistake was to not pursue charges. I always go after them legally.

  9. You all can call me a conspiracy theorist, but its the majority community that is fearful. They know that they are close to becoming a minority and are using various tactics to protect their wealth and power. They would love nothing more than to have a national race disturbance so that they can use the stock pile of weapons they have and continue to purchase. This is in line with unfair laws aimed at black men such as “stand your ground”. They do not care about us or the perception of the U S abroad as long as they can maintain the status quo. They feel that if they allowed real and actionable equal rights and equal protection under the law, it would put them at a disadvantage. This fear and selfishness keeps this great nation from realizing its true and full potential.

  10. Police are not to be feared but respected. The passengers did not trust the officer so they began recording. Asking for the officers name and badge number is no excuse to snatch someone from their car. What is the charge? Slavery is over!

  11. Wow!!

  12. I am a old lady I was not aware you were supposed to be afraid of the the law enforcement. Ir you have done nothing then why are you afraid. He needs to come up with a better answer!!!

  13. I agree wholeheartedly

  14. Blacks in America are being murdered for no reason why? Because I found out several months ago that WE are the Biblical Israelites and whites know this. This is why you are hated find out the history of the Israelites in the Old Testament under Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who had the 12 sons who became the 12 Tribes of Israel. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HATED.

  15. now the threat as the station HQ said were within there rights ok people if you see and officer down tell him call 911 and if all failed like what happen here id policing there own is a break down of public trust abuse of power and the threat real is justified to seek action keep this in the media its how Ferguson get away with murder

  16. Respect the law I can see but fear the policeman I cannot see. Hell I buy the draws on their ass so I will never fear another man or woman

  17. Join us. Building Unity in the Community, we can change this insanity. We must stand together and demand a national review board of citizens with teeth to oversee the police. They are out of control. We must reign them in now.
    All police procedures must be reviewed for appropriateness. Just as a starting point. Police must live in the community where they work. Police must not be allowed to investigate themselves.

  18. Same old bullshit….they want to be feared…..lol

  19. One of the many reasons every time a Cop gets killed on camera I burn it off the net into a dvd so I can watch and pleasure myself to it.

    • LOL. I

  20. I honestly have no idea what you tried to say here. Is this really one sentence?

  21. I remember about 10 cops had 3 jr high school kids stopped at the time for driving with no license, they had insurance and registration though, im across the street i heckled them saying why do u need so many officers for 3 kids under 14 for, you guys scared or what, they get mad tell me i need to leave, i told them im well with in my rights and not interfering, they got their panties in a bunch told me we demand respect, i replied respect has to be earned and you havent earned shit buddy. Bastards gave me a ticket but it didnt stick it

  22. He's totally going to regret using the word "fear". Why should there be a need to "fear" the police if this was just a routine traffic stop. If this is how their commanding officers think then its clear that there's a more systemic problem at play here.

  23. So their feelings were hurt and they gave you a ticket? that is a dam shame!

  24. Why do our black people join the Armed Service to fight people that didnt do anything to us? It is not our enemy, it is white American racist government enemies. Our enemies are right here at home in this country, Policemen aka Domestic Terrorist!

  25. Really chuef they werent acting in fear thats why thy wanted to record the incident huh. They did nothing wrong thr petimeter for the home invasion had nothing to do with them so the way your officers came off in ther apptoach was also wrong. College is not necessary for officers if u are going to conduct the buisness as gangs do .you dont have to curse but once ur angry and afraid u r going to scream yell or run which would you have chose they do.

  26. Silly ass niggas !

  27. What can I do not to be shot, go to, jail, get pulled over, or threatened to be shot by police? Stay inside? I'm about to keep my kids and wife in the house just to avoid certain death or imprisonment.

  28. "Fear of the police"!! Police aren't supposed to be feared!! They're supposed to protect & serve & be respected but that won't happen when you have asshole lawmen that act like that!! :*

  29. The black BULLIES are at it yet AGAIN. Oh how they love to provoke white police officers. I love to see white officers treat black BULLIES like this . LOVE IT!!! Blacks provide no tax in America from their own businesses. White officers know it's NOW TIME to start slapping black heads around. Cops know darn well that usually any time you see a group of black males in a car…that means a gun is in the car…and they are up to something criminal.

    White MUST understand…blacks MUST have a homeland in America. Forced integration is a COMPLETE failure.

  30. @Elise Remy Hair, You BLACK people better stop BULL-SHITING when a police officer pull you over and ask for your driver's license you comply it's just that simple. This is why our young black men are being killed by police officers, you can't talk to a police like he is not human if you give them respect they will return it. When the officer stop the car and ask for the driver license, the black young man said why you asking for my license the officer said because you are the driver what so hard about showing your license to the police. Our young people making it hard on themselves by not complying with the police it doesn't matter if the officers are white, black, or brown you can't beat them. Every black person should be telling our young black men to comply with the police, instead of saying shit like, asking for the badge number is no excuse to be snatch from their car. If the driver had shown his license all of this wouldn't have happen you people are putting GAS on a burning FIRE, it's ok because you are home these young kids should be told they can't WIN when it come to police officers.

  31. Altha Cutright Parents like myself don't "bull-shit" we educate our children about the law and responsible behavior. In regard to this video I don't agree with the drivers reply and I don't agree with the officer snatching the driver out of the car! My comment did not state that anyone should not comply with an officer asking to see their Identification. If an officer asks to see identification from anyone in the car, yes they should comply. Every civilian has the right to know the name and badge number of the officer whom they come in contact. There are police officers who abuse their power whether the person is compliant or not.

  32. Many years ago I joined the service because I had trouble getting into college with respect to financing. I could not get a decent job because I had no work experience. The only other option was the streets and crime to make a dime and that was not an option. I had been at McDonald's since age 15 and that had already gotten old. It's hard to get a nice girl when your clocking in at McDonald's 70 hours a week. There are probably a number of reasons why young people in the inner cities of America join the service. Howbeit the main reasons are to escape poverty and a life of crime. What's ironic is that fact that I met a large number of Caucasians and so called Latinos who had joined for the same reasons. many of us did not become patriotic until after Basic Training or a year or two on active duty.


  34. Why should any law abiding citizen have to fear the police. If you are doing anything illegal then you have every reason to fear any contact with the police. DWB -Driving While Black is not illegal not that I know everything about the law. I do know one thing the police is really beginning to act in a thuggish manner with pistol in hand. These same men and women are to serve and protect the public not wreak havoc. My wife and I were coming from a family gathering on Labor Day and happen to run into a DWI Stop. Several officers local, sheriff and state. A local officer approached our vehicle identified himself and began asking a series of ? to my wife who happened to be the driver. He asked her where was she coming from, where was she going and did she have anything to drink. After answering these ?s he told her to have a good evening. Never spoke to me once and didn't ask for ID. My wife rarely ever drink alcoholic beverages so there was no problem. Not once did we feel fear and nothing this officer said put fear in us. These officers in this video could have explained to these young men why they were being stopped or detained and maybe the young men would have responded differently. With the killing of blacks by police one would think the officers would want to put people a little at ease b/c they do have the power to arrest or end a life. Every black citizen should not be assumed a problem or risk where the police feel they are in any danger. I really think these officers and their supers need to view this video and figure out where they went wrong. These young men weren't doing anything but going from point A to point B and weren't aware of anything wrong in that vicinity. I am afraid of the police for that reason – I am always guilty of driving while black – I just can't do anything about it and wouldn't want to try!

  35. Remember, you do not have to answer questions from the police. You do have to cooperate but you are not required to anser questions. The first line of the the Miranda statement says; YOu have the right to remain silent. WHen in doubt, exercise that right.

  36. Altha Cutright Both were wrong and I totally agree with Elise Remy. The police are supposed to paid professionals who are to serve and protect the public. They could have easily explained the situation to the young gentlemen. The rash of young blacks being killed by police across this nation could easily be the reason why theses young brothers did not comply. I won't make excuses for either party. Like I said before both were wrong and as we know 2 wrongs……….

  37. Altha Cutright The officer is required to identify what crime is suspected of been committed by the men in the car especially if they going to ask for ID or detain someone. If the officer doesn't inform the individual of the crime or law that has been violated then one doesn't have to hand over an ID. By the way blacks has a legitimate reason to fear police officer…it's not like there are a million and one videos showing police brutality against blacks. By no means should I be require to fear a police officer.

  38. For sure you are correct my young brother. Not having fear is not equal to respect. Bullets are flying and they have no reasoning.

  39. Lol. Your story turned out well but you could have gotten in more trouble if those officers were really dishonest. I got a big laugh though. Even with the police the truth hurts. L'edMAO

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