Don’t Look Now, But the KKK is Headed to Ferguson to Protect White Business Owners

As if tensions weren’t already high enough in Ferguson, now there are reports that the Ku Kluxkkk2 Klan is headed to the city to protect white business owners.

It has already been reported that members of the white supremacist terrοr squad are holding a fundraiser in Ohio to raise money for the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who kιlled unarmed teen Michael Brown.  Now additional information indicates that the racist group will also be deploying members to protect white business owners in Ferguson.

The New Empire Knights announced their fundraiser on Friday.

“With the police state in Ferguson, we will be holding our fundraiser in Sullivan City, MO,” read the announcement. “Donations of $10 and up. All money will go to the cop who did his job against the negro criminal.”

In a statement, Sullivan, Missouri’s mayor says that the area is aware that the KKK is planning a rally in the area.

Recently the City of Sullivan elected officials and staff were made aware by citizens and various media sources of a scheduled gathering of the Ku Klux Klan to be held in the Sullivan area.  City elected officials nor City staff is aware of the specific location for the gathering or have any details regarding the event.  Furthermore, City of Sullivan elected officials or City staff cannot confirm if the event being discussed will be held inside or outside the city limits of our community.  On behalf of the City of Sullivan elected officials and City staff  I want to emphasize that we have not, or will not, endorse or condone any activity based on hatred, more specifically any activity based on hatred towards any ethnicity,”  read a statement by Mayor Thomas Leasor.

New Empire Knights Imperial Wizard Charles Murray confirmed the fundraiser in the area and added that the group will also be protecting white business owners.

“With blacks out of control, we have our Missouri Realm going to areas near Ferguson,” Murray said in a statement. “We can’t have blacks robbing and murdering innocent whites. I am on my way down along with members from three different states and members from the Southern Mountain Knights.”



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  1. Jennifer Chilton I can agree with you with the exception of the Black Panthers. Had there been any mentioning of their presence in Ferguson the same as KKK then your point would then have validity. What I am having a hard time understanding is why would the city of Ferguson even allow this the KKK are not law enforcement and how do they suppose that they will "PROTECT" anything… a statement like this means that they will be armed with weapons of mass destruction and is this legal being that they are not the owners of the supposedly "white" business? According to the reading above they mentioned “With the police state in Ferguson, we will be holding our fundraiser in Sullivan City, MO,” what does this mean exactly? Does this mean that the police will be there to protect the KKK? If anything they should not allow them to come into the city period point blank. This will only make matters worse than they already are. Raising money to give to the officer who murdered the young Michael Brown is one thing, but stating that they are also there to "protect" white business followed by protect innocent white people from being killed. Tuhuh as if many black innocent people haven't been killed for centuries. Those fools are really twisted, demented, ignorant pink devils. FERGUSON IS ABOUT TO TURN INTO A WAR ZONE. My opinion.

  2. They're only going to aid and abet their comrades already on the Ferguson Gustopo Police Force. Check them all for Nazi tattoos of Swastikas.

  3. Altha Cutright from what I read I had misinterpret the statement saying that the KKK will be going to Ferguson, I re-read and also read some more information and it appears that they are going to the town outside of Ferguson. I hope they have no intention of going to Ferguson because that will do nothing but add fuel to the fire. If they are allowed in Ferguson the Mayor should be fired.

  4. This scene is nothing new when it comes to American history. The KKK began in MO after the civil war. The rebels were angry they had lost and they weren’t going to accept the new law of the land at the time. The strongest foot hold of the KKK is right there in MO. till this very day.

  5. You just don't know what you're talking about. The Black Panther Party of Self Defense was all about equal rights and the empowerment of the black community. Read a book.

    • What about the Panthers?

  6. So they are just going to let these clowns march into town and rally and promote hatred with their white and red bed sheets on? The media is not allowed tho right? I bet they won't get rubber bullets shot @ them or tear gassed! This is outrageous! WTF…If there was any doubt on where Ferguson officials stand I think it's pretty clear now!

  7. I agree, they may want to stand down on this one… Those people cutting up

  8. The KKK acting like Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson, wanting attention. I think they better stand down on this one…

  9. This actually adds the element of the possibility that this cop that murdered Michael Brown, was affiliated with these groups before and during his employment of the Ferguson Police Department. Which not only means that he murdered MB but this was also a hate crime as well. People are actually defending the cops murdering unarmed black men… a racist element that has always been there but now it's in the open. And using it as their right to voice their opinions… *smh #powderedkegs

  10. Jennifer Chilton … I;m somewhat touched by your enthusiasm, willingness and mindfulness to seek truth. But the also clarify.. the Black Panther group never preached hate (as a group) .. of course there may have been a few but the groups main focus was educating black on defending themselves within the constitutional rights. They spread truth about Eugenics that was being used to control our population through birth control and abortion. The government did not want education of black people concerning the underlying agenda… and to derail their plans they flooded the community with drugs and other tactics. Eugenics is still very much alive but has been renamed "Planned Parenthood".. just google the donor's list and you will see major companies and a lot of private donors have allocated money specifically for minority abortions and every other race …except white. Black panthers also stood for the prosperity and advancement of black people through education. They NEVER killed because of the color of skin or used that to drive their cause.




  14. Please show me what you have that show's the Panthers doing things to instigate such a nasty racial divide They the Panthers are not in record numbers to support injustice, That comes from the KKK, Produce your evidence please because what I am is very politically savvy and I have yet to see what you speak of.

  15. Sweetpeach Tate Hahahahaha Thank you if you can't find humor in this America , You'll become depressed

  16. Sweetpeach Tate Hahahahaha Thank you if you can't find humor in this America , You'll become depressed

  17. To Jennifer Chilton, if read the history of the Black Panthers, you will find they formed as a group to DEFEND their selves against violet racism done to them, plus they were one of the few organizations that instituted breakfast programs for kids, please do your due diligent before making judgments.

  18. Yeah and the panters started the WIC program. What did the ku Klux Klan do besides terrorize people. I wish some of you would get your facts straight. They are the ones against blacks advancing. This group is mostly comprised of poor white trash who feel that they don't get a fair chance.

  19. You don't know what you're talking about. The Black Panther Party of Self Defense was all about equal rights and the empowerment of the black community. Now if you watch FOX They will and have painted a different picture.

  20. You don't know what you're talking about. The Black Panther Party of Self Defense was all about equal rights and the empowerment of the black community. Now if you watch FOX They will and have painted a different picture.

  21. I wrote and recorded this song 10 days after the first election of Barack Obama in 2008 before the bigots came out of the walls like roaches, before all the obstruction. Listen to the lyrics, it's like prophesy. I believed in Obama back then, even more now. If you want this bullshit to stop like what happened to Michael Brown and Trayvon then stand up for them and Obama now. I'm sorry to say The Black Community has not stepped up for Obama causing more and more of this kinda shit to happen. As soon as Republiclan's sensed complacency by The Black Community they started this attack on African Americans. Because you didn't stand for Obama It opened the door and gave the green light to every bigot in this country to do this kinda thing. After all, if it looks like you don't care then why should they? Whether you like it or not you are at war for your very citizenship and place in American Society. THIS IS VERY REAL, STOP IT NOW OR YOUR KID MAY BE THE NEXT TO DIE PERIOD. You have the power to stop it. Don't just protest yet another innocent kids death but go to the root cause, the total disrespect for The First African American President Barack Obama. Show your support for the living as well as the dead. This is all about ROOTS~

  22. What the hell do you mean the KKK is on the way to Ferguson? Hell, they were and are already there. They are right there in the ranks of the Ferguson police department and administration. Let's not forget city hall.

  23. And for those who want to put The Black Panthers on the scale with the KKK, this an FYI, the Black Panthers don't have a record, track record or history of lynching, enslaving, rape, murder, and terrorism. All of these things are characteristics of the KKK.

  24. Oh gosh, last thing we need is these southern accented baboons putting their uneducated 2cents into a boiling pot of water!

  25. Show me your facts, Give me your news feed because I 'am very political savvy and I have yet to see the Black panthers show up where racial tensions are high to promote hate. They will stand where there is injustice, But they don't show up waving flags screaming racial slurs at white's . That is how the KKK shows support by shouting nigger and screaming nasty racial slurs all while covering their faces. You can never compare the two groups because if the Panthers record involved a heavy record of killing whites they would no longer exist. I guess they should cover their heads I'm sure those heads that are covered are a few long cowboys and few Judges and absolutely some cops. The Panthers don't hide their faces. If they are nothing else the Panthers are Proud…

  26. Sweetpeach Tate She has to bring the facts, And in this America humor is a must yet we give in to depression…

  27. Just what they need in Ferguson, the KKK! I would suggest to them they keep their hooded butts where ever they live! Ferguson does not need any more out of town trouble makers, there will be hell to pay for they are not the only folks packing these days. The KKK are some pitiful White folks all they do is spend their time trying to find trouble or start trouble, if they all worked instead of robbing banks and worrying themselves about other people’s business, as well as other cultures they would be a much happier group of whites! Maybe they better be checking the cop out that shot the kid making sure he was not one of the KKK, after all they just fired some on the police force in Florida!

  28. Because adding the KKK to this tavesty is gonna help bring down the craziness.

  29. I'm not going with or agains any raise but all I know that hate is not good. Im agains just hate not a raise. bad and good comes in all colors

  30. This place is gonna be a war zone pretty soon.

    • Good, let’s get this over with. This is our country, too, and we must demand our full rights and privileges. If we can’t have ours, they won’t have theirs. Maybe you should read Charles Cobb’s book, “This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get you Killed: How guns made the civil rights movement possible.” You’ll see that all of this has happened before. Question: when do we fight back?

  31. That's a funny thing to say considering a "innocent" black "man" was killed. Patheic.

  32. Black Panthers have not been around since the 70's, where you been?

  33. I love my black people were all blood no matter what we might fight amongst each other but I promise you this we'll burn this bitch down if you get us pisted keep your head up my black brothers and sisters I fear no man but god im in jasper tx and you know what were going through do what you gotta do to survive by any means necessary don't let nothing slide black love till I di3 kkkk

  34. Hoooo raaaah

  35. you are so right, the police is nothing but today's KKK.

  36. Take off their clown suits and you will see the faces of the local police chief, mayor, district attorney and a few of the white store owners.

  37. Miguel Hernandez That's a funny thing to say considering that man wasn't "innocent"

  38. this is all we need… these idiots looking for a fight. Will law enforcement stop them from coming? you'd think they would, but i have the feeling they are going to allow their presence in this already volatile place. If they do allow them in Ferguson, it's a sure thing that they want a racial confrontation. There's gonna be more bloodshed. Why throw jet fuel on a fire? To get a really big bang followed by a bigger fire.

  39. That's an idiotic thing to say because he was innocent. the store security video was from June, and it has NOT been confirmed that it was Michael Brown. And besides, who gets gunned down by police behind a two month old, unreported petty theft? You don't know ANY the facts both you talk as if you do. @Dalton & @Miguel, would either of you feel you deserved to be killed under these same circumstances?

  40. You said it all brother.

  41. @Jennifer, stop talking. 1) the black panthers have been defunct since the early 70's, and 2) they were not a hate group, unlike the klan, who are the epitome of racial hatred and intolerance. The panthers served their communities, fed the hungry, protected the children and fought for the HUMAN rights of those who were, and continue to be oppressed. the heads were systematically murdered by the police, the state, the FBI and in the press. You are truly an uninformed individual. You should only speak on what you KNOW and not give your opinions based on what you believe or heard. Try actually studying the subject matter before you offer your "opinion" in the future so you don't sound so damn dumb.

  42. It's truly amazing that whenever black people organize themselves into
    a militia that would defend them against the brutality,
    murder, and terrorism against groups like KKK and the Ferguson police department, there are always some whites that want to label them as a hate group in spite of the of the fact that this group doesn't have any record of hateful offenses towards white people. Maybe it's the guilt and shame of these particular whites to label the Panthers as a hate group to hide behind centuries of raw naked hatred coming from groups organized and produced by their people.

  43. What are them cowards thinking… Yes I'm belly laughing.

  44. This should be interesting

  45. I guess you don't understand why I put "innocent" instead of innocent.

  46. Also I know if I had robbed a store and a police officer stopped me id freak out too. Which is what most likely happened. He freaked and charged the cop. People can't help

  47. People can't help but make it a race issue. Because they have nothing intelligent to go on.

  48. There's no way he's serious…

  49. This will be a blood bath.

  50. David Xavier Sonnier
    Where have you been?

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