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August 23, 2014

Officer Who Arrested and Pulled Taser on NFL Player for Speeding Fired

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When an NFL lineman was stopped for speeding in South Carolina, he probably expected to be given a ticket, but what he got instead was arrested and Tasered. Now the officer responsible for that abυse of power has been fired. Cincinnati Bengals lineman Sam Montgomery was pulled over by South Carolina State Trooper Lance Cpl. R.S. Salter for doing 89 in a 55 mph zone in June. Instead of just…

Officer Who Roughed Up CNN’s Don Lemon Investigated After Racist Tirade

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The St. Louis police officer who was seen pushing CNN anchor Don Lemon during a live segment in Ferguson has been relieved of duty over a racist rant. Lemon was reporting on the unrest in Ferguson when Officer Dan Page began to physically push the anchor back. Now video has surfaced of Page making racist and homοphobic comments at an Oath Keepers meeting a few months back. “It’s wide-ranging inflammatory…

Cop Who Gunned Down Michael Brown Has Raised $218,000

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After George Zimmerman was arrested for kιlling Trayvon Martin, many people were stunned at the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations that were funneled to Zimmerman. Now it seems that history is repeating itself, because the officer who gunned down Michael Brown is receiving similar financial support. A website created to support Officer Darren Wilson has raised almost $218,000 over the last few days, according to the Detroit Free…