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August 22, 2014

Sharpton on Replacing Rev. Jesse Jackson: “Everybody Has Their Day”

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Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson have had a complex relationship that sometimes resulted in the two men bumping heads over who would lead the black community. Unlike Jackson, Sharpton doesn’t have an organic connection to the civil rights movement through Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but Sharpton made a name for himself in New York and used that reputation to catapult himself to prominence. Nowhere is Sharpton’s prominence more…

50 Cent Told the Truth, Floyd Mayweather Can Barely Read

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be the highest paid athlete in America right now, but based on a recording released by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, he can barely read. Mayweather’s literacy became an issue when rapper 50 Cent bet that the boxer couldn’t read one full page out of a Harry Potter book. Fiddy took to Instagram to reveal that Floyd is illiterate and issue him a challenge. “Floyd will…

“Hercules” Actor Says Ferguson Protesters Are Lazy “Animals”

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Kevin Sorbo, made famous for his role as Hercules, is backing away from a Facebook post he recently made calling Ferguson protesters “animals” who’d basically given up on life. Sorbo, who recently starred in the comedy “God’s Not Deαd”, added his two cents about the Ferguson protests by laying all the blame on the shoulders of protesters: Ferguson riots have very little to do with the shooting of the young…

April V. Taylor: Does Ferguson Prove That American Apartheid Exists?

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As an activist who works to pursue equality at every juncture, there was an instinctual pull for me to travel to Ferguson, Missouri where unarmed teen Michael Brown was gunned down by a Ferguson police officer during what witnesses say was him surrendering.  I needed to come to bear witness to the historical, divisive, and unprecedented events that have been unfolding and to work to ensure that no more mothers…