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August 20, 2014

Ohio Man Who Worked in Morgue Had $ex with 100 Corpses

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By Nigel Boys A man who had been working the night shift at the morgue in Hamilton, County, Ohio, for 16 years, has admitted that he frequently had s*x with female bodies whilst he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard last week. What makes matters worse, is that Kenneth Douglas’ supervisors were aware that he was drinking on the job…

Writer Says Eric Holder Should Tell Ferguson Protesters to “Pull Up Their Pants”

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As Attorney General Eric Holder heads to Missouri on Wednesday to deal with the unrest in Ferguson, one Wall Street Journal editorial board member says Holder should be more concerned with the attire of protesters than the deαth of Michael Brown. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley said Eric Holder’s arrival in the city was just part of Obama’s attempt to be the “race-healer-in-chief” and discussed what Holder should say…

Man Allegedly Shοt Mother’s Boyfriend for Inviting Over Mixed Race Grandchildren

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A Mississippi man allegedly brυtally beαt his mother’s boyfriend and shοt him for having mixed race grandchildren. According to relatives, Jeffery Daniels, 37, beαt Craig Wilson with brass knυckles and then shοt him in the stomach on Friday because Wilson invited his mixed race grandchildren over for a sleepover. Wilson knew there was animosity brewing after he found a cross burning in his yard not long ago. Daniels was charged…