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August 13, 2014

Missouri State Senator was Tear Gassed in Ferguson, MO

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The chaos surrounding the recent police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri just got a little bit stranger.   The police department in the town has refused to answer to the public regarding why they felt the need to shoot down the 18-year old, who was on his way to college.  His body was left dead in the middle of the street, as officers have set up barricades, no…

“She Needs to Drop a Few” Says Fox News Dr. About Michelle Obama

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The first lady is one of the healthiest, most attractive first ladies in history.  So, it’s surprising that anyone would say she’s not healthy.  But leave it to Fox News to tell the biggest lie told since Columbus discovered America.  No reason to be mad about this anymore, it’s actually funny. Read more:  First Lady Michelle Obama has been in the cross-hairs of right wing pundits for everything from pushing…

“Shut Up Nιgger” Says Man Caught Throwing Dog in the Street

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A California man caught abυsing a dog on Saturday used a racial slur when confronted by an African-American onlooker. The shirtless man, later identified as 54 year old Robert Martin, was throwing a 6 month old dog into the street with his leash when Lindsey Cooks spotted him. After the dog clashed up against the pavement, it ran away from Martin. Cooks said when he asked the man to stop,…

Kerry Washington Looks Amazingly Slim After Weeks Of Giving Birth

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The Emmy winning actress Kerry Washington never ceases to amaze us while  flexing her skills on her hit show, ‘Scandal.’ But what’s even more impressive is her ability to slim down just three months after giving birth to her precious baby girl, Isabelle. Last season was so climactic for Olivia Pope and her gladiators, but not as challenging as the obstacles that Washington had to go through while still bringing her…

FAA Orders No Fly Zone Over Ferguson After Teen Gunned Down by Police

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The Federal Aviation Authority issued a now fly zone over Ferguson, Missouri on Tuesday, citing multiple gunshοts being fired at police helicopters. According to TIME, the St. Louis Police Police Department confirmed that they requested flight restrictions from the FAA after a police helicopter was shοt at several times. This will be the result of the FAA restrictions: The FAA order restricts flights over the Ferguson area below 3,000 feet…

Patti Labelle’s Rollercoaster Ride To Become The Godmother of Soul

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Patti LaBelle was born Patricia Louise Holte in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 23, 1944.  LaBelle began singing in her church chior at just 10 and sung her first solo at the Beulah Baptist Church at twelve.  LaBelle got her first break in the music industry as part ofThe Ordettes, which she had formed in 1958 with three of her friends.  The group members changed, but in 1961, they met Netown…

Ben Carson on Michael Brown Kιlling: Police Have Feelings Too

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In the aftermath of police in Ferguson, Missouri gunning down Michael Brown and the riots that followed, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly interviewed Ben Carson for his views on the matter. Carson agreed that the case should be fully investigated, but said we should also understand that police officers are people too. “Now, do we as a society, what do we do? Do we weigh in as the boy’s father…

Do You Know The Difference Between Annual Percentage Rate & A Loan’s Interest Rate?

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Dr. Harold A. Black is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville who lectures, consults and publishes extensively on the subjects of financial institutions and the monetary system.  After being the first black male freshman to enroll at the University of Georgia in 1962, Black went on to become a Dean’s List student and earn his undergraduate degree.  He later earned his Master’s and Doctorate degree from Ohio…

High School Student Dιes After Drinking 4 Gallons of Water and Gatorade

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People normally think of water as the best source for hydration on the planet, but too much of anything can kιll you. Sadly, too much hydration is what caused the deαth of a Georgia teen on Monday. The family of Zyrees Oliver, 17, switched off his life support after the teen passed out last week. Oliver, a promising student and athlete at Douglas County High School, was fine when he…