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August 12, 2014

Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Their Own Yard

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Tear gas is normally used by police to break up viοlent protests, but protesters in Ferguson, Missouri say the fumes were used on them in their own back yard. Video taken when protests broke out after the fatal shoοting of an unarmed black teen shows that people who were standing on private property were targeted by police. You can hear protesters chanting “You go home!” on the video, then putting…

10 Bob Marley Songs That Speak To The Soul

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Bob Marley is known as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century.   More than just a musician, over the course of his career, Marley became a moral and religious figure.   Born in Jamaica,he moved to Kingston at the age of 14, and in 1963, he formed the Wailers with Peter Tosh, Bunny Livingston, Junior Braithwaite, and Beverly Kelso.  Their first single “Simmer Down” became one…

Fired Miami Cop Who Fatally Shοt Unarmed Man Gets His Job Back

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The job of police officers is to protect and serve, but it is unclear whether African-Americans living in Miami will feel more protected after learning that an officer who was fired for fatally shoοting an unarmed man is back on the job. In 2011 Officer Reynaldo Goyos fatally shοt Travis McNeil and wounded friend Kareem Williams. Goyos was fired in 2013,  but that decision was overturned on Friday by an…

Where Is Black Children’s Inheritance?

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Dr. Claud Anderson is the current president of PowerNomics Corporation of America , Inc.  The Harvest Institute, and WaterLand Fisheries, Inc. PowerNomics is a corporation that facilitates major business development, focusing on inner cities. PowerNomics is also a social-political-economic concept developed by Dr. Anderson that examines race and offers specific principles, strategies and activities for Black America to change behavior, establish accountability, and achieve unity of purpose in a way…