Yvette Carnell: How Negroes With Guns Saved the Civil Rights Movement

by Yvette Carnell

If you read American history books, you’re led to believe that the Civil Rights movement was won by long suffering Christian blacks who turned the other cheek. But as writer Thaddeus Russell notes, the history of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement is actually a lot  more complicated than that.

Russell hopes that in the future, schoolchildren will learn about people such as C.O. Chinn, who used armed resistance to get the Ku Klux Klan to back off.

“Chinn was a black man in Canton, Mississippi, who in the 1960s owned a farm, a rhythm and blues nightclub, a bootlegging operation, and a large collection of pistols, rifles, and shotguns with which he threatened localKlansmen and police when they attempted to encroach on his businesses or intimidate civil rights activists working to desegregate Canton and register black residents to vote,” Russell writes.

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  1. Nice. Yet everyone of us should knew about Robert Williams and know about the Deacons for Defense. Dr. Martian L. King owned a gun also. One of the reasons that Black Men are charge with a Felony for almost any reason is take away the right to own gun or weapon legally. And what about fights in that fists, bricks on and on were used?

  2. Deacons for Defense I forgot all about them….

  3. TODAY, we all know that blacks wanted and PLEADED to get their cherished INTEGRATION .–to make white people (white businesses and tax base) provide for blacks and they were going to use whatever means necessar to get ity. Blacks used temper tantrums, black BULLY marches, BULLY sit-ins, and even violence. White people tho had NO IDEA just what kind of a BULLY race they were dealing with… That blacks had every intent to make white people feed them, house them and clothe them and employ them. And regarding employment, the Black Bullies,of course, had no desire to actually be held accountable for their work performance. No not the black BULLIES. Civil rights= white man's nipple for the child-like blacks.

    The DUMBEST thing ever done by a people in human history was when white males gifted the black race their compulsory integration plea (civil rights laws) – their BLACK PRIVILEGE. Blacks need a homeland in America. Blacks never have achieved a state of self-reliance in their entire history in N.AMERICA..

  4. "How Negroes Without Guns Saved Human Rights Movement."

  5. Meh, I'm not big on lying to myself and other people. We haven't won or saved anything. on what planet, does having all your leaders get assassinated, exiled, blacklisted, or addicted to drugs, a win? or a save? Can we stop telling black people that we won the civil right movement please, that gets us nowhere. Drop the false pride and tell people the truth, Our greatest minds were killed and poisoned, and then they tried to get us all addicted to crack and kill us, that's what happened to the civil rights movement. We still have a job to do. African Americans have no wealth in this country, our talents and cultural contributions are appropriated with impunity, our children are being kidnapped by our government and imprisoned, or flat out killed on the street without consequence. We need to save the civil rights movement. Right now. It still needs saving. I appreciate C.O. Chinn. Now stop spreading misinformation.

  6. The first sentence should have read something like this "If you read American history books, you’re led to believe that the Civil Rights movement was won, but it wasn't."

  7. I agree with you on that comment 100%.

  8. I agree with you on that comment 100%.

  9. I agree with you on that comment 100%.

  10. I agree with you on that comment 100%.

  11. Just finished this book…Excellent scholarly work…everyone should take the time to read this work and decide, their own stance on guns ownership then and now. And revisit history…Martin, Kennedy's and unnamed others…all are parts of our American history, now Mr. Brown. I am so glad my husband taught me to be a great hunter, food shortages not in our house.

  12. Robert F.Williams is my personal hero I have two books written about this lion that lived among men&women he not Malcolm X was the inspiration for the idea of active self defense.This man was passionately hated by J.Edgar Hoover to the point that Hoover enlisted the help of the Royal Mounted Canadian Police to aid in is capture but with the help of friends he and his wife escaped to Cuba.

  13. A movie needs to be made about this forgotten 60s icon Rosa Parks gave the eulogy at his funeral!!!!

  14. Robert Williams was the best kept secret of the 60s!!!!!!!!

  15. With all due respect to Ms Carnell the person in the photo was not C.O.Chinn it was Robert F.Williams one of the 60s most beloved ppl..

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