White Supremacist Sentenced to Life Behind Bars for Kιlling Spree

An Oregon woman with white supremacist views apologized for her “insane” actions during grigsbya federal court sentencing on Tuesday.

Holly Grigsby, 27, was sentenced to life in prison without parole for her role in a kιlling spree in the Pacific Northwest.

Although Grigsby expressed regret for her actions, she did not express any regret for having white supremacist views during the hearing. She apologized but stopped short of blaming her actions on her drug addiction because she says she doesn’t want observers to view her as making “excuses” for her crimes.

“My actions have further damaged the reputation of a movement misunderstood,” she said “I deeply regret this.”

Grigsby and boyfriend David Pederson were arrested in 2011 after they were linked to the deαths of four people. Pederson will be sentenced in August to life imprisonment as well.

Pederson started a white supremacist gang and convinced Grigsby, already a white supremacist, to go along with him on his kιlling spree.

Local affiliate KGW describes how Pederson even took his own father’s life:

It started on Sept. 26, 2011, when Joey Pedersen shοt his father in the back of a head while the elder Pedersen was driving, authorities said. Red Pedersen moved and moaned for at least 30 minutes before dying, prosecutors said.

Pedersen and Grigsby returned to the house. Dee Dee Pedersen was bound with duct tape, cut in the neck and left to bleεd to deαth.

“Animals are treated more humanely going to slaughter than your victims were,” said the daughter of one of Pederson’s victims.

Pederson and Grigsby also went to California where they gunned down a 53 year old black man.

The couple were arrested in 2011 after they were spotted by officers on patrol.






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  1. Affluenza. & disparity? ….. There pulling “innocent” men off of death row… Now this recruiter gets to influence short timers… A 16 yr old got 32 yrs to life for killing a dog…

  2. Finally some good news that white folks are paying for their violent actions I wish it was for taking Black men or women’s lives instead of killing their own or killing their precious animals that they love so much this should be a lesson to whites folks for taking anyone’s life for just the hell of it they should consider following God’s law if they are Christians as they say they are I hope it will be George Zimmerman next or these racist whites cops who keep getting away of killing young Black Brothers or even Sisters or our children sometimes America is finally waking up small but still have ways to go yet regarding the deaths of Blacks folks or folk of colors in this country

  3. Dang,She looks like she’s already been in prison all her life.I’m sure she will be fresh meat for Big Shirley.

  4. Eureka! I have found it – Repubs and TPs are either childish or primitive adults. May be that is why they call themselves conservatives. A childish or primitive person hangs on their thinking or belief told by his parents until something wakes him up. Remember George Wallace. Most Repubs and TPs still think Blacks and other racial minorities are intellectually inferior to them. This is even when Blacks and other racial minorities beat them in class or at work. These people are ready to kill or kill themselves to maintain what they were told by their parents. Remember those morons who rammed planes in the 2 NY towers for virgins. These remained primitive or childish despite graduating as pilots. They were told if they killed Christians they would each get 10 virgins in heaven. Is that not primitive or childish! Same with Repubs and TPs. Remember some of those toothless TPs at rallies were lawyers and university graduates. The problem is that they were so badly brain-washed by their parents that they remained childish or primitive. Do you know some TPs and Repubs don’t have health insurance? Still they don’t want any while knowing if admitted in hospitals they will be bankrupt for inability to pay. Remember President Obama lowered tax for low and middle income people. Still TPs howled insults at the President – for what! Nothing-they were told what to do to a racial minority. That is primitive, childish and stupid. Now these TPs are crying faul about Latino kids at the border. Ask them if they have solutions. They don’t. Do you know the cure for these morons? Remember the law of physics – an object will continue in straight line and same speed or remain still until a force knocks its course. So don’t vote for Repubs or TPs in November and in 2016. Once they are out of a job they will think differently from remaining primitive or childish.

  5. I said this before.
    They can’t help themselves.
    It is in their DNA.

  6. High Five, Sister. Well Done. (sorry about that life thing though)

    • You are one sick immoral b-i-t-c-h. This man murdered his father and you think it is cool. Sorry that G’d is allowing you to live.

  7. @ Pastori Balele: Everyone who lives in this society is either brainwashed or will be! Everything we perceive is done through assimilation, propaganda mind control, cultural indoctrination, and other forms of psychological manipulation! Each group is driven to think and act according to these various methods of constant input they are subjected to which is related to them and those they appear to resemble, and religion leads the vital input parameters. We “blacks” as well as “whites” are being lied to and manipulated on grand scales! The various drugs people take are brought in to gain great profits, usurp governments, commit genocide, but to also further destroy the minds of the people using them or caught in the path of them. We don’t know or understand that we are being abused in many, many ways and on many levels. So when we see or hear of these insane results, our ideas, thoughts, and rationalizations are also hindered by the little we think we can understand! The fact of the matter is that not only are we here in the US being done this way and abused this way, but many in other countries are subjected to the same or worse conditions! It behooves everyone to study psychology, biology and everything they can concerning the criminal activities of those who plundered and committed genocide in this country in the first place! Understand that they were doing the same thing long before they got to the Americas. Understand that they will never stop and they have expanded every conceivable method of mind control, con artistry, lying, and secret conspiracy etc! Understand that the main problem which drives the long lineage families of these people is that their negative mental conditions have take control of them as well and that they are so driven that they will continue even when they know what they are doing is damning to themselves as well! They are as psychologically addicted to hoarding wealth and power as some of the people they have dumped drugs on are addicted to them!

    • WizardG. Well said. It’s mindboggling why racists cannot change. That is not yow they were born. They acquired racism through their parents or friends.

  8. all so very true

  9. Good for them. A couple of poor white trash thugs thinking that their racist philosophy is going to change the world. Both will be looking over their shoulders in prison as their sexuality change. Also, they got by, but they didn't get away. Enjoy life in the Gray Bar Hotel –Fools.

  10. Hey all ,don’t pay any attention to Anastasia. He/she is getting needed attention and satisfaction by making racist statement whenever the subject involve African American and you respond. Cut the volume down and let social misfit racist fade out.

  11. Where us Anastasia? What no comment on your own kind?

  12. lol

  13. She looks like a bird with her pointy nose and chin. lol Life, that's what she gave her victims, lives ended. There's one that won't be out here spouting her bs anymore.

  14. we are in the last days god said things like this would happen and now she will serve time forever but she still has to face the good lord and woe to her then .These type of people the devils has there minds sad to say so they will be with him when god judges i am just saying maybe may be not but only god knows.The time is short and people are not worried about christ they are doing what they have done for years and this is so sad.This is the devil world and if you do not have some kinda of faith he will take you out and that is what happen to them.She will have a lot of time to pray and ask for forgiveness.Because she needs a lot of it.

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