Police Attαck Teen, Put Mom in Chοke Hold, All for Recording Video

by / July 21, 2014 Black News 2 Comments

Recording cell phone video from your own front porch isn’t against the law, but a Petersberg, Va. JaQuan Fisher.jpgteen claims that’s what led to his arrest.

Witnesses say the teen was recording video of arrests outside his home when an officer approached the teen and threαtened him.

JaQuan Fisher, 17, was on his porch recording the arrests taking place on his street when an officer is heard on video saying “Unless you want me to take your phone from you,” only seconds before attαcking the teen.

“[The officer] came off the porch and said, ‘You want me to take your phone?'” Fisher said, according to local affiliate WWBT. “I put my phone in my pocket and then when he tried to take my phone, I guess he thought he was going to get my phone and he shoved me. I shoved him back.”

Fisher’s sister was also recording video and captured the front porch brαwl.

“They was trying to grab my son off the porch. I was trying to tell my boyfriend to open the door so we can get in the house,”said JaQuan’s mother, Debra Fisher.

Video shows a scuffle which also involved Ms. Fisher, who was grabbed by another officer and put in a choke hold. A third officer also arrived and began macing everyone on the porch, including other officers.

“They maced each other, too. He just started mace-ing everywhere,” Debra Fisher said.

“We have a right to do what we want to do with our phone sitting on your porch. Sitting on my porch,” Debra Fisher said.

JaQuan Fisher was charged with two counts of felony assaυlt on law enforcement, but prosecutors dropped one charge and reduced the other to a misdemeanor. Debra Fisher was found guilty of obstructing justice and plans to appeal her conviction.




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