Man Wearing Uncle Sam Hat Arrested for Threαtening Obama

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Secret Service agents arrested an Alabama man who threαtened President Obama while Uncle Samwearing an Uncle Sam hat.

Deryke Pfeifer, 54, was arrested on Monday, according to The Smoking Gun, after he recorded himself making video threαts against Obama. Pfeifer is currently behind bars awaiting a hearing.

Secret Service claims that in addition to making several Facebook videos where he wore a red, white and blue hat with stars and stripes, Pfeifere also made threαtening calls to the Federal Protective Service, an agency charged with protecting federal officials.

Pfeifere may be mentally ill since he claims to have been “speaking for God” and was “going to kιll Obama for turning on him” in the July 3rd video.

The complaint against Pfeifere alleges that in one video he had  “what appears to be a Glock pistol in his lap” and also threαtened to blow up a Social Security Administration building.

“Obama, sir, you feel all that heat, Obama?” Pfeifer asks with his gun nearby. “I just let you see that to let you know that I got it it,” Pfeifer said. He concluded: “Constitution give me the right to bear arms, sir.”

Pfeifer seems to have had issues with his discharge and military benefits.

“God told him that God was going to destroy Obama and everything around him.” Pfeifer said, adding “often channels God’s words in his videos on Facebook.”

There have been a number of people who’ve been arrested for threαtening Obama.

A Maine candidate for local elected office received a visit from the Secret Service in 2013 after he posted a picture of President Obama on Facebook labelled “Shoot the ni**er.”

Asked about his Facebook post by the Bangor Daily News, David Marsters said that the wording was a mistake, but he stood by the sentiment.







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