Man Accuses White UPS Driver of Giving Him Homemade Noοse

An Atlanta man is accusing a white UPS driver of giving him a noose made from packing David Mitchellmaterials during a tense office delivery.

David Mitchell says part of his job entails receiving packages, but the white UPS driver was behaving in an odd manner. After tensions escalated between Mitchell and the driver, Mitchell says the driver made a noose out of packing material.

“I go pick up and this is what he made in front of me and handed to me. Signifying a noose. A makeshift noose,” Mitchell told local affiliate WSB-TV.

Even before making the noose, Mitchell says the uneasy UPS driver shoved boxes in his chest.

Mitchell says he was so shocked by the driver’s behavior that he had a hard time explaining what’d just happened to a co-worker.

“I said, ‘I’m trying to be all right you won’t believe what just occurred,’” Mitchell recalled.

According to Mitchell, the incident stemmed from the UPS driver refusing to give him the packages.

“He refused to give me the package to deliver and I said, ‘I work here.’ Use key card open the door,” Mitchell says.

A UPS spokesperson told WSB-TV that the company is investigating the incident.

“It is under investigation, and we are taking this very seriously. We have met with the customer, and there is nothing more to share, since it’s still being investigated,” a UPS-issued statement read.

Mitchell says he was told by UPS that the driver has been assigned to another route.

Regarding whether the driver will be fired, Mitchell said a UPS spokesperson told him that it’s his word against the driver’s.

“They said it’s a ‘he-said-she-said.’ I don’t go to work with makeshift nooses in my back pocket,” Mitchell said.



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  1. I think we as black people need to be carefull what we put our energy into,I'm not saying acts like this should be ignored, however once you have reported it to the correct authorities, i.e the police and the company, alongside groups which are set up and paid to deal with this type of racist activity, you should get on with making improvements in your life, and if your life is fine and needs little or No improvement, then help someone in the family, or community…WE HAVE LOTS OF WORK TO DO!!!, teaching children basic rules of business, Hell teaching adults how to run their business correctly to keep black money coming through the register, there are so many things that need attaention, i would need more character space. Whomever left this noose is merely a waling Troll, No different than the racist that come onto Black Like Moi posting stuff which gets some Black people into a frenzy. Man report the Guy, or Gal, and move on, as we say in Jamaica – " WE HAV A WORK TO DO"!!

  2. Crybaby. I think the UPS man mad himself perfectly clear. Stop your whining.

  3. Your words are encouraging, however that experience had to be traumatic. If that happened to Me it would not be easy to get over it.

  4. The brother is gorgeous. No wonder he was jealous of you. He is on a different route and now you can do your job in peace. END OF STORY.

  5. I got a bro who was dismissed from UPS for much less…

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