Judge Raps Verdict to Man Convicted of Stealing $2,000 Puppy

An Oregon judge must’ve been a rapper in a former life, at least that’s the only explanation rapping judge.jpgfor why she recited a rhyme during a convicted man’s sentencing.

After JaJuane Etheridge was convicted of stealing a puppy at gunpoint, Judge Susie Norby rendered her decision with Dr. Seuss precision.

“You lied and lied; I can’t put that aside.

“It was your car; you went too far. You hid the pup; the jig was up. You got rid of the gun; your game is done,” rapped the judge.

There are probably worse ways to learn that you’ve been found guilty of robbery, theft, and unlawful use of a firearm, but none come to mind right now.

“The inescapable conclusion from the many phone calls and the absurdity of the defendant’s testimony on the witness stand is that [Etheridge] will tell any lie, to anyone, at any time, to try to get out of the consequences of his action,” said the judge.

Etheridge pointed a gun at James and Patricia Steele in a mall parking lot before stealing an English bulldog.

“We never lived in fear before,” said Patricia Steele, a retired nurse, who says she’s been stricken with fear ever since the incident and doesn’t drive anymore or allow strangers over to her home, The Oregonian reports.

After he stole the $2,000 puppy, Etheridge fled the scene. Once arrested he claimed that he’d been framed and hadn’t even been to the mall on the day in question.

“He claims this was a setup,” Norby said, “but a setup with the degree of detail and perfect execution involved in this case is impossible to imagine.”

She concluded: “We do not have … any reasonable alternative explanation for the many incriminating circumstances that converged against him.”


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