Florida Mυrder Suspect Refuses Help From “Negro” Attorney

If you’re facing a mυrder charge, then it’s pretty easy to assume that your life isn’t going all Negro attorneythat well. Still, if you’re a racist, facing the possibility of life behind bars obviously isn’t enough for you to accept the help of a black public defender, at least that was the takeaway from a recent interaction in a Florida courtroom.

Thomas Thorpe, 51, is facing an attempted mυrder charge in Florida’s Orange County but on Wednesday he rejected his black public defender on racial grounds.

“I said not guilty,” Thorpe told the court. “I pleaded not guilty and I don’t want this negro standing next to me. I don’t want a negro standing next to me.”

For his part, the judge in the case did advise the defendant, who stands accused of stαbbing a 64 year old man, that taking advantage of the public defender would be in his best interest.

“Do you understand what an attorney is and what they do?” the judge asked.

“Yes, they screwed us,” the suspect replied.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Thorpe attαcked Donald Sacco in an alleged attempted robbery. A witness to the incident says Sacco yelled, “I don’t have any money. Leave me alone” as he attempted to fιght off Thorpe with his cane at a bus stop.

“He wasn’t in that much pain,” said one witness who saw the victim. “But he kept holding his stomach because he was bleεding pretty good, like at least four holes in him.”

Now, Thorpe is facing both attempted mυrder and aggravated battery charges for his assaυlt on the elderly man.





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  1. Just put his ass in jail and throw away the key.

  2. Does anyone still believe that Whites are superior, just look at the Tea-Party? This creature is terminally STUPID!! The Whole world is looking at these Cold-Climate Caucasoids (White folks) and their wretched ridiculous bigotry!

  3. lmao. they trying to make him seem crazy. but if you pay attentio to white people and their history, their all crazy. everything they do is the opposite of nature, from their actions to the color of their skin

  4. One VERY important fact that they are CONVENIENTLY, but CONSISTENTLY leaving out…Last night WHIO Channel 7 reported the following about Malaysian Flight 17, which was confirmed shot down…..Amongst the 298 passengers on board, there were more than 100 experts on HIV and A.I.D.S., on their way to a conference that was scheduled to begin Sunday in Melbourne. THE REVOLUTION WILLnot BE TELEVISED

  5. Screw him then! I'm sure the "negro" don't want to defend his racist a** either.

  6. Say is again Vee McBride!

  7. He doesn't want the help then don't waste your time and talent on the fool. The defender could put his talents to better use helping his own people that need a public defender. We are perfectly capable of helping ourselves…let him rot in jail.

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