EMS Workers Under Investigation for Ignoring Black Man Dying on Sidewalk

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Photo Credit: New York Post

Controversy erupted after a man dιed at the hands of a New York cop who administered an illegal chοke hold. Now there is new outrage over video showing that neither EMS nor police officers administered medical help to the dying man as he lay unconscious on the sidewalk.

As husband and father Eric Garner lay motionless on the sidewalk, EMTs ignored procedure and failed to administer medical help.

“It was pretty obvious this patient was in distress,” a source told the New York Post. “His body was limp and lifeless.”

Still none of the numerous EMTs on the scene administered medical help to Garner.

Protocol says Garner should have been placed on a stretcher once EMTs arrived so that his vital signs and airway could’ve been checked, but none of that happened, as the seven minute video clearly shows.

Although one EMT took Garner’s pulse, no one administered CPR or offered any other medical assistance to the man who weighed 350lbs and suffered from asthma.

Garner dιed of cardiac arrest in route to the hospital.

Undercover Officer Daniel Pantaleo administered the chοke hold and although a preliminary review hasn’t shown that the officer damaged Garner’s windpipe, the officer still could’ve exacerbated a previous injury and caused Garner’s deαth.

“I want to ask the man that did it, ‘What made you choke him like that?’ ” said Garner’s son, 18 year old Eric Snipes. “What made him put his hand around his bare neck?”

“He was telling me how he was proud of me . . . the first person in my family to go to college,” said Snipes, who begins classes at Essex County College in Newark this fall on a basketball scholarship, according to the New York Daily News.




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  1. Oh my God, now we can’t even depend on paramedics to help us – They just let that man die. its heartbreaking…..What next???

  2. Fuck these kkkrackers. It’s time to unite Black people. We are at war. See you on the battlefield!

  3. I looked at the entire video and saw that the man was not breathing, not responding. The police stood around in embarrassment because they knew, and that female EMT took pulse, and if she knew how to do her job, she should have immediately said "he's not breathing, we need to give CPR". They even pretended to talk to the man as if he was talking back to them. That man was dead on the sidewalk, because of the chokehold the officer put on him.

  4. Even the EMS, lied when she acted like she felt a pulse. Wow, I watched this over and over. They killed this man. He was not responding for a while. All of those officers need to be in court; after leaving the jail and never be able to wear a badge again. All of them. Those standing over him knowing he was dead to the ones just walking around. How can that black officer sleep at night knowing that her co-workers just killed a innocent man? I wonder if her family asked her the same question after reviewing this video themselves. I hope she don't have children or sons. How can she go home and look at them if she do? This is one of the saddest Videos and it should not be in State Court, but Federal.

  5. Why are they telling one of the largest lies; saying that Garner died on route to the hospital? That man was dead on that sidewalk…. I pray they don't get away with this.

  6. A person with respiratory problem or who is unresponsive must never be handcuffed with arms at the back as it further puts pressure on the chest and makes it more difficult for the chest to rise when they attempt to breathe.

  7. First, the incoming Chief Of Police Bill Braxton set the climate with the Policy to increase harassment of street performers with arrest & you have a 350 pound Black Man with more than 1 encounter with the Modern Bounty Hunters and Bingo the Death Stage is set! Oh yeah, as far as the EMT is concern, her pretense to render assistance defies reality in the art of taking a pulse. The location of applying ANY pressure to the neck area is known to occlude air reaching the brain. A picture is worth a thousand words!

  8. That was murder, the police should go to jail. All five of them, they killed that young man on the sidewalk.

  9. The first thing they check is his airway and breathing. Then heart beat. Considering he had been injuredand was on the ground maybe a backboard. But since the po lice saw him stop breathing cpr is the primary goal. I cannot for the life of me imagine ignoring or not offering aid to the man. Now talking to him briefly yes. To determine IF he responds in any way. This is def shady. Wouldn't wanna be in on that lawsuit.

  10. This was a tragedy, first for a death that could have been prevented if the gentleman had complied to the officers request. But, this was no reason for the officer to take these measure to attempt to arrest him. As a black culture we have some of us who are racist towards our own; I watch black police officers who showed no remorse to how this man was being handled, and then this dumb as$ EMT comes, acting like she works at McDonald's and not caring about the died. Knowing that there wasn't a plause, but lied to protect the interest of the police. She should be fired and persecuted, for failure to follow protocol resulting in death of a human life. RIP Mr Garner.

  11. It was sick to watch how they didn't attempt to even remove the cuffs. And, the black female officer standing around like a guard dog not saying a word.

  12. It's the saddest thing to watch, thank God it was caught on camera.

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