Dr Boyce Watkins: Facebook trends that come off a little bit confusing

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Soooo, the latest Facebook trend must be to say something like “I’m so (fill in the blank – name any city) that I blah blah blah…..” OK, I get it. For example, “I’m so Louisville, KY that I used to get into fights with other kids over whether we could beat Kentucky.”

But I admit that I don’t like that trend. Here’s a better one:

I’m so Boyce Watkins that I quietly wonder:

– where Internet fads come from, like using Kermit the frog in a thousand different memes

– Whether those who take a selfie every two hours are desperately seeking attention

– Why some people comment on articles after only reading the title, and then feel better about their remark when two other people hit the “like” button on their comment (like they’re winning some secret war or something)

– Why the founder of ForHarriet.com uses the murder of a father and husband as her opportunity to explain why she can’t stand black men

– Why so many black male scholars are quicker to fight for feminism and gay rights than they are to fight for black males

– Why black people talk sh*t about BET, but still show up in droves to watch the BET Awards

– Why we actually have men and women who think that mothers are absolutely essential for children, but fathers are optional accessories that can be detached without consequence

– Why the politiicians in Chicago can figure out how to keep the North side safe, but don’t have a clue about how thousands of guns end up on the south side

– Why a Christian who says he’s not comfortable with homosexuality is automically defined to be a hateful bigot

– Why those allegedly fighting against oppression can sometimes become more oppressive than the original oppressors

– Why we’ll give hundreds of dollars to Walmart without asking questions, but are afraid to spend $10 with a black business

– Why so many of “us” only use the Internet for entertainment, while white people are using it to make money

But as people say at the bottom of those Kermit the Frog Memes, “That ain’t none of my business tho”